new plant friends in the studio // @jojotastic

I feel like there’s something in the air, something that is making wayyy more productive than I’ve been in past weeks. Not only am I tackling some major home decor projects in the loft, but I feel like I’m sharing loads of awesome stuff here on the blog, of which I am really proud. Gwen and I also did a brainstorm for some amazing projects we want to tackle for the holidays (yup, we’re really thinking ahead this year!). All I can say is… it’s gonna be great!

In case you missed it, here’s what happened on the blog this week:

Plus, a few other new & noteworthy things:

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HP Sprout truck stop tour @hp #gomakethings #sproutbyHP

Full disclosure: I am absolutely fascinated by the world of ‘vlogging.’ These are people who live their lives on the internet via video and in plain view of everyone… this is definitely the next evolution of blogging. It’s kind of amazing, but also a little bit insane. Oh, and it’s just so easy to fall down the YouTube rabbit hole, don’t you think?? I’m fascinated. Recently, HP asked me to join them at Vlogger Fair where they had brought the HP Sprout Truck Stop. I jumped at the opportunity — not only for some amazing people watching, but also as a chance to share my story of how I use the HP Sprout for creative projects.

HP Sprout truck stop tour @hp #gomakethings #sproutbyHP HP Sprout truck stop tour @hp #gomakethings #sproutbyHP

We started out the day by sharing a few past projects with the HP Sprout (see those here and here). I even gave a quick demo explaining my favorite tips and tricks for using the HP Sprout for creative projects. The audience was really amazing and asked some thoughtful questions.


a letter to noodle // it's been 2 years since i adopted this sweet little boy! @jojotastic

Last year, I wrote a funny little letter to Noodle in celebration of his adoption anniversary… and decided to make it a tradition… oh, and to throw him a party!

a letter to noodle // it's been 2 years since i adopted this sweet little boy! @jojotastica letter to noodle // it's been 2 years since i adopted this sweet little boy! @jojotastic

Darling Noodie boy,

I’m having a hard time believing it’s been only 2 years. You’re such a permanent part of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Your quirkiness, energy, and sheer bliss for life make me feel like a happier person on a daily basis. Nothing beats the excitement you exude when I walk through the door… even when I’ve only been gone for 15 minutes. Your love is perfect and charming and comforting.

Speaking of comforting… your intoxicating dog smell. I could bury my nose in your armpits any time of day and love it. Just a wiff of the ‘good smells’ and I already feel calmer and more grounded. I guess what I’m saying is that having you in my life has given me more of a sense of being grounded… almost like that feeling of home. You’re a part of my home, my family and I am so grateful to have you in my life, you tiny weirdo.

Stay weird, stay cute. Mama loves you, Noodie boy.

a letter to noodle // it's been 2 years since i adopted this sweet little boy! @jojotastic a letter to noodle // it's been 2 years since i adopted this sweet little boy! @jojotastic a letter to noodle // it's been 2 years since i adopted this sweet little boy! @jojotastic

p.s. we decided to throw a DIY party in the studio — check out how to make your own here!

p.p.s. I splurged on a super cute new dog bed for Noodle from Amelie’s Bark Shop and a cookie from Pioneer Pet Feed & Supply. How cute is it??

a letter to noodle // it's been 2 years since i adopted this sweet little boy! @jojotastic

Photography by Meghan Klein. Styling by Jojotastic & Gwen McKenzie.

it's a noodle party //

While I love big holidays, there’s something extra special about little celebrations. The ones that you don’t have to do anything for, usually end up being more fun than the mandatory gifting and fruit cake. So when Joanna told me Noodle was about to celebrate his 2nd adoption birthday, I knew we couldn’t let it pass without a little bash.

we're throwing a birthday party for the blog with super cute DIY projects and crafts! head to for all the details (more…)

my summer sale shopping list  // @jojotastic

In my past life when I worked in retail, this was my favorite time of year to shop sales. The days are still warm enough to immediately wear the finds you score, but you can also stock up for next year. Plus, if you go on vacation to somewhere warm in the fall, you’re all set in the wardrobe department! There are a few sales I’ve had my eye on lately… here are my top picks from each!

my summer sale shopping list // @jojotastic

First up is ASOS. Surprisingly, there are tons of options for fall in the sale section. I’m lusting after this grey suede moto jacket in a big way.

my summer sale shopping list // @jojotastic

Shop my other ASOS picks:

