lovely living

I think part of why I love Pinterest so much is that it shows me a world I can only aspire to inhabit — pristine, tidy kitchens… perfectly lit wedding photography… and the just-right ensemble for any occasion. Sometimes one of my favorite things to do is scroll through my recently pinned images and see how they all flow together. You can definitely see trends in my pinning that way! Lately I’ve been feeling neutrals (or isn’t that all of the time??), but with a pop of red. There’s something about the crimson hue that makes grey, camel, and even white look new.

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all images via Pinterest. from left to right, top to bottom: cake, red square, Miu Miu ad, and bathroom.

  • Haha I do the same thing with pinterest. Sometimes I wont even realize what vibe I’m feeling until I look at all my pins from the last week or so.