a few changes around #mytinybungalow

vintage turkish rug, modern floor mirror, white linen curtains from @barnandwillow

I have to say, #brokenleglife has sort of put a damper on all things renovation related! It’s kind of a bummer. But Sean has been working away trying to keep our projects going while I recover here at #mytinybungalow. I wanted to share a little bit of an update with you guys about all the changes that gave happened cuz even if my leg is broken, we still manage to have fun and get some stuff done around here!

blue marble wallpaper from Rebecca Atwood, @rejuvenation wall sconce restored white shiplap ceiling, linen curtains from @barnandwillow, gold chandelier from @rejuvenation

We are STILL working on the bedroom renovation. There are lots of finishing touches to be done, but here are a fewwww peeks! I’m hoping to finish up the room and shoot it in the next couple of weeks so I can finally show you the full reveal.

homegrown pink peonynasturtium, urban farming in Seattle

Back in March, Sean got me a book about urban farming for my birthday, so naturally I’ve taken it very seriously. Before my accident, we built large raised garden beds in the front year and planted all kinds of yummy veggies: kale, fancy lettuces, beets, heirloom carrots, garlic, swiss chard, and tonsss of fresh herbs. I can’t even believe how well everything has grown! Every meal we eat now includes at least a few veggies from the garden and I love it.

And speaking of urban farming…

urban farming in Seattle, raised bed garden and fancy chickens

WE GOT CHICKENS!! Ever since I bought the house last year, I knew that the yard would be perfect for chickens. We brought home 3 fancy ‘heritage’ birds a few weeks ago and I’m kind of obsessed with them (if you’ve seen my Instagram Stories, you know that for sure). So far, it seems like only one of them will stand still long enough for photos, but I’ll keep trying so you guys can meet them all.

urban farming in Seattle, raised bed garden and fancy chickens

It’s been a busy month around here, even with a broken leg!