the friday edit

our first egg from our free range backyard chickens!

I have waited all summer for this moment… no, it’s not walking (although I’ve been able to do that!). It’s our first egg from our backyard chickens! I’m not totally sure which of the girls this egg came from, but I was soooo over the moon when I found it. First, the eggs have appeared earlier than we expected because we didn’t think they’d start laying until September. And, second, the eggs are just so tiny and cute and perfect! I’m positively obsessed with the purple-y little speckles that each egg has. Not gonna lie, I totally got all worked up and excited when I found the egg… almost like I’d laid it myself. HA. Would you guys be interested in a post all about the chickens?

And here are a few of my favorite reads of the week:

I’m obsessed with all things Diptyque and excited to hear the news of their car freshener!

Creamy lobster pasta. Gimme.

One of my favorite decor brands, HAY, just launched a collection with MoMA and I want it all.

We’re longgg overdue for a vacation and this retreat in Mexico looks pretty damn tempting.

All I want to drink is this apricot + lavender shrub rum tea.

I definitely need to check out this gorgeous shop here in Seattle.

Have a great weekend!

photo viaΒ Jojotastic on Instagram.Β 

  • i remember that moment with our chickens… proud mama! :) enjoy your fresh eggs!

    • for real! i feel like such a proud mama. it’s really silly. and these eggs taste goooooood.