I think I might

Meet I think I might. Billed as a “growing collection of pictures,” it’s my absolute new favorite way to view Instagram. What you see above is a screenshot of my own photos, but you can use it to view your feed in an uncluttered and lovely format. The layout is ever changing as you scroll through your images, so everything looks fresh and exciting! This is one of those sites that makes everything look infinitely better.

Check out my feed here!

  • Oooh! Thanks for sharing! The last week of my life looks so much more amazing in conjunction with their beautiful formatting. Great tip!

    • glad you like it, sarah! you’re totally right. it elevates everything!

  • ohhhhh this is awesome! thanks for the tip!

    • jen, i knew you’d love it! i bet your photos would look AMAZING on this site (not that they don’t already…)