latest loves: of a kind & babasouk

Ever since I moved into my new, much smaller apartment, I’ve been focused on a less-is-more approach. And when I do buy something, it’s got to really, really speak to me and be special. Almost like an audition for my space, I ask myself “Will I really use this? Do I already have something similar? Am I in love or lust?” That’s why I love shopping on Of a Kind and Babasouk. Each online boutique has a unique offering that is constantly changing, happy and fresh, and overall just plain special. Right now I have my eyes on this happy, polka-covered pouch from Of a Kind and these hand-painted ceramic pots from BabaSouk. The pouch would help contain my paintbrush clutter, while I can see myself storing make up brushes and lip pencils in the pots. So what do you think — should I indulge?

eye pots from Babasouk

Links: micro dot pouch from Of a Kind / eye pots from BabaSouk

ps – Of a Kind is offering 35% off of everything through July 7. Use code GOFOURTH at check out.

  • joanna

    oh wow, thanks for passing this along! i absolutely love each piece…