seattle // nature walk

I feel like I’ve been neglecting the blog this week — instead I’m caught up in photoshoots and boys and climbing and witnessing as many sunsets as possible. In reality, this means that I’m off living my life, something of which I am fiercely proud. In the past, it was all too easy for me to stay online and ‘connected,’ but without actually connecting with anyone or anything. It’s a trap, this thing we call the internet, social media, etc. I’m over this false sense of connection and instead am being fueled by the outdoors. This week I grabbed my camera on a whim and went to a local spot called Discovery Park to take in the sunset — this is what I witnessed.

seattle // nature walk (more…)

awash of color // artwork by Malissa Ryder

Sometimes with art it’s more about the subtle nuances of a piece than about intricate fine art details. For example, this work by Malissa Ryder is extremely impactful, but also astoundingly uncomplicated and refined. They remind me of a current favorite ‘hobby’ of mine, watching the sunset. And just in the way that the sky illuminates in technicolor and unexpected hues, so do these pieces.

awash of color // artwork by Malissa Ryder awash of color // artwork by Malissa Ryder

Her watercolor pieces are totally one of a kind, created with painstakingly applied layers of color… and I want them all.

awash of color // artwork by Malissa Ryder awash of color // artwork by Malissa Ryder

images via Malissa Ryder.

one giant peony

Every once in a while, I need a mental health day… and today is that day. Mercury is in retrograde (more on that here thanks to my friend Elizabeth) and I am feeling it. Correction: I am feeling everything. So I’m taking the day to myself to be quiet and maybe even undo the crappy night of sleep I had last night. I’ll be back tomorrow.

photo via my Instagram.

get the look // skip into spring

Oh, Seattle spring… for those readers who aren’t local, let me paint a picture: there’s a salty sea water breeze, the sun is perfectly golden, and the days are long. It’s positively glorious and inspiring me to change things up with my schedule, my look, even my hair.

get the look // skip into spring

A few things that have me wanting in a big way lately: Aegaen blues, white on white on white, destroyed denim (always?), and texture upon texture. The look is lived in, comfy, airy, and oh-so-easy.

get the look // skip into spring get the look // skip into spring

And let’s not forget about layering. There is still a bit of briskness to the air, especially earlier in the day, so a chunky, oversized knit layer is a must. I always love to pull my springtime inspiration from something nautical, complete with rope and netting details.

get the look // skip into spring

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summertime cocktails

Happy weekend!! I say that very excitedly… for some reason the weeks feel incredibly long. Maybe because I’m doing more and being more active than I have in a long, long time? All I know is that when I go to sleep at night, I crash hard, which hasn’t always been the case.

I also wanted to share a bit of some work I’ve been doing outside of the blog lately, namely a campaign for Captain Morgan! They asked me to pick a few of their cocktail recipes to style and shoot for a new tropical flavored rum, coconut. Not sure I’ve shared this on the blog quite yet, but I’ve been wanting to get into styling for photoshoots more and more and this was just the perfect thing to dip my toe in! I had a blast rounding up props, brainstorming garnish ideas, and even shooting/editing the photos myself. I’m pretty pleased with the results and will be pinning the rest of the images, so be sure to keep an eye out!

In case you missed it, here’s what happened on the blog this week:

Plus, a few other new & noteworthy things:

photography & styling by Jojotastic for Captain Morgan

portrait of a cocktail // blood orange and sand

We are just about half way through 2015, can you believe that? So far this year I got married (what?!) so I’m excited to see what else this year has in store! For surviving making it this long, we deserve a drink! I have a great onetoday that’s peeerfect for Spring. It contains lingering flavors of Winter along with the fruity notes that dominate Summer time libations. Meet the Blood Orange & Sand!

portrait of a cocktail // blood orange & sand

It is a twist on the delicious and classic Blood & Sand. I don’t mean Lemon Drop or Cosmo kind of classic (let’s not get into that right now), but created-over-a-century-ago kind of a classic. This drink has staying power and for good reason.

