honest alchemy co.

I never want the indigo trend to go away (please note that I truly despise calling it a ‘trend’) for many, many reasons. There’s something romantic and magical to me about rich navy fading into wispy tones of pale, pale blue. I absolutely love it. Honest Alchemy Co. has taken this romance of mine to an entirely different level though… with their fabrics of hand-woven cotton and vintage 1940s Irish linen, it’s enough to put a girl over the moon.

honest alchemy coI first stumbled upon Honest Alchemy Co., headed by Beth McTear while I was still living in Philly, at the Brooklyn Flea. I saw her booth from afar and immediately made a beeline towards it, no joke. I simply had to touch her textiles and revel in the beauty.

honest alchemy cohonest alchemy coEach piece has a purity or even an honest to it, probably due to the simple and true making process. All of the textiles are either vintage or 100% natural fibers, then dyed with plant-based pigments. I envision Beth going through life with perpetually indigo-stained hands, constantly in search of gorgeous textiles for her art.

honest alchemy cohonest alchemy cohonest alchemy co

images via Honest Alchemy Co. (ps – for more beauty, be sure to follow along on Instagram)

  • Kate Ramos

    Gushing over these textiles! That color is a dream.