party provisions from Food52

Whether you’re setting your table for Easter, brunch, or just cocktails with the girls, serve it up in style with these adorable and handsome party provisions from Food52. With the goal of “better kitchens for everyone” in mind, Food52 has carefully curated an assortment of serveware, barware, and even party decorations that make for great gifts (or a treat for yourself…). I love the amount of detail on these pieces: from a gentle swoosh of glaze on a platter, to pony-topped drink stirrers, these pieces are like modern heirlooms.

party provisions from Food52
I love the idea of setting a table and using such a wide range of materials, like copper, clear and colored glass, brass, even dipped enamel. Plus, it’s always nice to throw in a punch of color to perk up a neutral and sophisticated table.

party provisions from Food52

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casual bohemian style

I sort of feel like I’m at a crossroads in my wardrobe. I just turned 29, so I am more aware of my age than ever before. I live in a city with micro-climates, meaning the temperature can swing drastically depending on time of day and location. And of course, I’m in a new city and new job with a totally new vibe. For all these reasons, I’ve decided to start redefining my personal style. As expected, I started a pinterest board titled Jojotastic Style, mostly so I can get an overview of the looks I gravitate towards. Based on these visuals and a quick chat with my friend Jess, I’d define my style as “casual bohemian” with a focus on really unique and special details, great fabrics, and sophisticated color palette. Sounds great, right?

casual boho stylecasual boho style
I am eternally drawn to flowy, hyper-detailed white top, but now it’s more about what they are paired with: destroyed boyfriend jeans, cropped leather skirts, and the like. Plus, a leather jacket never hurts in a pinch, amiright?

casual boho style
I have to say though, this new personal style revolves heavily around denim… and good denim at that. It’s all about silhouette, wash, and texture.

casual boho style
In terms of color, you can see it’s a pretty muted palette, but there are a few punches. I really want to keep color in the really special pieces: a vintage, embroidered kimono, great shibori dyed scarves, piles of jewelry. This sort of makes me want to purge my closet of print and pattern so I can focus on sophisticated neutrals in great fabrics.

casual boho style
Lastly, the accessories: architectural heels, classic and crisp sneakers, massive totes. Keep it clean and simple, but still very striking.

links: 1 / 2 / 3 /4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 (see more on my pinterest board, too!)

from the sketchbook of Rebecca Atwood

As a longtime fan of textile designer and artist Rebecca Atwood, today I am more than pleased to share this glimpse into her working process and sketchbooks. During one of her afternoon sketchbook sessions, Rebecca snapped these photos to give us a peek. Rather than muddling up her intent, I’d rather let Rebecca speak for her own work:

“I like to work on several sketchbooks at once as I work with watercolor and gouache and don’t like to wait for pages to dry.  I find this keeps me moving quickly and just getting down loose ideas.  I try not to think too much about what I do in my sketchbook – it’s a place to play and not worry if it doesn’t turn into something I actually love.  It’s a good place for me to test out ideas, colors, motifs, etc. ”

from the sketchbook of Rebecca Atwood
“A lot of the time I paint similar motifs or versions of the same idea as I warm up.  Then I always try to do something that’s a little different, too, of course.  For me keeping sketchbooks is a really important part of my process.  I often return to them well after I did the work to remember ideas and concepts I had. Sometimes something I put in there doesn’t really resonate with me, but months later there’s a connection.”

from the sketchbook of Rebecca Atwood
As a designer myself, I can totally identify with Rebecca’s process. I think that often times creatives like us tend to hoard because you just never know what can become inspiration. And, now that I have seen how this method works for Rebecca, I am extra keen on turning to my sketchbook every day, just to see what happens. Thanks for all the of inspiration, Rebecca!

from the sketchbook of Rebecca Atwood
photos by Rebecca Atwood

by Witchoria

I think I have a hangover from my weekend, I did that much and it went that quickly. I could really use a day to play catch up and get my act together. My brain is a bit fuzzy, a bit jumbled… it’s just that Monday feelin’ I guess. I couldn’t even decide on a topic for today’s post, so instead, I want to share a few things that have caught my attention lately. They all have this sort of moody romanticism to them, sort of like my brain at the moment?

