celebrate Father’s Day with Huckberry

I’m a bit of a daddy’s girl. When something goes wrong, he’s who I call first. He helped me navigate buying my first car on my own, he’s always proud of my latest designs, and he sends me Starbucks giftcards. He just gets me. When I was trying to figure out where to live, he was totally in support of me getting a vintage VW bus and living out of that. He shares my love of mountains and my dreams of having a great, big, slobbering labrador retriever one day. He’s my daddy. That’s why this Father’s Day (ahem, June 16), I want to get him something special, something that reminds him of all the adventures we have together.
great gear from Huckberry - perfect for Father's Day
That’s where Huckberry comes into play. My absolute favorite place to shop for any man, Huckberry simply had the best assortment of gear, accessories, and apparel for the dapper dude in your life. Plus, if you sign up via this link, you’ll get a special treat: a $5 credit waiting in your account!

Shop the post: handsome Dan football / Le Retro pocket knife / letter opener / Timex weekender watch / leather mouse pad

top image: A Restless Transplant / Field trip to Steep Ravine / camera strap from Huckberry / Cabin Camp

  • YES, I love this! I’ve always been a daddy’s girl too and he’s always taken me outdoors growing up. I needed some ideas, but this is so helpful! Thanks for sharing the ideas as well as your story, melts my heart! I also am enjoying the content that your blog as well as your Pinterest has to offer! Seems like you really enjoy sharing ideas and inspiration, so I’d LOVE to invite you to bettyvision where you can create similar inspiration and vision boards in regards to fashion, beauty, DIY, travel, etc.! I think you’d love it! :) Again, thanks for sharing, this is wonderful!