just what i needed

It’s no big secret that I miss living in Seattle. I might have grown up on the east coast, but within months of living in Seattle, I knew that it was my actual, forever home. I have nothing against Philly or the east coast, but this is a matter of feeling like the absolute best version of myself when I am here in Seattle. There’s something about the air and surrounding water and mountains that make me feel complete. I’m always scared to be one of those people who stagnates and can’t embrace change, so I hope that my love of Seattle doesn’t inhibit me in that regard. Believe me, that is something that is a perpetual work in progress for me, especially as I learn more and more to embrace my new home and try to rebuild my life in Philly.

My visit has been longer this go around and I am happy to say that I have been able to experience new things, while also revisiting some of what I love best about this city. A few highlights include treats from Dan at the airport, my first ever hockey game, and having a romp with my favorite pup.

Oh, that potato-y goodness in the lower left corner? That is probably the best comfort dish ever, a sweet potato hasselback via A Cozy Kitchen. I made it for the boy last night and it was a MAJOR hit!

photos by Jojotastic using Instagram β€” follow me here!