home tour: bed nook

One thing about living in 350 square foot is finding room of everything… and figuring out a way to not have a bed in the middle of your living room. This means that I don’t have a traditional “bedroom” per se, but rather a bed nook. It’s actually a platform bed, a grouping of art (that you saw last week), and a nightstand. Gotta keep things simple in a tiny space.

home tour: bed nook
As you can see, I like to do a bit of print mixing in my bedding. I try to keep it relatively calm though by focusing on certain pieces. My shibori euro shams are the key focus, while the giant polka dotted duvet is nice and neutral. Then, of course, I needed a pop so I added a bolster that I designed for Anthropologie (actually one of the first pillows I designed for the brand ever!).
Duvet from Urban Outfitters, custom shams designed by Rebecca Atwood, bolster from Anthropologie, white sheets from Nordstrom, throw from Blissliving Home.

home tour: bed nook
In my apartment, I solved the problem of delineating space by using rugs. My “bedroom” is marked off with a pink silver rug along the side of my bed. In the morning, I love being able to put my feet on this instead of the cold floor. Also, note that my platform bed has drawers. Storage is such a premium in my tiny space, so I take it where I can get it!
Bed from IKEA, silk rug c/o Baba Souk, slippers by Minnetonka.

home tour: bed nook
home tour: bed nook
I wanted a simple table next to my bed with the idea that I’d keep only key things on it: my favorite books, a carafe of water, my glasses, and a plant… plus, a cheeky little llama. He’s essential to a good morning, don’t you think?
Martini side table from West Elm, vintage carafe, tiny juice glass from Terrain, mini llama c/o Firefly, vintage books, planter from IKEA.

georgette makes an appearance during my home tour!
What would a home tour be without Georgette making a cameo?

Photography by Ashley Lynn Fry.
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  • cheezliz

    So pretty! What kind of plant is that?

    • cheezliz

      Nevermind – it looks like Haworthia attenuata after some googling. :)

  • Your nook is so sweet, I love it! I’m redoing my bedroom and this is definitely an inspiration (:

    • so glad you like it! i’d love to see how your bedroom comes along. keep me updated :)

  • Sarah

    I am SO jealous of all that natural light! I love my little house, but it is sorely lacking in that department! And PS: you really make that all white thing work. I love the look, but worry that if I tried it myself it would feel sterile.

    • it’s like living in a photo studio sometimes!

  • Babasouk

    oh! Super cute! So fun to see our pink carpet in your bedroom! Loving your little lama friend on your night table! :)

    • i swear, that rug really pulls together my entire bed nook :)