Isabel Marant  Etiole spring 2015 resort

I know everything is busy fawning over Spring 2015, but I want to back the truck up and talk about Isabel Marant  Etiole spring 2015 resort. Mostly cuz it’s so damn good. This collection captures everything I love so very much about Isabel: layered casualness, bohemian details, a touch of an ethnic vibe… but all with that laid back, pared down look. Also, it’s Etiole, so it’s tooootally affordable (haha) — that’s code for ‘time to start saving now for that awesome sweater, Joanna.’

Isabel Marant  Etiole spring 2015 resort Isabel Marant  Etiole spring 2015 resort Isabel Marant  Etiole spring 2015 resortBut really… that sweater and those sandals. Sigh.

Isabel Marant  Etiole spring 2015 resort Isabel Marant  Etiole spring 2015 resortvia Fashion Gone Rogue

Oh goodness… my good friends over at Danfredo Photos + Films have staged a dachshund wedding. I don’t really post weddings often (or ever?), but this is just something really special, silly, and totally awesome. Noodle used to play with Hudson and Chelsea in Philly, you see, so it’s just a joy to see them finally hitched. Here are a few of my favorite shots from their special day! Also, be sure to see tons of behind the scenes on Instagram with the cutest hashtag ever, #hudsonloveschelsea.

our love is long and loud // a dachshund wedding by Danfredo Photos + Films our love is long and loud // a dachshund wedding by Danfredo Photos + Films our love is long and loud // a dachshund wedding by Danfredo Photos + Films our love is long and loud // a dachshund wedding by Danfredo Photos + Films (more…)

Rebecca Atwood Fall Collection

Always amazing, Rebecca Atwood has once again blown me away with her new collection, titled The Howland Collection. This new offering features naturally dyed shibori styles, painted watercolor designs, marbleized swirls, metallic linens, and screen printed pillows at new lower price points. Pretty awesome, right?

Rebecca Atwood Fall CollectionIn Rebeca’s words, this is the inspiration for the collection:

The new fall collection begins on a crisp autumn morning. It’s a morning where milk turns a warm cup of coffee into that perfect latte color. It’s a morning where light dances across the bedroom walls, creating ever changing patterns. As morning gives way to afternoon, smoky grey shadows cast long grids along the sidewalk, and weathered steel reflects the soft luster of the late-morning sun. A day in the studio is spent creating potato prints, marbling paper and working through ideas in a sketchbook. By the end of the day, the light has shifted, casting everything in deep blue-green hues.

Rebecca Atwood Fall Collection Rebecca Atwood Fall Collection Rebecca Atwood Fall Collection Rebecca Atwood Fall CollectionPS – Rebecca Atwood is a finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made contest — if you’re as big a fan as I am, be sure to cast your votes here.  You get 5 votes a day, so be sure to keep goin’ back!

photography by Emily Johnston

how to care for pink hair

Despite #pinkhairdontcare, having rainbow hair requires a bit of effort. If you’re anything like me, chances are your stylist had to lighten your hair to get the brightest, most saturated results possible. Plus, we all know that the brighter the shade, the faster it fades. Such a bummer. Now that I am recently in possession of some very awesome pink hair, I decided to offer a few of my tips on making your color last, preventing further damage, as well as my favorite products that help me corral my textural, wavy hair. It may seem like a lot, but here are all the products I use and how I use them. (Yes, these are my actual bottles, which is why one is covered in red lipstick. Oops!)

how to care for pink hair

how to care for pink hairStyling:

  • Johnson’s No More Tangles Detangler Spray – yes, I am 29, but I swear, nothing works as well as this, especially for such an affordable price. Comb through with a wide tooth comb.
  • Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil Light – I have a lot of hair, but it’s very thin and gets weighed down very easily. This formula is hydrating while still being lightweight. Smooth it on detangled, towel-dried hair focusing on your ends.
  • Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Creme – I use a dime-sized dollop of this on my ends to weight down my waves and make them a bit more manageable. As I apply, I twist large sections of my hair to encourage my natural waves.

how to care for pink hairOnce dry:

  • Josie Maran Bohemian Waves Argan Hair Mist – Despite the argan oil in this, I use a verrry small misting because it can dry out my hair very easily. I mostly use it to lock in my natural texture once my hair is 75-100% dry.
  • One Love Organics Healthy Locks – I want my hair about once a week, so dry shampoo is a MUST. This one smells awesome and works very well. I sprinkle mine only at the roots right before I go to bed. As I’m sleeping, the powder absorbs oil.
  • Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil – I braid my hair into one large, loose braid every night before bed to keep the waves from frizzing. Once it’s braided, I smooth a tiny bit of this oil onto the ends to keep them hydrated and smooth.
  • psssst! Instant Spray Shampoo – While this is technically a dry shampoo, I use it to help get a bit more texture in my hair as needed.

how to care for pink hairA few more tips:

  • Use cold water when washing your hair – I know it sucks, but it really, really does help.
  • Wash your hair as infrequently as possible – I’ve washed my hair 3 times since I dyed it and every time the color has changed. Dry shampoo is your friend! Also, invest in an awesome shower cap. Mine is covered in hideous flowers and has an awesomely terrible lace trim.
  • Embrace your natural hair texture – It’s taken me a long time to embrace my hair’s craziness, but I am so happy I did. It’s fun to have hair with personality.
  • Take your vitamins – I opt for pre-natal vitamins for all those extra vitamins. It’s even great for your skin and nails.

