it’s taco time

I remember when Dan told me a taco stand had opened down the street from his house. I had just booked a flight to visit him and pretty much demanded that we go check it out — I literally counted down the days {ok, maybe I was excited to see him, too}. What can I say, I had a hankering… Philly has plenty of taco options, but nothing can quite compare to a west coast taco stand! I fell in love with it that first time and absolutely had to go back during my most recent trip to Seattle.

TnT Taqueria has something for everyone — taco platters, Coke in glass bottles, and freshly made churros. Locally sourced ingredients are combined to make amazing combinations like chile braised beef, chorizo verde, and {my personal favorite} hominy hash. While I may not always opt for the vegetarian option, at TnT, I always do. The hominy hash is that good. And my favorite part? Watching the chefs crank churro dough into the fryer and, within a few minutes, having them hand me a perfect doughy, cinnamon & sugar covered morsel.

If you find yourself in Seattle and have a hankering for tacos, stop by TnT Taqueria for a very memorable experience… and make sure you get a churro!

photos by Jojotastic using Instagram — follow me here!

  • Try Taco Riendo just north of northern liberties:

    I think it’s way better than all the hyped up places around Italian Market, it’s the most authentic Mexican I’ve found in Philly. That churro looks awesome though, I haven’t seen that in the city of brotherly love!

    • thanks for the rec, sarah! dan is visiting this weekend, we might have to try it out.