vintage finds: plate wall

I absolutely love groupings of objects en masse. Walls covered in iterations of the same object hold much appeal to me. I could get lost in the details while exploring someone’s lovingly curated collection. So what would I collect? Plates. I know it’s not exactly bold, new, and innovative, but this weekend while I was thrifting, I came across a booth full of souvenir plates from various American destinations… and I had to have them. Maryland, The Corn Palace, Old Faithful. I needed them ALL. I only walked away with the ones that felt most important to me: places I’ve lived, placed I’ve visited, places with incredible graphics or quirky sayings. So far my collection tallies to 10, but I have lofty goals. I actually want to cover an entire wall one day. Not only with location-based plates, but with some gorgeously glazed solids and pretty prints. The idea of this new collection has me absolutely bursting with excitement. Tell me, what do you think of my new finds and what do you collect?

vintage plates
My two homes: Maryland and Seattle. Believe me, there was much whooping with joy when I found that Space Needle one!

vintage plate
Here’s my fun fact that I use for every icebreaker activity: I was born in Cody, Wyoming.

vintage plate
I chose these because I’d either been there or loved the artwork. Admittedly, I’ve never been to the Mark Twain house, but it’s on my list. Plus, the colors of this plate are just too good to pass up. Also, Corn Palace Week starts on Wednesday. I wish I could attend this year, but sadly I’ve just got too much on my plate. Maybe next year… who’s in??

vintage plate
Well, we all know about my obsession with New Jersey now…

vintage plate
All of my pretties, stacked together.

Top images: Jeroen van der Spek / Apartment Therapy / Toast / Molly Hatch. All other photos by Jojotastic.

  • Adrianna Adarme

    Ahhh! I wish you lived in LA so we could go thrifting together. I recently got the thrifting bug and am so amped to do it on the weekends. There’s something so ridiculously satisfying about getting stuff for a few dollars that is completely awesome and original. I love the wall plate. I guess I’d just have to figure out how to hang plates. That’s above my head. :(

    • that would be so much fun! we need to plan a visit… and hanging plates on a wall is why the internet exists!

  • Sarah

    Is that your table in the background? I love the pattern! I’ve been trying to get a gallery wall up for like ever, but finding frames has been my biggest set back!

    • it’s actually a cutting board from an anthro sample sale and i put it on top of a metal stool. how about we make a pact to do our walls? ;)

  • Those plates are so fun! I’ve always wanted to have a plate wall. Must make that happen.

    • thanks! i can’t wait to make it happen :)