recipe // coconut water + pink lemonade popsicles for Popsicle Week

It's #PopsicleWeek! Head to for this not-too-sweet and super-hydrating recipe for coconut water + pink lemonade popsicles. They've got bits of lemon zest and strawberry for a refreshing light treat on those hot summer days!

You guys, it’s the most fabulous week of the year: Popsicle Week! As a refresher, every year Billy from Wit & Vinegar gathers his favorite bloggers and we share yummy popsicle recipes. It’s pretty great, not gonna lie. This year, we’re sharing the not-too-sweet and super-hydrating recipe for coconut water + pink lemonade popsicles. They’ve got bits of lemon zest and strawberry for a refreshing light treat on those hot summer days.

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DIY // galvanized planter with copper design

repel garden slugs and add a modern boho design to any planter with this easy DIY! check out the full tutorial on

I love growing herbs in the garden. Being able to pick some basil and whip up a batch of pesto when the mood strikes is seriously one of my favorite things ever. So I was pretty upset with my garden snails when they chewed through those bright and tasty leaves first! I’ve since learned that slugs and snails like eating basil almost as much as I do, but that there’s an easy way to stop them: copper tape. Don’t worry, the copper isn’t toxic to your garden. It repels slugs by giving them a small shock whenever they come in contact with it. So grab your favorite outdoor planter and you can have a slug-proof oasis for your herbs in no time.

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my tiny bungalow // stand-alone closet alternatives

YOU GUYS. I just bought a house that doesn't have SINGLE closet. Sharing all of my stand-alone closet alternatives for my tiny house today on the blog: Lots of great storage options!

Here’s the deal: I bought a tiny house that doesn’t have a single closet. Seriously, not a single one. Legally, a house has to have a closet for a bedroom to count as a bedroom, so the sellers included a janky stand alone armoire that I was afraid would give me tetanus if I looked at it too closely. Upon moving in, I immediately removed that eyesore, which left me with nowhere to hang my clothes. I’ve since started using this basic chrome rolling rack from Uline, but it’s not the most visually appealing. If you’ve been following along on my Pinterest board called My Tiny Bungalow, you can see I’ve been researching options for stand-alone closet alternatives. I can’t quite afford to built an actual closet yet, but in the meantime there are TONS of awesome options:

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DIY // Ultimate After Sun Soothing Lotion

soothe your skin after a long day of lounging on the deck with the DIY ultimate after sun lotion - for easy step-by-step instructions head to #wmaffiliate #discoverworldmarket

Lately we’ve been spending lots of time working out on Joanna’s new deck that was sponsored by World Market (if you haven’t seen the transformation yet, you have to check out the reveal right this minute!) and after a long afternoon in the sun, my super-sensitive skin needs all the help it can get recovering from the much-needed rays. That’s why I decided to combine 6 super-hydrating ingredients to create the ultimate after sun lotion.

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drawn + downloadable

drawn + downloadable — free artwork for your phone, tablet, and computer by Jojotastic. download more colors and artwork on

Today’s downloadable art comes from one my suuuper old sketchbooks. I have a habit of keeping lots of inexpensive sketchbooks on hand in which I am always doodling (this is my favorite sketchbook). It’s actually more like an exercise in mark making. I never actually draw anything as I want it to look. Instead, I am able to envision the pieces that I need, then I draw or paint them. From there, I prefer to scan my drawings into Photoshop and manipulate them that way. This wave-inspired artwork was created that way!

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introducing the Decorist DesignOff with House of Hipsters + Jojotastic, Part 1

introducing the @decorist DesignOff with @HouseofHipsters + @Jojotastic, Part 1! Sharing before photos of my tiny bungalow + all the modern-meets-boho inspiration for the makeover — see more on

Homeownership has certainly been adventure and I’ve found that commiserating with fellow homeowner friends really helps. One source of constant encouragement and inspiration is Kyla from House of Hipsters. Not only did we buy houses around the same time, but her style is so spot-on. She really gets interiors, whereas I feel like I’m still figuring out what style works best for my lifestyle and my home. We recently decided to team up with Decorist for a bit of a contest and some major help getting our living rooms in order! Today, I’m super excited to introduce the DesignOff! Kyla and I are each sharing the before photos of our living rooms + loads of inspiration today… then handing it all over to the amazing designers at Decorist to tell us what to do (oh, and there’s a discount code so you can get your room done, too!).

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Friday check in

gorgeous green ranunculus — get more floral arrangement inspiration on

Do you ever have one of those weeks? Like, a full doozy of a week where it feels like everything that could go wrong has actually gone wrong? That’s what this week was like for me. We got back late from my BFF’s wedding in New York and I’ve just been scrambling to get stuff done ever since. Then all the annoying little stuff popped up: taxes, needing a new lawnmower, etc. I feel like I’m doing so much stuff… just not well. And that’s driving me crazy. If anything, I’m an overachiever, through and through.

After many tears, I realized one thing: I need to slow down. I can’t do it all.

I made a tough call this week: I’m not going to post to the blog every weekday. I just can’t. I want to create amazing content for you guys and, all too often, it feels like I HAVE to post… which results in publishing posts of which I’m not totally proud. I hate that feeling. Instead, I want the posts to be rich and meaningful, well-written and informative. I’m vowing to only post the good stuff from here on out — I hope you’ll continue to love it! My hope is that by focusing on fewer-but-better, I’ll finally have some time to really work on the stuff that I’m super passionate to share.

Have a great weekend!

photography by Jojotastic — it’s a sneak peek of a fun DIY post we’re working on!