our search for modern adirondack chairs

our search for modern adirondack chairs, the perfect addition for summertime entertaining on the deck or patio. via jojotastic, jojotastic.com

When I was house shopping, I knew I had to have a yard where we could hang out, enjoy a cold beer, do some gardening, etc. Now that our tiny urban farm is well underway, Sean and I have been sitting back to enjoy our hard work… except we’re sitting on the front porch steps! He really wants to get Adirondack chairs because they’re comfortable, but I’m not totally sold. They always feel too ‘forest cabin’ to me and not modern enough. He’s really set on them though so I did an internet deep dive and found a few good options! I know I can’t be the only one with this problem, so here are a few really great modern Adirondack chair options:

(top to bottom, left to right):

Which set of modern Adirondack chairs do you think we should buy??