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Candles are my jam. At any moment, I am burning at least one in my home. I just love the atmosphere they create. Today I am super excited to partner with one of my favorite candlemakers Candelles for an awesome giveaway: $100 worth of their hand-poured soy candles! And the timing is perfect, too: they just released some incredible fall fragrances. With options like salted caramel, magnolia and pistachio, and pomegranate cider, it’s tough to pick a favorite, amirite?

enter to win $100 of hand-poured soy candles from Candelles #giveawayEntering is easy: head over to Instagram to follow both Candelles and Jojotastic. Then leave a comment here saying you did so!

One winner will be chosen at random by Tuesday August 26 at 10:30 am PST. Open to US residents only. Winner will receive one shopping credit valued at $100. Good luck!

enter to win $100 of hand-poured soy candles from Candelles #giveawayPS – Jojotastic readers get 20% off your order when you use code JOJOLOVESCANDELLES at the checkout. Head here to start shopping!

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  • okay so now I’m torn between sweet tobacco OR magnolia and pistachio. winning would make it an easy decision. just saying. and also the 28th is a thursday. i only noticed because well, because of reasons.

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