Natural Skin Care from S.W. Basics

Turning 28 has been interesting… Aside from lots of life changes, my skin is also changing. I am much more prone to acne now, more so than ever before in my life. I dodged the bullet during my teen years, but it seems like now I’m discovering just how naughty my skin can be! I’ve done a fair amount of research and now know the importance of having a daily regimen of products I use. Also, whenever possible, I try to keep it organic and natural. I’m trying to save the planet here!

Enter my new favorite exfoliant, S.W. Basics Exfoliant. Made of only three, yes three, ingredients, this exfoliant is gentle, but scrubby. Aka just how I like my face to be polished. The three ingredients are organic oat flour, organic almond flour, and sea salt. This combination is powerful enough to scrub away my makeup at the end of the day, get down deep into my pores, and has a pleasantly light smell to boot. (Note, it is not fragranced, which gives this product extra credit in my book.) I swear, my skin positively glows after I use this product.

natural skin care from S.W. Basics
Also worth noting are S.W. Basics lip balms. Packaged in this adorable and reusable tin, each of the four beeswax-based lip balms is packed with cocoa butter and essential oils to keep your kisser soft and supple. My particular favorite is the cocoa one, which smells ever-so-lightly of cocoa butter (aka chocolate!).

natural skin care from S.W. Basics
While I don’t use this moisturizer on my face (it’s still a bit too heavy for my sensitive skin), I do love S.W. Basics Cream for any rough patch of skin or as an all-over softener. Ahem, elbows, I am looking at you! After a day at the beach, I smooth this super gentle and light body cream all over my limbs to quench my thirsty skin and help seal in my tan.

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photos by me for Jojotastic

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for this review. However all opinions are my own, and I would never endorse something I didn’t completely love. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Jojotastic going.