Guys, I’m in Maryland and it’s snowing. And for the second time since I’ve been here! I just went for a rather frigid walk to exercise my yayas and break the cabin fever (yeah… it sets in quickly for me), but now what am I going to do with the day? Everything has been so hectic lately, so I might just settle in with my Kindle for a day of reading and relaxation. Can you tell I’m a lazy snow day type of person?

  1. Make + Model thermal pjs from Nordstrom
  2. Bacon caramel popcorn from New York Mouth
  3. Jewel-pop slippers from Anthropologie
  4. Kindle from Amazon — basically one of my favorite gifts from Dan, ever.
  5. Pom pom throw from Serena & Lily
  6. Slow brew chai tea from Dean & Deluca
  7. Brushed snow teacup from Leif