Seattle Goodwill Fall Fashion Event recap

Recently I helped style 3 holiday tablescapes for entertaining inspiration with the Seattle Goodwill! Be sure to check it out on

Lately I’ve been diversifying the type of work and projects I take on, especially into the styling realm. So you can imagine my excitement when one of my most favorite shopping sources, the Seattle Goodwill, reached out to me about putting my styling skills to the test. The ask was simple: shop the local Goodwill stores and pull together 3 different tablescape looks to inspire people for the holidays! Armed with $200 in gift cards (which goes a loooong way at the Goodwill), I loaded up many carts with some amazing goodies. During the Fall Fashion Event, bloggers, social media rockstars, and editors were also given a sneak peek of the goods offered at this year’s Glitter Sale, plus tips for Halloween makeup by Tiffany Lowry! It was an awesome event, to say the least.

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sweater weather // my favorite fall sweaters

It's officially sweater weather! I rounded up my favorite fall sweaters on + get lots more style and fashion inspiration!

link: Allure Pullover from Free People.

Sweater weather is officially upon us! As I write this, the rain is pitter pattering against my window, making me want to snuggle with some wiener dogs. Instead, I’ve got a long to do list ahead of me. I’m finding some small comfort in my snuggly oversized knit sweater, an essential on days like this. There are so many options: cableknit, cashmere, hooded, cardigan, v-neck… I want them ALL.

Get ready, you guys — there are some amazing sweaters out there right now. It’s gonna be a long post!

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Recipe // spiced mezcal apple cider cocktail

Step up your hostess game with this spicy mezcal apple cider cocktail! The recipe includes ginger beer, apples, and a dash of chili powder. Get the full recipe on + pin for later for your next party!

I’m always on the lookout for new cocktails to share with you guys, especially if it’s a twist on a classic. While I’m usually a whiskey drinker, I’ve found myself loving mezcal more and more lately. Must be the smokiness! I’ve found that mezcal and tequila pair quite nicely with those true tastes of fall: ginger and apple cider. Our resident recipe guru Claire whipped up this Spiced Mezcal Apple Cider cocktail and added something a little bit surprising… a dash of chili powder and ginger on the rim!

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DIY // fall scented bath bombs

DIY fall scented bath bombs are the perfect handmade gift for anyone who needs a little extra relaxation, or just a fun project to treat yo’ self! find the easy step-by-step directions and more giftable DIY's on

This time of year, it’s really important to give yourself plenty of relaxation time (editor’s note: amen!). With the holiday season just around the corner, try to carve out some “you-time” and create a ritual of self-care. For me, that’s a nice hot bath after a chilly fall day. I’ve been really loving all the new fancy bath bombs on the market, but they can get pretty spendy and some are chock-full of artificial coloring and weird ingredients that I don’t want on my skin.

So instead of shelling out for weekly bath bombs, I thought I’d make my own recipe with a few of my favorite fall scents, like spruce and lavandin with a hint of orange. It has a sparkling orange color that’s completely organic from the Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt, a natural detoxifying clay mixture. These are a perfect handmade gift for anyone who needs a little extra relation in their life or a fun project to treat yo’ self.

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for your friday

When I'm busy, I reach for my fashion uniform: chunky oversized sweater, cropped jeans in a light wash, cropped jacket with embellishment, mules or clogs, and a baseball hat! See more style inspiration on

This week it feels like Friday was some sort of finish line… As the holidays draw near, I find myself totally inundated with work (yay), social activities (yay), and a cold that I just can’t seem to shake (boo). When life gets hectic like this, I tend to go into autopilot with my meals and my wardrobe. The salad we shared yesterday has been on repeat, but so has a look similar to this round up. Every morning, I find myself reaching for cropped jeans in a light wash, a chunky sweater, my trusty mules, and a cropped jacket. The baseball hat is optional, depending on how clean my hair is!

I hope you guys have a great weekend — here are a few finds that are inspiring me lately:

  1. studded quilt jacket from Anthropologie
  2. oversized knit sweater from Free People
  3. suede mules found on Bona Drag, but sold out. Available here, too.
  4. high-rise light wash jeans from Urban Outfitters
  5. day off baseball hat from Riffraff

Don’t miss my latest guide for eBay: My Favorite Hair Products for Fall.

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Recipe // winter kale salad

A healthy, delicious, and comforting kale salad recipe perfect for winter! With roasted sweet potato, sunflower seeds, and creamy avocado dressing. A hearty and filling favorite! Get the full recipe on + pin for later

This winter kale salad recipe hits all of the buzzwords you look for: hearty, healthy, filling, easy, and delicious. Honestly, I could go on and on! We topped finely cut kale with radicchio, roasted sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds, and your new favorite dressing, a creamy avocado mixture. This salad is perfect for lunch or as a side dish to bring to your next potluck.

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DIY // halloween themed door mat (for less than $10!)

Looking for a cheap and easy way to decorate for Halloween? This DIY doormat is the perfect project and costs less than $10 to make! Head to for more cost-effective do-it-yourself projects + pin for later

Believe it or not, Halloween is just around the corner! This is Joanna’s first year in her house, complete with a front porch and a neighborhood full of trick-or-treaters. She’s kind of excited about that, so we whipped up this super simple DIY door mat that celebrates the sweet-tooth side of the festivities in a sort of adult, cheeky way. Armed with a plain door mat, stencils, and paint, you too can deck out your front door for Halloween (and for less than 10 bucks)!

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