flower crowns – do you dare?

When a trend emerges on the scene, I take some time to adopt it lest I look a fool. I don’t want to be that über trendy girl who looks like she belongs in a teen magazine, you know? That being said, there is one trend for summer that has captured my attention and I just cannot decide what to do about it. Flower crowns. I think I love ’em… Ever-so-romantic, I can picture a wreath of peonies and baby’s breath mingling with my chaotic waves while I wear a flowy, lacy maxi dress. But is it too bridal? Is it too… meadow? I’d certainly love your thoughts!

@jojotastic: Would you wear a flower crown?

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  • It’s bridal enough that I wore one for my wedding! Actually, I chose it because it felt so much for lovely and boho than a veil, veil just wasn’t for a me…

  • Elizabeth Hart

    I love flower crowns! I wore one at my wedding. However I don’t think I am personally bold enough to wear one as everyday accessorie. I agree with Tia Stockton, I think they are more suited for special occasions…. I think if would be fine to wear one as w wedding guest or to some outdoor soirée. But if there is anyone who could pull it off, you definitely could! Maybe they just need to be worn more in public to make it okay for everyday wear?

  • Hm. I want to like these too, but feel like I would never wear something like this in public unless there is a specific purpose for it (ie a photo shoot or garden hippy party or something)…