pattern box

I still believe in snail mail. I love the act of writing a letter, addressing an envelope, putting a stamp in the upper right-hand corner, and mailing it. It’s so special and friendly and just plain makes me happy. These days it feels like all I do is mail my rent check. That is until I spotted the Pattern Box.

“Curated by New York City’s celebrated Textile Arts Center, this vibrant, pattern-filled collection features one hundred postcards from ten international designers. Housed in an equally vivid keepsake box, the postcards are ideal for correspondence, enclosure notes, and inspiration boards alike. The set also includes a booklet about the designers, highlighting their creative processes and influences.”

jojotastic // the pattern box

The boxed set comes with 10 postcards from each of these artists: Shanan Campanaro, Brittany Keats Cerullo, Helen Dealtry, Leah Reena Goren, Hannah Schultz, Leanne Shapton, Jennifer Parry Dodge, Kindah Khalidy, Victoria Garcia, and Anna Niestroj. So now that I am armed with 100 postcards… who wants a love letter??

photos by Jojotastic

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