the friday edit

snowy seattle, adventuring in the snow. winter landscape. winterscape.

This week was sort of a wash, not gonna lie. I got really sick and barely left the house… basically I’ve spent the entire week melted into my couch! I’m starting to feel better (yay), but I was not expecting to be knocked out so hard by a cold for a full week. It also snowed in Seattle this week, which was awesome. It’s the first time I’ve seen #mytinybungalow in the snow and it was so cute. The snow settled over a lot of my house’s flaws which was kinda nice. Even my chain link fence didn’t bother me as much. I briefly ignored my cold to walk the dogs in the snow through Discovery Park and it was lovely.

Some good reads this week:

My good friend Elizabeth launched the Healers podcast and it is soooo good. Definitely check it out.

Kind of obsessed with this renter-friendly makeover, especially the window trim DIY.

5 cute date night looks (#3 is my favorite).

Madewell launched a new intimates line and now my life is complete.

I was pulling looks for some new style posts and pretty much decided this look is all I want to wear.

Natural beauty essentials for happy, healthy skin and hair.

Bridge & Burn just released an amazing collab with Kiriko and it’s full of gorgeous Japanese vibes. I have my heart set on these overalls.

How cute are these Andy Warhol-inspired Valentine’s Day cookies??

photo via Jojotastic on Instagram.

beauty report // my morning & evening skincare routine

My morning and evening skincare routine. Beauty report, my favorite skincare products for anti-aging, moisturizing, and improving blemishes. More on

If you watch my Instagram Stories, you know one thing: I’m a closet beauty and skincare addict. Make up doesn’t really excite me, but skincare like serums, milks, masks, and moisturizers are my absolute favorite. I could talk about them all day! Some of you guys have DM-ed me, urging me to share my favorite products and skincare routines here on the blog, so here goes. To kick off my beauty report series, today I’m sharing my morning and evening skincare routine!

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Recipe // blackberry French 75 for Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Valentine's Day with this Blackberry French 75 cocktail recipe - made with champagne, gin, simple syrup, and pureed berries! Learn how to make this easy cocktail on

For this post, I received glassware from ReidelAll opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

We always keep Valentine’s Day pretty low-key around here. I think both of us have this sentiment that it’s a made up holiday, but it’s still nice to set aside time just for the two of us. This year we’re going to hole up in a cute cabin in the Cascades and snuggle around the fireplace. I’m planning to cook an amazing dinner for the two of us, so I decided to test out a Valentine’s Day spin on one of my favorite cocktails, the French 75. Blackberries are one of my favorite fruits, so I decided to add a fruit twist to this classic cocktail… and they add a gorgeous vibrant hue!

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vintage & antique rugs from SF Rugs + giveaway!

Meet SF Rugs, my new favorite source for antique and vintage rugs, plus enter to wine a giveaway to win! More boho interior decor inspiration on

If I have one weakness, it’s shopping for the perfect rug. I find it incredibly challenging to select just one vintage or antique rug because they are all so gorgeous — I want to hoard them all. Such is the case when I discovered SF Rugs, purveyor of some seriously pretty floor coverings!

Keep reading for even more beautifully boho rugs and the details of a giveaway.

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the friday edit

boho dachshund ponders life. glossy black french doors with brass hardware and dip dyed tassel. boho shaggy pouf.

Happy Friday, you guys! It seems that I’ve caught a bug, so I’m writing this from the sofa under a pile of wiener dogs. Not bad, but definitely not how I wanted to spend this weekend.

Some good reads this week:

a guide to Valentine’s Day inspired beauty!

Ummm this brass and lucite clothing rack set is incredible.

As a former print designer, I loved this NY Times article about Swedish prints and pattern.s

My favorite minimalist accessories for spring.

I found this article super helpful in maintaining my sanity during the past couple of weeks.

House of Brinson shared their tips on renovating a historic home. This article really put renovations into perspective for me!

Obsessed with the colors and artwork of this throw blanket.

This House of Hipsters essay is a must-read for vintage shoppers.

photo via Jojotastic on Instagram.

Drynuary // what I learned when I stopped drinking for a month

Personal Essay - what I learned when i stopped drinking for a month! Inspiration for self-care and reflection.

You guys, happy February! I’ve never been this stoked for a new month. You see, we decided to participate in “Drynuary,” which means we essentially stopped drinking for an entire month. January 2017 has been… grueling, to say the least. What a month to take go on a wine hiatus. But it wasn’t all bad; I learned a LOT about myself, my habits, and how I practice self-care in general. A lot of you were really encouraging (especially on Instagram where I was most vocal/complain-y), so I thought a recap of sorts was a good idea.

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20 pretty bras & bralettes for Valentine’s Day

get inspired and all sexy for Valentine's Day with these 20 gorgeous bras and bralettes.

I’m sort of obsessed with lingerie, especially pretty bras and bralettes. Recently, I stocked up on tons of options, mostly because I hate wearing a normal bra every day. Instead, a bralette is all I need most days… aka freedommm. There are so many pretty options out there, especially now that Valentine’s Day is upon us. Even if you’re a single lady, indulging in something sexy and lacy is fun. I find that even just knowing I have something delicate and flirty on under my clothes gives me a little extra pep in my step. Keep reading to get my top 20!

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