With a background in textile design (Anthropologie, Nordstrom, & Blissliving Home) and an obsession for sharing (favorite products, favorite recipes, favorite dates-gone-wrong), in 2012 Joanna Hawley created Jojotastic as a lifestyle blog focused on runway-fresh fashion, inspiring modern-but-modest home interiors, and her addiction to donuts. (Her cat obsession mingles in there, too.)

A well-established style influencer on the interwebs, Joanna was one of the first Pinterest users (with 4 million followers to prove it). Known for her raw honesty — this isn’t just another blog with pretty photos and flawless stories — Joanna seeks to inspire readers to live their truest lives.

Joanna’s work has been featured in national outlets including Oh Joy!Design for Mankind,  Clementine DailyRugs Direct, and Anthology Magazine, where she was an online editor for three years. Be sure to check out the Portfolio for more.

Joanna’s passions include filling her passport, rock climbing, freestyle flower arranging, her cat Georgette, her dog Noodle, and questing for the perfect apple pie. Or cupcake. Or donut.

Joanna currently resides in Seattle. Other recent homes include San Francisco and Philadelphia, but her badass spirit is universal. And her spirit animal is chocolate.

Her desk plaque reads “You are doing a great f—ing job.” And that’s pretty much her motto.


Notice a few unfamiliar names on the blog? Meet our contributors:


Are you interested in advertising my product?
I am open to advertising products that feel appropriate for my audience and brand. Please shoot me an email to discuss further: hello(at)jojotastic.com.

If a company has sent me a product as a gift and I write about it, I make note with “c/o” (courtesy of) at the bottom of the post. Please note that I only endorse products I truly love. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Jojotastic going!

Please note that I use affiliate links at times. This means that if you click on a link to a product and purchase that product, I may receive a commission based on your purchase. I only feature products that truly inspire me and am not swayed by advertisers or sponsors.

How did you get started? Can I have advice on how to get started?

I’d love to be able to give coaching, but urge you to check out my Business of Being Creative series before reaching out (especially this post which is the story of my career path and how I got started).

I’m visiting Seattle, what should I do while I’m there?

I’ve shared a lot of Seattle resources on the blog, which can be seen here. I also curated a Design*Sponge guide to 24 hours in Seattle which could help you, too. You can find that here. There resources are a great place to start!

Do you have a media kit?
Yes! Please email my management team Jabber Haus for inquiries — lauren@jabberhaus.com.

Do you offer styling and photography services?

Yes! Please email hello@jojotastic.com for inquiries + here’s my portfolio.

What kind of camera do you use?
Most of the time, I use my iPhone 7+. I also shoot with a Canon Mark I using either a 50 mm or 24-70 mm zoom lens. I use VSCO and Snapseed to edit my Instagram images and Lightroom to edit the images you see here on the blog.

Are you looking for contributors?
At this time, I am not looking for contributors, but if that changes, I will certainly advertise!

Photography by Meghan Klein— see more of this shoot here!