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Have you shopped Anthropologie’s new arrivals for home lately? During the design process, we were having a bit of an ocean-inspired nautical moment and I couldn’t help myself while designing this Love Knots wallpaper. I was totally inspired by some of my favorite knots used when climbing, but also one very sweetly tied bow! I illustrated each knot and loop by hand, then layered in watercolor washes to make it super painterly. Then I added a touch of silver metallic to define the rope because you always need a little shine!

Be sure to check out my Love Knots Wallpaper for Anthropologie here!

images via Anthropologie

  • WOW. So beautiful. I could see this in my house in a heart beat. I also love hearing about your process.

  • Adorable work! Great to hear about your process they really feel hand drawn, love the movement going on!

  • It’s wonderful! The looseness of it makes me feel physically relaxed and the watercolor washes are perfect. I really appreciate design like this that simply nods toward a theme, proof that you don’t have to stick and gold anchor and a sailor hat on something to make it nautical, no need to go overboard ;)

    • exactly, joani! love your insights :)

  • joy


  • Beautiful! I can imagine this in a salon, floor to ceiling in a rich lady’s walk in closet, or very chic little girl’s room. What’s up with the antrho site, the whole thing seems to be down?

    • thanks so much, sarah! i’m not sure what’s up with the site, it seems to be working on my end.

  • So cool, love it!