Today I want to talk about balance, as in I’ve been struggling to find it lately. I’ve found it really tricky to juggle everything. Things seem to fall to the bottom of the list lately, things that are important to me, and it drives me crazy. For example, I only posted twice this week. I hate that. I want to be able to consistently provide content of which I am proud. I don’t want to post just for the sake of generating new content, but I also don’t want to just disappear from the radar. It’s a really tricky balance to achieve. And, of course, I got wrapped up in photoshoots this week. Photoshoot days are long, let me tell you. At the end of them, I am always so totally pumped about the amazing projects I’ll be able to share, but I also don’t feel inspired to do another post. Like I said, it’s a really tricky balance to achieve. I can’t even get into how personal life fits in with all of this. Let’s just say, I am practicing taking care of myself, but often find that my personal relationships suffer when I get busy with work. Last night I had a (scary to me, but not really a big deal) health event occur that forced me to pause and take care of myself. I guess what explains all the deep thoughts this afternoon.

I know a lot of you balance tons of stuff — work, pet projects, motherhood, hobbies, travel, etc — so tell me, how do you prioritize and balance it all?

Photography: Claire Hudson. See more from this shoot here.

  • HeloRighetto

    Hi Jojo – I’ve had this same issue as well. A while ago I was writing like crazy, in my full time job and when I got home I’d do my freelance things. I just had to stop. I decided to let go of some of the freelance stuff and it was the best decision. I felt like i was always working, and I wanted to sit on my couch and stare at the TV. I can finally do this!! Also, deleting some apps from your mobile might work. I dont read emails or facebook on mine. Hope that helps!

  • Lisa

    Ugh, if you ever figure it out, let me know! I have a really difficult time managing/organizing my time. I’d also love to blog more than I do, but I refuse to post just to throw something out there. So. Sigh.

    • i’ll keep you posted on what i figure out… sigh! ;)

  • Its tough! but I think sometimes it’s harder to work when you don’t make some free time for yourself. at a certain point go-go-go can only last so long! :) hope you have a restful weekend!

    • your comment totally encouraged me to take some time off. it definitely helped :) thanks lady!