To start, let’s look at these mildly unsettling, emotional polaroids from Witchoria, the tumblr of graphic designer Victoria Siemer. I initially discovered her reflected landscapes through The Design Ark (below), but upon clicking through, fell in love with her more dramatic and graphic images. How many times have you seen these error messages pop up on your computer (too many…)? But the way Victoria puts a twist on them to be about broken hearts is just genius. I know it’s a bit twisted for a Monday morning, but I’m sort of feelin’ it right now.

reflected landscapes
tousled tresses
I’m also loving this undone-yet-fanciful photoshoot by Paul de Luna on Fashion Gone Rogue. Tousled tresses are a current (eternal?) love of mine, but when paired with glittery, girly frocks, it feels just right.

So, here’s to Monday. Let’s make it count.

the golden gate bridge

Guys, I’m in love. Not with a man, but with the city of San Francisco. My life here has totally turned around and it is just so, so good. Every weekend is bursting with great new things to do, people to see, and avocados to eat. Heck, even my weekday adventures in Sausalito after work have been pretty spectacular. It’s pretty safe to say that I am very happy about my move to San Francisco, so now that I’ve been here for two months, I feel like I can share a few of my favorite adventures.

Fort Funston in San Francisco
My first San Francisco pick is Fort Funston. I heard about this not-so-hidden spot via Victoria of SF Girl By Bay on Design*Sponge. Previously a military lookout point, this dog-friendly spot offers an easy hike, gorgeous beaches, and one of the best views of the Pacific I’ve ever seen. Noodle and I went for a Saturday romp and, let me tell you, I have never seen him more excited.

Twin Peaks in San Francisco
Another great spot that’s more commonly known is Twin Peaks. I went with Danielle and Wil of Danfredo Photography when they got here with my car (more on that here). If you want the ultimate view of the city, this is the place to go. It is absolutely breathtaking. Stay for sunset, but be sure to pack some warm layers because it gets very windy.

If you’re in the mood for vintage shopping, plan a try on the first Sunday of the month to hit up the Alameda Point Antiques Faire. Technically not in San Francisco, this treasure is absolutely worth the trip to Oakland, just be sure to get there early. In true hoarder spirit, I scored all kinds of goodies: a mid-century modern desk chair, 5 vintage dresses, stacks of books, and all sorts of sweet tchotchkes. Oh, and they have food trucks! Check out the taco truck and the mini donuts truck for sure.

sailing in San Francisco
I’ve had a few other random adventures, too. I went on an impromptu sailing trip with a coworker around the bay at sunset. Talk about amazing. It was one of those moments where I was just so overwhelmed by the beauty of the land and sea.

photos by Jojotastic — follow me on Instagram!

cotton & flax

Happy Friday! This week was quite a long one, but we made it and the weekend is totally in sight. I’m planning to continue unpacking (yes, still, after two months), so I’ve been digging deep for inspiration for my apartment. Pretty timely, considering that two of my posts for Anthology this week were about home decor items.

I kicked off the week with a feature on a home textiles company called Cotton & Flax. I love the casual vibe of these pillows, especially that gorgeous shade of yellow. Head over to Anthology to see more.

paper & clayAlso on Anthology this week, I wrote about these super adorable ceramics from Paper & Clay. Head over to see my post and witness me waxing poetic about the loop of a teacup handle.


The Essential Collection from Rivet & Sway // plus, a code for 10% off

Have you heard the exciting news? My favorite eyewear company, Rivet & Sway, has released an hot spankin’ new series, The Essential Collection. A bit less fashion-focused, these specs have an effortless, sophisticated, and classic aura, probably because they were inspired by a few favorite tastemakers (um, hello Gwyneth Paltrow). The collection is comprised of 5 new eyeglasses and 5 new sunglasses, perfect for completing any look as we head into spring. The color palette veers a bit more understated, so these are truly wearable everyday, which is so key when you invest in a pair of glasses, don’t you think?

I suggest ordering your home try-on kit asap to get the first pick among your friends… and don’t forget to use code JOJOTASTIC at check out to get 10% off!

The Essential Collection from Rivet & Sway // plus, a code for 10% off

The Essential Collection from Rivet & Sway // plus, a code for 10% off
This is the Ivy in pink sand, aka my favorite of the new collection. The pale, misty pink is just enough of a pop to make you feel special, but the curvy, almost cat-eye shape is fairly universal.

The Essential Collection from Rivet & Sway // plus, a code for 10% off
As for sunglasses, be sure to check out the retro-inspired Derby frames. I especially love these thanks to the textured temples. They make me want to book a vacation posthaste!

images via Rivet & Sway

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