A Day Without a Woman

Hi guys, just popping in to let you know that tomorrow I will not be posting here or on social media in order to stand up for the human rights of women and gender non-conforming people. I hope that you’ll join meΒ by taking the day off from paid and unpaid labor, not shopping for a day, and wearing red in solidarity with A Day Without Women. You can read more about it here.

We’ll be back Thursday.

ps – if you’re unable to take the day off from work, I loved Brit & Co’s tips on how to support this cause if you can’t skip work.

  • Erica

    I’m honestly torn about this one – the movement was based around something that relies heavily on privilege – having the flexibility to take a day off without horrible consequences, like losing your job or not being able to make enough money to feed your family. That said, I appreciate public figures like yourself, who took a stand despite the consequences (ie: all those trolls, making up hours elsewhere, etc). Also feel like it makes way more of a statement for you to not work than me, who works in an office of about 100 (if only 1 person strikes out of that office, it just looks like a sick day). I also appreciated the companies and media in particular that showed what their offices look like, and/or what their content would look like without women, regardless of whether they actually worked. To me, that showed the impact that women make in the workforce on a day-to-day. Just thinking out loud that there has to be a more inclusive way to make a statement, because that would (hopefully) lead to more participation, which would then make a bigger statement. Would appreciate your thoughts! Don’t get me wrong – I wore red and engaged the hell out of social posts about this yesterday to signal to companies that this is an important movement.

    • I agree with you on SO many fronts, Erica! This definitely IS an event that leans more toward the privileged., which has given me pause but also is why I shared other ways to participate if you can’t take the time off. Flat out, I just want to see more people involved and speaking up in a respectful, constructive way!

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment :)

      • Erica

        Appreciate your thoughts. It was a tough decision for me, as I chose my level of participation, but as you said, at the end of the day, we just need to keep talking about it. Not normalize it, and to keep fighting. What does make me sad is that people are choosing to spend their energy chastising others on their chosen level of participation, and companies who attempted to fold their branding into the day, instead of using their voice to amplify the message. omg. too much jargon in that last sentence.

        • Yes! I absolutely agree. I wish this could have stayed as more of a grassroots movement instead of being commercialized. I really waiver though because I want the message to be spread and big brands have that kind of reach, but how authentic is it really?? Ya know?

  • Erin

    Love you JoJo! Thanks for representing today! I wasn’t sure why even though I went to work today I still felt somewhat afraid because of what I was wearing… Oh yea! That’s the whole point! Keep up all the awesomeness!

    • I’m so glad to hear you stood up for what felt right to you, regardless of the fear!

      • Erin

        I hope you took a break from working on your house today!

        • Nope, I spent the whole day working on it, which feels like a really nice form of self-care :)

  • Clementine Daily

    Kudos to you, Joanna! We did the same and were happy to be standing in solidarity with our community.

  • Katherine

    You deleted my post. Why? I guess if my views are not yours they don’t count.
    Don’t cha just love tolerance and inclusiveness?

    • Hi Katherine
      I appreciate your original comment and your need to be heard. I’d like to start by encouraging you to review the commenting policy for my website, which is located here: http://jojotastic.com/policy/

      Additionally, I’d like to address your comments: I understand that a doctor, policewoman, etc will need to work today and appreciate the contribution that they make to our society on a daily basis. However, as I said in my blog post, there are other ways to support this cause, such as not shopping for the day and wearing red in solidarity. There are levels of participation and, as far as I am concerned, all are welcome and encouraged to participate as best as they can. I am fortunate enough to be self-employed and, thus, able to stand up for what I believe in by participating in this strike. Not everyone is as fortunate, as you correctly pointed out, but there are still avenues in which they are able to participate.

      I respect your opinions and ask that you extend the same respect by not repeatedly attacking me within the comments section of my blog.

      Thank you,

      • Katherine

        Thank you for restoring my original post.

      • Joan Faber

        I love your blog. Katherine is totally right, I love snowflakes.

        • Hi Joan
          Thanks for saying you love my blog… but was your intent to also somehow insult me by calling me a ‘snowflake?’

      • George Amiko

        I love your cause and your eloquence, Joanna.

        • Thank you so much, George. It’s much appreciated.

  • Katherine

    Wow, I hope you don’t need a doctor or policewoman today. Pathetic. I would fire you if you worked for me,and yes, I am a business owner in agriculture.

    • Clementine Daily

      Wow, Katherine. That is a really harsh thing to say to a another self employed woman, as I am certain you know how hard it truly is to make that your only profession and source of income. What I feel is even worse and more disappointing is that you don’t see the benefits of supporting and empowering your fellow females in their (not YOUR) decision making.

      • Katherine

        You don’t make the boardroom by staying home and pouting.

        • No, I make my own boardroom because I run my own company. That’s better than any boardroom, in my opinion.

        • Erin

          She took a day off of work πŸ™„