When I was last in Seattle, I visited artist Jenny Vorwaller. As we were wandering the Ballard neighborhood, she asked me if I collected anything. At the time, it didn’t come to me, but I do in fact collect something: pebbles. Whenever I go somewhere new or walk along a beach or simply want to remember a moment in time, I search for the perfect rock. I don’t really label them and I probably couldn’t tell you where they’ve come from, but I just enjoy having them to stack and rub together in my hands. It soothes me, what can I say. What do you collect?


  1. meditation cushions from Canvas
  2. porcelain paper plates from SIN
  3. dessert plates from Suite One Studio
  4. long handle tasting spoons from Harabu House
  5. milk glass vases from The White Pepper
  6. Ya Wen Chou via Sight Unseen
  • Love the plates from SIN- great styling! I collect design magazines and dorky old floral paintings on canvas :)

  • I too collect rocks. I have them from travels around the world. My only requirement is that they can fit in the palm of my hand. If my house were on fire, I would honestly grab my rock collection. I can look at each rock and be transported to the moment and place in time from where it came.

    I also collect hearts. Kinda sappy, but I find heart rocks all the time, and I love funky artistic representations of hearts. It all started in Mexico when I found an amazing winged heart with dozens of little milagros nailed to it. Now hearts are finding me. My lastest acquisition was a 3′ foot “heart” sculpture made from twisted recycled copper. It resides in my living room hearth (I don’t like to burn wood). I love the interplay of heart + hearth.

  • i want everything! but anyhow im starting to collect dishes/forks/random kitchen goodies for my photographs :)