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TRAVEL TIME! I'm heading to Miami for the weekend + would love your tips! leave 'em in the comments on

Happy weekend, you guys! I’m writing this from the plane cuz I’m on my way to Miami. It’s my bff’s bachelorette party, meaning that 8 of us are convening in Miami for some sun, drinks, and girl time. It’s kinda crazy to admit it, but this is my first bachelorette party and my first time visiting Miami… and I’ve never traveling with 7 other women before. Adventures all around! I’ve been mentally preparing myself by watching this. Juuuust kidding.

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my tiny bungalow // outdoor lighting round up

help me pick new outdoor lighting for my tiny bungalow here in Seattle! which one do you like best? weigh in on (and see more boho-meets-modern entryway inspiration)

It’s no secret that I am totally overwhelmed by my fixer upper and all the work that it needs. After this post, the resounding advice was to focus on small things first and go from there. Updating the outdoor lighting is not only super easy to do, but also helps to class up the joint a bit more (I’m lookin’ at you, globe fixture full of dead bugs). I started my online shopping over the weekend and wanted to share my before photos with you guys to help me pick what I should get!

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Authenticity 50 + giveaway

win a free set of sheets made from @authenticity50! enter the 1-week giveaway at

love climbing into a well-made bed at the end of a long day. For me, nothing makes for a restful night’s sleep like smooth, crisp, cool sheets. Here’s the thing though: spending $$ on imported bedding is just not my style. That’s why we’re super excited to share Authenticity 50 with you guys.

Their gorgeous sheets are 100% ‘seed-to-stitch’ made in the USA, meaning the entire manufacturing process — from growing the cotton, to spinning the yarn, to weaving the fabric — is done here. Plus, they’re made from high-grade cotton, meaning the longer you use them, the softer they get. Keep on reading to learn more + enter to win a sheet set for yourself!

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meet the all new Jojotastic!

SUPER EXCITING NEWS! we just launched a totally redesigned website for — be sure to check out all of the new features and sign up for our weekly newsletter.

Notice anything different?? Today’s the day for my new site! This is a loooong time coming, you guys. All new logo, new fonts, new color palette… it’s all brand spankin’ new and I couldn’t be more excited to share this with you.

A few of my favorite additions:

New look: Not gonna lie, the hot pink felt a bit… dated after 3 years of looking at it. I wanted the design of the site to feel clean and fresh, but also timeless. By stripping away most of the color and cleaning things up, the images (my favorite part) speak even more. For me, the focus of this blog has always been the visuals and this new design really highlights that. Also, the logo itself makes me REALLY happy. It’s quirky and cute, definitely more ‘me’ than my past site. All around, this new site is the perfect place to show how my style and aesthetic has evolved.

Newsletter: Yup, we’re launching a weekly newsletter! I’m hoping that it will offer you more of a glimpse into my life, with lots of sneak peeks. Be sure to sign up to receive exclusive content + some of my favorite finds of the week (and maybe some sale alerts so you can get your shop on). Click here to join our mailing list!

Portfolio: I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching on the business side of things here at Jojotastic. I want to be more of a resource for both brands and individuals for a wide range of projects. From designing product lines to creating social media strategies and providing Pinterest growth ideas, the portfolio section will showcase my favorite work and how I’ve worked with clients in the past. Interested in working together? Shoot me an email!

We are still working out a few kinks, so if you notice anything weird on the site, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading along!

Photography by Meghan Klein.

ps — many thanks to my designer Ash Huang and developer Joe McGill for working on this project and creating such a gorgeous new space for me to share inspiration!

5 cool airy maxi dresses


It’s really starting to get hot here! I couldn’t be more excited for the early preview of summer weather, but my wardrobe just isn’t prepared for all this sunshine yet. It’s time to unpack the cutoffs and find my new go-to maxi dress for the season. Pair with a cute pair of clogs and get picnic ready!

I’m a little obsessed with the gorgeous back of the Kimchi Blue Baby Bud Cap-Sleeve Maxi Dress from Urban Outfitters (pictured above). This rosebud print cap-sleeve beauty is lined, so no stickiness on super warm days and has the cutest lattice lace insets all over. Perfect for summer strolls or twirling in a field of wildflowers, you know, the usual.

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for your friday

breezy, sheer white beach wear from Loup Charmant — see more spring and summer fashion inspiration on

See that image? Yeah, that’s kinda how I feel today, at the end of this long, long week.

I am so ready for a weekend, you guys. I’ve been struggling to keep up with everything: work, exercise, house projects, sleep, personal time. These next 2 days are totally welcome. Not that I’ll be taking off any time because… we’re hoping to launch a totally redesigned site next week! We’ve had this hot pink, modern look for about 3 years and it’s time to make a change. New layout, new logo, new colors… it’s gonna be GOOD. I’m planning to spend my weekend cleaning up old posts, re-categorizing things, and (hopefully) making this a way more functional, inspirational place for you. I say this without hyperbole: I cannot wait for you guys to see it!

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drawn + downloadable

drawn + downloadable — free artwork for your phone, tablet, and computer by Jojotastic. download more colors and artwork on

Geez, it’s been WAY too long since I last shared some of my free downloadable art with you guys! Sorry ’bout that. Home ownsership seems to have zapped my creativity a bit because it’s so dang stressful. This week though… I’m trying to make sure to set aside time to draw and paint, something that helps to keep me feeling grounded. It’s been warm, too, so I’m creating my art outside which feels like the absolute best part of my day.

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