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silly cranky noodle the dachshund

Happy Friday you guys! This weekend we’re starting work on the bedroom renovation and I’m so excited. I love a good demo day ;) Hopefully Sean will let me use the sledge hammer to remove the ceiling… keep your fingers crossed. That would make for a great Instagram Story, don’t you think?

Some good reads this week:

Loving this list of 10 socially conscious brands to support.

My favorite shoe trends for spring.

What you eat when you’re alone… a really interesting conversation!

As the proud owner of a bungalow, I love this post about bungalow design on Design*Sponge.

A few ways to take better care of yourself.

Grapefruit + chamomile tarts? YUM.

These new beauty products from Herbessntls have me intrigued.

This conversation about working from home with a 911 operator made laugh really hard.

photo via Jojotastic on Instagram.

beauty report // my favorite face masks

beauty report: my favorite face masks for my moisturizing, anti-aging, blemish fighting skincare routine. Get all of my picks on

If there is one skincare item that I am totally obsessed with, it would be a good face mask. I looooove pouring a glass of wine, putting on a good mask, and turning on some reality tv. This is basically my way of wind down at the end of a long day. I’ve shared a lot of my favorites on Instagram stories, but wanted to do a more formalized round up.These face masks are ones that I use on a consistent, regular basis for a variety of reasons. Warning, there are a lot listed (I literally have an entire drawer dedicated to masks):

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1 year anniversary of homeownership + visual diary

it's the 1 year anniversary of buying my first house, a fixer upper! What a year it's been... lots of adventures, renovations, makeover reveals, and yard work! Check out the full visual diary on

YOU GUYS. It’s officially been one year since I closed on #mytinybungalow (or #mytinyshitshow as I refer to it IRL) and what a freaking year. This has felt like both the longest and shortest year of my life. I have so many words to describe how I’ve felt about this past year of homeownership: frustrated, overwhelmed, emotional, proud, accomplished, depressed, joyful, totally broke, humbled… and so many more. I’ve alway viewed this house as a list of things I need to fix. Sometimes that boosted me to do more, but it also made me feel like I wasn’t doing enough and wasn’t doing it fast enough. I’ve sort of been keeping a running list in my head and lately noticed that I actually have made solid progress in this past year… so I wanted to share my progress report with you in celebration of this anniversary… and some of the unscripted, un-styled, very REAL stories that have come with this year, too:

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the friday edit

collection of Edison bulbs and LED vintage looking lightbulbs.

This week was super fun, you guys. The highlight was definitely my quick road trip down to Portland to meet with the amazing team at Rejuvenation to talk about lighting and hardware for my bedroom renovation. I also got the opportunity to tour their factory where they restore vintage pieces and make new ones, as well. It was… for lack of a better word, unreal. I could spend a solid week there asking questions, touching everything, exploring the shelves of gorgeous vintage finds, and getting inspired. It was amazing! I hope you didn’t miss my Instagram Stories, where I shared it all.

Some good reads this week:

My top 5 denim trends to wear this spring.

I’m kind of obsessed with these tips for hanging curtains!

This Turkish Shower Curtain has some seriously gorgeous fringe.

If I could, I’d live in this Scandinavian home. You guys, I’ve never felt this much house envy before.

Cold Picnic released artful, amazing new rugs and I want them ALL.

Unexpected ways to wear pattern this spring.

I have a girl crush on Garance Doré and this post has me convinced that I need all of these understated, sexy-meets-casual underwear and loungewear.

photo via Jojotastic on Instagram.

recipe // vanilla mango protein smoothie + my best fitness tips

@burtsbees Vanilla Protein Shake is the perfect addition to my healthy eating routine. We partnered to share a healthy recipe for Mango Vanilla Protein Smoothies, plus my favorite fitness tips. Read more and get the full recipe on #drinkitallin #sponsored

This post is sponsored by Burt’s Bees. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

With January come and gone, I still find myself focused on my health and fitness goals. I’ve got my trainer and my workout regime on lock, but I am still working on my healthy eating goals — so imagine my excitement when Burt’s Bees reached out to share the news of their new Protein Shakes! I decided to combine my favorite fruit (mango) with the vanilla powder for a delicious, filling smoothie that keeps me energized and feelin’ strong after a good workout.

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style // my mom jeans uniform (& my first grey hair??)

2017 is the year I turn 32. My birthday isn’t for another month, but I’m really starting to contemplate my age more and more lately. There’s a significance to all of the anniversaries I’ve been experiencing lately: the 2 year anniversary of my grandfather’s passing, the 2 year anniversary of me moving back to Seattle, the 1 year anniversary of me buying my house. It all feels like some major adult shit… and as my therapist says, I enjoy tiptoeing along the line of rebelling and wanting to stay young, wild, and free while also being pretty damn good at adulting.

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#mytinybungalow bedroom renovation, before + inspiration

Giddy up, you guys, I’m officially kicking off the renovation of the one bedroom in #mytinybungalow! We did a mini refresh about a month ago when Sean first moved in, but I’m really itching to get on with the renovation already. I’ve been living with this icky room for almost and year and it’s time to turn this sad, dark room into a sanctuary. And, now that Sean is living with me, he’s involved, too! In traditional makeover style, let’s start with some scary before photos, shall we?

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