gift guide 7 / for your boo

I love a dapper man… You know, the Don Draper type. Slightly scruffy, expertly tailored, and perfectly retro. I’m thinking bold stripes, masculine accessories, and whiskey-scented treats. And can’t you just imagine sharing some booze-tinged cocoa with your boo from that thermos??

  1. Handmade leather key holder from Kaufmann Mercantile
  2. Striped thermos from Jack Spade
  3. Baseball bat bottle openers from Uncommon Goods – made with actual game-day bats!
  4. Flyte bowtie handmade by my dear friend Skinny Vinny
  5. Muehle shaving kit from Kaufmann Mercantile
  6. Prospector Co. beard oil from Urban Outfitters
  7. Striped leather card case from Leif
  8. Portland General Store whiskey shave soap from Terrain β€” this smells heavenly and not just because I’m a lush!