Anthropologie also has a legit summer sale going on, plus they are offering free shipping. Here are my top picks:

my summer sale shopping list // @jojotastic

And how great is this bangle?

my summer sale shopping list // @jojotastic

shop my other Anthro picks:

Then last but not least… Free People. The sale section is full stocked with summer styles, as well as great transitional pieces that you can wear into fall. Here are a few of my favorites:

my summer sale shopping list // @jojotastic

All I want is to wear this tunic/dress over skinny jeans every day this fall.

my summer sale shopping list // @jojotastic

Shop more Free People sale picks:

loft decor wish list @jojotastic

I don’t really understand where this summer went. My goal was to have the loft settled by September 1 and, hello, that is pretty damn imminent. I’m all set with my furniture, but now my biggest priority is layering on all of those special details. Rugs, art, plants… the good stuff! I’ve had my eyes on a few special additions to my loft lately, starting with these gorgeous textiles by Susan Connor. I recently splurged on a super-adult sofa in a gorgeous shade of pale grey, so now I’m hunting for the perfect textiles to make it feel a bit casual bohemian.

loft decor wish list @jojotastic

I also really love her linen throws! Can you imagine wrapping sumptuous linen around your shoulders?? That’s sort of what my dreams are made of…

links: Circa Throw and Ponti Cushion
loft decor wish list @jojotastic

Then, there is art… Because I live in a loft, my ceilings are quite tall, making a gallery wall a MUST. You wanna know a secret? I’ve never had a gallery wall before and the thought of making one scared the bejesus out of me. None of the pieces I’ve collected over the years go together — everything is a one-off and totally different. I recently decided that I need to pick ONE piece and build around that. I’m quite enamored with this abstract painting by Lauren Packard, especially because it’s from Minted and they have such amazing (and affordable) framing options. This might just be my statement piece…

links: Form limited edition print by Lauren Packard

loft decor wish list @jojotastic

And while we’re on art, I’m also in love with these mixed media pieces by Xochi Solis on Leif. The colors are bold and bright, while the layering of materials and techniques really speaks to me. The key will be picking one that goes with my statement piece, huh?

loft decor wish list @jojotastic

And then there’s my houseplant situation. If I could, I’d just have All Of The Plants Ever. When I discovered these architectural, tall plant stands from Forage Modern Workshop, I instantly fell in love. I’m thinking a pair of these will do juuuust fine by the window.

loft decor wish list @jojotastic

I still have so many more ideas for my loft… stay tuned! I’m even hoping to be able to show you guys some photos soon!

enter to win $100 to shop amazing home decor, beauty products, and found objects from @bisonshop // @Jojotastic #giveaway

I’m all about pairing down what I own and embracing the less-is-more philosophy. I mean, let’s face it, there’s only so much room on a well-styled bookshelf for even the most exquisite treasures. So instead of buying things from brands with a ‘household name,’ I’m turning the expression on it’s head and only buying things for my household from names. From now on my special objects won’t bring to mind the store I bought them at, but the person who made it. As this week’s giveaway Bison Shop say’s best, it’s all about owning fewer, but better products that enrich the mind, body + home.

That’s why I’m so excited about Bison Shop’s online store, dedicated to the simple things in life. Not only do they stock gorgeous, handmade apothecary products, jewelry, leather goods and ceramics from artisans all over the country, they have a ‘found’ section with some of the coolest home goods ever! All their products are sustainable, whether they had a past life or were created using minimal materials.

enter to win $100 to shop amazing home decor, beauty products, and found objects from @bisonshop // @Jojotastic #giveaway

Enter below for 9 chances to win. One winner will be chosen at random by Tuesday October 1 at 10:30 am PST. Open to US & Canada residents only. Winner will receive 1 $100 gift card to shop Bison Shop (please note: $100 off code can only be applied to a single order, so entire discount must be used at once on any single order totaling $100+. No balance will be kept. Shipping cost remains the responsibility of the purchaser). Good luck!

Click here to view this promotion.

enter to win $100 to shop amazing home decor, beauty products, and found objects from @bisonshop // @Jojotastic #giveaway

shop the post: detox bath soakwaxed canvas tablet caseamazonite necklacestoneware + copper vesselscatch all tripod dishbrass pineapplegolden feather earringsstoneware faceted mug and howlite marble necklace.

images via bison shop.