The Candle Creative + a giveaway

My household is definitely one where I always have at least one candle burning. I love the ambiance that fragrance creates in my home, along with the soft, flicking glow. It’s just… magical. I have many favorite candle brands, but recently one of my favorites, Candelles, launched a new sister-brand, The Candle Creative. The signature fragrances and service are the same, but the focus of the packaging is on collaborations with independent artists.

Keep reading to learn more about these candles + learn about the details of our giveaway!

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checking in

blooming cherry blossoms. Seattle in spring.

Hi guys, how are you? I have to admit, I’ve been a bit out of it ever since I got back from London. Typically travel leaves me bursting with ideas and ready to put that inspiration to good use, but ever since I got back, all I’ve wanted to do is sleep. It’s beyond jetlag, it’s more like… this constant fatigue. I’m eating well, working out, sleeping through the night, but I find myself just constantly tired. I’m thinking of going to my primary care doctor to see what she says and maybe even do some bloodwork. I just don’t feel right. And I think on top of all that are my constant sources of worry: money, balancing many different projects all at once, finishing the bedroom, figuring out when I can renovate the exterior of the house, Noodle’s health… and that’s just a short list. At times I wonder if life will ever slow down or is this just how 32 feels? Like is this just the state of life forever? I can’t decide. It all feels quite overwhelming at times, which leads to me not posting as consistently in this space as I’d like.

These are just some thoughts I’ve had as I pour over your initial feedback to the reader survey I shared yesterday. You guys always seem to know when something is up and it’s so appreciated.

This weekend I’m taking time to do stuff that I love: go to a flea market, make pancakes, and catch up on my reading. The pile of stuff that’s been living on the Eames chair in the living room for months has finally been put away, so all I really want to do is tuck into a good book with tea and a cozy blanket.

I hope you enjoy your weekend!

2017 Reader Survey + giveaway

Help! I'd love your feedback on my blog. 2017 reader survey on

I have been meaning to do this since January… only 4 months late! Anyways, it’s reader survey time! Last year I asked you guys for your feedback for the first time and it was totally illuminating. It’s been over a year and I’d love to check in with you and see what you love, what you hate, and what else I can offer you to stay inspired!

This survey will be live for a week, so please leave your feedback and thoughts:

Here’s a link if the above widget isn’t loading for you.

And to thank you for your time, I’m running a bit of a giveaway! Make sure you enter your email address on the survey to enter to win a $50 gift card to Amazon. This is coming out of my own pocket, you guys — that’s how important your feedback is to me!

Thanks so much!

12 super cute shoe + bag combos for spring

12 super cute shoe + bag combos for spring. more fashion inspiration on

You guys, news alert: the sun is shining in Seattle. It’s been a loooong winter here, so my spring fever is coming out in full force. I want to get my spring style game on point, so I’ve been updating my wardrobe with lots of shoes and bags lately. I noticed that there are some really fun trends happening right now in terms of materials, colors, and textures, which then got me thinking of some super cute shoe + bag combos. Let the mixing and matching begin…

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recipe // tropicante margarita with Patrón

The perfect summer margarita recipe that's a little spicy: the Tropicante Margarita by @patrontequila. get the full cocktail recipe on plus vote for #margaritaoftheyear #tropicantemargarita #ad

This post is sponsored by Patrón. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

A good margarita is one of life’s greatest little luxuries. While a classic margarita is always delicious, I like to be a bit more adventurous. When Patrón reached out to tell me about their #MargaritaOfTheYear contest, I knew this was the time to change things up and try something different! They helped me craft a cocktail featuring my favorite of their tequilas and some unexpected ingredients (plus, a dash of spice).

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the friday edit

blue heart graffiti found in London

Happy Friday, you guys! I’ve been majorly slacking this week. Ever since I got back from London, I’ve been having trouble catching up on stuff. If you’ve been watching my Instagram Stories, you know that major progress has been made on the bedroom. We’re in the home stretch and I’ve been thinking about LOTS of details like storage, pillows, and even which lightbulbs will work best. I promise to be way more on my game next week and already have lots of great stuff to share with you!

Some good reads this week:

5 flirty ways to wear an off-the-shoulder-top.

Loving these tips on finding social media balance.

This book-filled loft is making me miss my old one in a big way.

My top 5 accessories for this spring.

This tropical wallpaper will get you in the mood for summer, for sure!

Did you know: the busier you are, the more you need quiet? Loving this post.

Bacon. Cheddar. Breakfast Rolls. OMG. This recipe looks dreamy.

photo via Jojotastic on Instagram.

please buy this so I don’t // mod lucite lamps

please buy this so I don't. vintage mod lucite lamps from etsy. more interior design inspiration on

Sometimes I go on these tangents where I type something into Etsy and look at every single option and then desperately want to buy them all. Recently, I did this with vintage lucite lamps and the results sort of blew my mind. I knew I had to share all of these gorgeous pieces with you guys. I think this just might be a new series…

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