Shop the post:

I’d love to hear any other tips you brightly-hued beauties have — be sure to share in the comments section below!
photography by Jojotastic

we need to put an end to sexual harassment.

Editor’s note: I try to keep it fairly lighthearted in this space, veering away from anything political or controversial, but today something so terrible happened to me that I felt no choice but to speak out. 

This morning, I was standing at my desk contemplating getting to work. My desk faces out of 3 large windows and directly across the street is a construction site. As I was glancing around, I realized that 2 men from the construction site were on their roof, watching me. When they realized that I saw them, they started yelling at me — horrible, ugly things. My initial instinct was to close my curtains… which cued even more yelling… more vocalization of their displeasure that I was not allowing them to continue watching me and yelling at me. Even as I write that, it boggles my mind. A lump rises in my throat and my arms tingle. I felt uncomfortable and unsafe in my own home. Not ok.

In terms of the bigger picture, it has never been a good time to harass people, in my opinion. Given news-worthy events of late though… it is an especially poor time. If anything, I desperately hope that as a country, we are becoming attuned to the plight of minorities… and actually learning to be good to each other. With Ray Rice in the headlines, I can’t help but wonder WHY these men felt like it was ok to act as they did. WHY? Have you not learned your lesson from this asshole that you have idolized? Do you think it is still ok to degrade women? Because I am here today to say it is not. It never will be. And the next time you decide to watch me, I will call the police again. And I will not stop until you are fired.

I waffled about whether to cite the name of the construction company, but I think they should be called to task for employing misogynistic, crude lowlifes. So listen up, Nibbi Brothers General Contractors, I will not stand by and let your employees treat women this way. The police have spoken to your crew, I have left a voicemail, I have tweeted you and sent you a message on Facebook, I even wrote a Yelp review. You need to know that this is not ok.

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pet accessories from Shinola

Woooo-y, what a week it’s been. From a personal and professional perspective, I feel like I made really great strides this week. I explored that constant balancing act of how much to share in this space, while also posting a photoshoot I’ve always wanted to do. It kind of feels like I’ve really, truly earned my weekend. Feels great.

Kelly over at Design Crush is moving to Pittsburgh this week, so she asked me to help out with a guest post. Be sure to head over and check out my post about Shinola’s new pet accessories! The photography by Bruce Weber is not to be missed.

mineral and sageMeanwhile, on Anthology, be sure to check out these awesome rock + air plant sculptures from Mineral and Sage.

louise saxton united threads Then, in the way of art, I shared textile art by Louise Saxton and gorgeously intriciate pieces from Unitedthread.

denim-inspired rugsOver on Rugs Direct, I shared ways to incorporate your Canadian tux into you home. Head over and check out Denim Daze.

Lastly, this is what I was up to this week here on Jojotastic:

Happy weekend!

a lesson in layering with free people

The transition into fall is a tricky time for dressing. So when Free People (one of my favorite brands) reached out to me to share my tips for fall layering, I was totally on board. I wanted my look to be casual and carefree, but definitely something I could wear out on the town. I also wanted it to feel a bit edgier now that I’ve dyed my hair pink (!)… but still with soft, feminine touches.

a lesson in layering with free peopleI started by selecting a piece that is really familiar to me, a flowy ivory tunic. Rich in details, this is a piece I would layer over jeans or cutoffs. I love how the crocheted details give it that soft, girly, vintage vibe. Plus, it’s a tad bit sheer, making it feel casually sexy. Then, I layered on another of my ‘must have’ wardrobe pieces, a badass vegan leather moto. There’s that edge I was talkin’ about.

a lesson in layering with free peoplea lesson in layering with free peopleI’m kind of obsessed with my pink hair.

a lesson in layering with free peopleThe tunic is kind of short, so I pulled on a pair of pointelle knee highs for a little bit of coverage to fight the fall chill. The femme details pair nicely with these awesome wrapped leather boots. With their chunky heel and super soft leather, these are a pair of boots I plan to wear all the way through winter.

a lesson in layering with free people a lesson in layering with free peoplea lesson in layering with free peoplea lesson in layering with free peopleThis fall I definitely encourage you to get creative with your layering.

a lesson in layering with free peoplePhotography by Ashley Batz
Disclosure: This is in partnership with Free People.

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