gift guide 8 / tiny humans

I always struggle with what to get the tiny ones in my life… And more often than not, I simply pick out a toy that makes the loudest noise and top the parcel with extra batteries. After all, I want to be the fun adult! As more and more of my friends have kids, I guess I should start being kind and getting different types of gifts (read: quieter!). I love the idea of giving a kid his or her favorite toy — you know, that one toy that gets dragged everywhere. Here are a few ideas that I think could totally make the cut:

  1. Brass bicycle bell from Madewell
  2. Reclaimed branch colored pencils from Poketo
  3. Mr. Robot pillow from Branch — I actually sort of want this for myself!
  4. Polka dotted mittens from Gap
  5. Hand-knit bowling set from Sweet William
  6. Penny candy from Terrain — so many not a toy, but everyone deserves a little sweet treat at the holidays!
  7. Finger painting set from J.Crew
  • haha! love the knitted bowling setup. too cute!