When I was little, I used to set up mini storefronts and pretend that I ran the place. One year, after a trip to Arizona, I set up a rare gem shop. And don’t forget my bracelets-made-from-floss and beads-made-from-Fimo ventures… Well, now I’m a big girl, in a big, designer world. I work with buyers every day and I have mad respect for what they do. They balance the numbers side of the business with the art of creating an amazing store presentation on a daily basis. I have to admit, I’m a bit jealous. If only it weren’t for my lack of math skills…

Cue my newest obsession, Luvocracy. Sort of like Pinterest, but more about personal shopping, Luvocracy is a new way to shop… with me as your guide! Basically, once you make an account, you can curate your own mini stores with all the things you love. For example, I started Sittin’ Pretty, where I recommend all of my favorite beauty picks. Everything that I’ve added to my (many!) collections are things that I totally ‘luv’ and would recommend to my friends. And, full disclosure, if someone makes a purchase from your collection, you get a nice little surprise. This might just be my new way to shop…

Wanna know more? Sign up for Luvocracy here!

  • I just requested an invite! I can’t wait to get started, this looks so fun. Any excuse to shop!

    • absolutely, amanda! have fun ;)

  • You are so cute! And I think we had the same childhood.

    • maybe separated at birth, eva??