Oh goodness… my good friends over at Danfredo Photos + Films have staged a dachshund wedding. I don’t really post weddings often (or ever?), but this is just something really special, silly, and totally awesome. Noodle used to play with Hudson and Chelsea in Philly, you see, so it’s just a joy to see them finally hitched. Here are a few of my favorite shots from their special day! Also, be sure to see tons of behind the scenes on Instagram with the cutest hashtag ever, #hudsonloveschelsea.

our love is long and loud // a dachshund wedding by Danfredo Photos + Films our love is long and loud // a dachshund wedding by Danfredo Photos + Films our love is long and loud // a dachshund wedding by Danfredo Photos + Films our love is long and loud // a dachshund wedding by Danfredo Photos + Films (more…)

a letter to noodle // one year later

It’s been exactly one year since I adopted my tiny little dachshund, Noodle, and I felt like it’s only fitting for me to write about just how awesome it’s been.

To my dearest Noodie boy,
Happy adoption day! I’ve learned so much from you over this past year. Before you came into my life, I had no idea I could snuggle this much, stay in bed this late, and work so many hours with a 17-pound lump on my lap. You’ve taught me to be patient with your stubborn, stubborn ways, whether it’s putting on the brakes to sniff another dog’s ass, eating every bit of garbage on the street, or barking incessantly. It’s true, I’ve learned patience from you and I’m grateful for that in a weird way. Thank you for all of the sweet midnight cuddle sessions, for keeping me safe from running children in hats, and for always loving me. I can’t wait to see where we go next. Mama loves you, you strange, little wiener.

a letter to noodle // one year laterIf you can’t already tell, I absolutely recommend adopting pets. The love and value they add to your life cannot be described. Noodle came from an incredible organization in Philly called Operation Ava, but there are tons of amazing shelters across the states.

a letter to noodle // one year latera letter to noodle // one year laterphotography by Danfredo Photography.
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audrey jeanne

I’ve found my ultimate soul sister in cat-ladydom. Meet French artist and illustrator Audrey Jeanne. I found her via this instagram from my friend Trina of la la Lovely and immediately had to go to her online shop. And now, of course, I want it all. Her aesthetic is sweet and simple… oh-so very French, if I may say so. From buttons to posters to totes, Audrey Jeanne has pretty much everything the modern day cat lady desires.

audrey jeanne audrey jeanne audrey jeanne audrey jeanneKeep up with Audrey Jeanne and her latest work (and her adorable cat) on Instagram.

cat lovers unite

As you may already know, my cat Georgette is the apple of my eye. As my first pet as an adult, Georgette has really been there for me. Break ups, cross-country moves, lazy afternoons on the couch — she is always by my side, purring all the while. Her little speckled face just makes me so happy. I actually get teary when I start to think about how much she means to me. So, whenever I can, I try to pamper her, but especially during Feastivities, as Fancy Feast® likes to call the holiday season (how cute is that??).

cat lovers unite
She’s a BIG fan of ear rubs, as you can see. It’s kind of her favorite thing. Her ears get all flat and her tiny nose scrunches up. It’s actually hilarious.

cat lovers unite
I also like to talk to her… and make kissy noises…

cat lovers unite
Georgette also really loves play time. She’s 5 years old, but still has the energy level of a kitten… sometimes!

cat lovers unite
This year, Fancy Feast® is celebrating Feastivities by hand-selecting 7 designers to create one-of-a-kind gifts for cat lovers everywhere. Including a playful illustrated print by Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber, a cozy cat tent by Julie Buratowski, and (my personal favorite), a dainty meow-adorned ring by Jennifer Tigley, Fancy Feast’s® gifts are the purrrr-fect way to ring in Feastivities for all cat lovers this holiday season. Be sure to shop the gift guide here!

cat lovers unite
PS – how sweet are these toes??

Photography by Ashley Lynn Fry.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Fancy Feast® and Style Coalition. All opinions are my own, and I would never endorse something I didn’t completely love. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Jojotastic going.

doxie love

I swear, now that I have a dachshund, I see them everywhere! Maybe it’s just a trend, but it seems like every store has something with a sweet doxie on it. From holiday ornaments to home decor to graphic tees… to everything ever, I need to practice some major restraint when it comes to all of the sweet Noodle-inspired pieces I’ve found lately!

Links: sweater dress from ASOS, Long Hair Don’t Care tee, pillowcases from Modcloth, canine companion mug from Fab, Jonathan Adler crossbody bag.

doxie love
West Elm knows exactly how I want to decorate my Christmas tree this year!

doxie love
Hmmm, not entirely sure that this paper towel dispenser from Anthropologie is actually a dachshund, but I’m just gonna assume it is!

Bloggers Love Cats and Bloggers Love Dogs: A Calendar Fundraising Project! All proceeds go to The Human Society

This is huge, guys. Kelly Beall of Design Crush invited me to show off Georgette and Noodle in her fundraising project called Bloggers Love Cats and Bloggers Love Dogs. You know I jumped at the chance, right?? Any opportunity to show off my babies, plus this project (just like Kelly) has a heart of gold: all proceeds going directly to The Humane Society of the United States. Each calendar is downloadable, meaning that every penny of the proceeds goes to the animals! Smart thinking, Kelly.

Bloggers Love Cats and Bloggers Love Dogs: A Calendar Fundraising Project! All proceeds go to The Human Society
Head over to Etsy to choose from Bloggers Love Cats or Bloggers Love Dogs for $7 each… or both for $12 (my personal choice)!

Bloggers Love Cats and Bloggers Love Dogs: A Calendar Fundraising Project! All proceeds go to The Human Society
Bloggers Love Cats features 13-months of felines from Sugar and ClothJoy the BakerDesign CrushAnd Kathleen (also the cover model), Cupcakes and CashmerePaper & StitchJustina BlakeneyFieldguidedOh So Beautiful PaperFor Me, For YouTeenAngsterLisa Congdon, and Jojotastic (that’s me!).

Bloggers Love Cats and Bloggers Love Dogs: A Calendar Fundraising Project! All proceeds go to The Human Society If canines are more your thing check out 13-months of Bloggers Love Dogs! Included are the pooches of Smith & Ratliffsfgirlbybay (the cover girl!), Design MilkHouse of BrinsonCookie and KateStyle & Pepper,The Broke-Ass BrideDesign CrushHoney KennedyDog MilkLisa CongdonbigBANG studio, and Jojotastic (me, again!).

photography by Kelly Beall of Design Crush

anthropologie hardware

Talk about fall, huh? These Forest Critter knobs that I did for Anthropologie are the perfect update to your home for fall. I could even see them gracing the fronts of kitchen cabinetry! Each brass knob started as a pencil sketch, if you can believe that. I was such to include each little groove and indented line that you see so that the artisan who made the pieces understood my vision. That’s right, these are each handmade! I especially love that fact because it means that each knob is totally unique and one-of-a-kind. These little guys are all about the tiny details!

forest critter knobs from anthropologie
So tell me: which animal is your favorite??

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Images via Anthropologie. See more of my designs here!