portrait of a cocktail // blood orange & sand

This cocktail is a great intro to drinking Scotch, if throwing an ice cube in a glass and pouring a finger or two of smokey whiskey seems a little daunting your first go-round. It also is a tasty merger of fruity yet beautifully smokey flavors for seasoned Scotch drinkers, ahem, like Joanna and me. Adding in a splash of blood orange soda to the traditional cocktail gives it some added citrus flavor and bubbles. Bubbles are always fun (right?!).



portrait of a cocktail // blood orange & sand


Makes 1 drink

  • 1 oz Scotch
  • 3/4 oz Cherry Heering
  • 3/4 oz sweet vermouth (Dolin is a favorite of ours)
  • 3/4 oz blood orange juice (substitute orange juice if blood orange is not available)
  • 1/2 oz blood orange soda
  • 2 all natural maraschino cherries (such as Luxardo)
  • orange peel


Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker (we love this shaker and this one) except for blood orange soda. Shake with ice. Strain into 6 oz cocktail glass and top with blood orange soda. Garnish with maraschino cherries and orange peel.

portrait of a cocktail // blood orange & sand

It calls for one component that may be unfamiliar to some: Cherry Heering. Don’t even think about replacing it with another cherry brandy, kirsch, or liqueur! I mean, you could, and it may be just as good, but you would have a whole other drink on your hands. Instead, invest in a bottle of Cherry Heering — a little goes along way.

portrait of a cocktail // blood orange & sand

This staple liqueur is made with cherries and spices that give it it’s unique flavor profile that works here to balance the smokey notes from the Scotch. It is actually a very usefully bottle to have on hand for your home bar. Many traditional cocktails can be made with it and it makes for great experimenting to create new concoctions!

portrait of a cocktail // blood orange & sand

The Blood Orange & Sand is a pretty sexy drink that would be great for a dinner for two at home to impress your date or partner (they don’t have to know how simple it is!). Top with more orange juice and — et voilà — you have a fun and pretty drink thats suitable for a brunch with your friends or fam!

portrait of a cocktail // blood orange & sand

Happy imbibing!

p.s. I also shared another perfect springtime cocktail over on Sugar & Cloth this week!

Photos and recipe via Ashley Rose Conway for Jojotastic.

get the look // wide leg pants for spring

If there’s one spring trend that is speaking to me a in a BIG way, it would be wide leg pants. I’m a skinny jeans girl through and through, admittedly… but this trend feels SO good. Maybe it’s because my legs are all messed up from this past weekend’s climbing trip and tight pants only make the bruises feel worse. I don’t know. But what I do know is that I love the breezy, casual, cool girl vibe that these wide leg pants give off. It’s kind of like how a skirt automatically makes you feel a bit fancier — a fresh pant silhouette is kinda the same. And there are so many options, even for those of you hesitant to dip a toe into the trend — here are some my faves!

link: paisley printed palazzo pants from ASOS.

get the look // wide leg pants for spring

My absolute favorite part of this trend is the dramatic movement that wide leg pants provide. Even if you’re rocking a simple white tank with these flowy styles, you’re practically guaranteed a look that says DRAMA, but in the least complicated way possible. And don’t even get me started on the colors and textures that Zara is offering right now… those emerald ones are calling my name in a big way.

links: Zara straight cut trousers, embellished wide legs from Free People, Zara wide drapey trousers, drapey pleated drawstring trousers from Zara, and gauze pull-on pants from Urban Outfitters.

get the look // wide leg pants for spring get the look // wide leg pants for spring

Let’s talk prints, ok? Whether you’re a stripes girl or feel ready to rock some major prints, wide legs are an amazing canvas to do so. Vertical stripes are extremely slimming because the draw the eye up, making you appear taller than you really are (this 5’6 girl approves). I suggest rocking them with great pair of ’70s inspired wedges to complete the look.

links: striped culottes from ASOS, printed trousers from Zara, wrap around wide legs from Free People, Creatures of Comfort pants (I have the coordinating shirt in this fabric and print — it is sooooo good) and printed loose fit trousers from Zara.

get the look // wide leg pants for spring get the look // wide leg pants for spring

So what do you think — are you going to join me in rocking this trend??

link: Ace and Jig haystack pant from Accompany.

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