awash of color // artwork by Malissa Ryder

Sometimes with art it’s more about the subtle nuances of a piece than about intricate fine art details. For example, this work by Malissa Ryder is extremely impactful, but also astoundingly uncomplicated and refined. They remind me of a current favorite ‘hobby’ of mine, watching the sunset. And just in the way that the sky illuminates in technicolor and unexpected hues, so do these pieces.

awash of color // artwork by Malissa Ryder awash of color // artwork by Malissa Ryder

Her watercolor pieces are totally one of a kind, created with painstakingly applied layers of color… and I want them all.

awash of color // artwork by Malissa Ryder awash of color // artwork by Malissa Ryder

images via Malissa Ryder.

artwork by Rocio Montoya

I’ve found myself in a bit of a quiet mood lately. I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, maybe a little too much, and all I crave is quiet, beauty, and ease. Based on these pieces alone, I feel like photographer Rocío Montoya gets it. Her photos are delicate and deep, quiet yet bold and striking.

artwork by Rocio Montoya collage artwork by Rocio MontoyaEverything here makes me think of the quintessential beauty of the female form, in that classical painting sort of way. Add in the jagged cuts of collaged blooms and the works feel totally new to me. A bit raw, a bit sensual, but still so casual and just plain beautiful.
artwork by Rocio Montoyaartwork by Rocio Montoya via Trendland

paper & clay ceramics

When it comes to ceramics, I have a fairly straightforward attitude: I want them all. There’s something about the smooth surface, the unexpected glazes, the functionality… needless to say, I am a big fan of Paper & Clay ceramics. Brit McDaniel is the driving force behind these gorgeous ceramics (all part of her newest spring collection). Her work is a bit mid-century modern, a bit Scandinavian, and 100% gorgeous. With my new apartment and tons of photoshoots on the horizon, I’ve got a wish list that’s a mile long.

paper & clay ceramics paper & clay ceramics paper & clay ceramicsimages via Paper & Clay

art update for the bathroom with Framebridge + a code for 20% off custom framing

If there’s one room in my apartment that’s barely gotten any love, it’s the bathroom. Recently, I decided to change that and give it a facelift by framing a few pieces of art that I’ve accumulated. Honestly, hanging framed art is one of the easiest ways to update a room, especially if you’re like me and tend to own more art than wallspace.

art update for the bathroom with Framebridge + a code for 20% off custom framing art update for the bathroom with Framebridge + a code for 20% off custom framingTo give the boring ivory walls an update, I used a really awesome new service called Framebridge. They manufacture really high quality frames at super affordable prices. My favorite part? They framed my artwork for me. While selecting my perfect frames, I also requested special flat packaging. That arrived in 3-5 days, then I packaged up the pieces and shipped them back to Framebridge. The entire process was really straightforward and astoundingly simple.

Artwork by The Aesthetic Union / Hope Meng (top) and Marc Johns (bottom).

art update for the bathroom with Framebridge + a code for 20% off custom framing art update for the bathroom with Framebridge + a code for 20% off custom framingThis piece was pretty interesting to frame… see that wobbly, torn-paper looking edge? That’s called a deckled edge and I had this harebrained idea to mount it on top of black so that you can really see the edge. While ordering my art, it was incredibly easy to request this special ‘treatment’ from Framebridge. I added the info to a special request field while ordering and –voila– it showed up absolutely perfect.

Artwork by John Januzzi for Of a Kind.

art update for the bathroom with Framebridge + a code for 20% off custom framing art update for the bathroom with Framebridge + a code for 20% off custom framingThe ordering process was also so simple that I decided to order one more frame for a piece I haven’t touched since 2007: my college diploma. I’m not exactly the type to flaunt my degree, but I did work my butt off so I figured it was high time I framed this important (and expensive) piece of paper! Me being me though… I opted for something unexpected: a black matte and the most gorgeous burl wood frame. The result is dramatic and I absolutely love it. Framebridge definitely helped me elevate a piece that feels somewhat ubiquitous and turn it into something that feels totally me.
art update for the bathroom with Framebridge + a code for 20% off custom framingIf you’re like me and have been saving stacks of art to frame ‘one day…’ well, this is the time to do it: Framebridge has generously offered Jojotastic readers 20% off an order of 2 or more frames with the code JOJOTASTIC through 2/14. Click here to shop.

photography by Jojotastic

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Framebridge. I received product to review for this post, however all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Jojotastic going.


Hello, hello! Kelly from Design Crush here to fill in for Joanna while she’s off traipsing around Amsterdam without us. (The nerve.)

You know how sometimes you see a particular book or vase or obscene graphic tee and just know your friend such-and-such would love it? The second I saw Depeapa I knew it was right up Joanna’s alley. Granada, Spain-based Verónica de Arriba designs for home and body. Pillows, totes, and prints all give her lovely and quirky illustrations a second chance and benefits all of us art lovers quite nicely at the same time. Depeapa also uses Spain-based manufacturers and suppliers whenever possible, and who doesn’t love a little local loyalty?


Shop the post: Bearded Tote Bag // Man and Woman Cushion Covers // Girl with Bun Pocket Mirror // Bon Voyage Prints
ps — She also creates some beautiful necklaces!

downloadable art for your computer or phone by Colore' Lincoln
Hi, I’m Colore’ Lincoln! I’m a blogger, stationer, and hand-letterer living in Austin, Texas. Everything I’m passionate for can be found on my blog,, or my Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.
This year I am extra thankful for my friends and family, and my ever-changing life. Within the last year there have been a lot of big life changes: graduating college, ending a dead-end relationship, learning to trust myself and follow my dreams fearlessly, falling in love again, and moving to a new state. Even though some of these changes have been challenging, I am stronger for going through them and there is no way I could’ve gone through these changes without my loving family and friends.
downloadable art for your computer or phone by Colore' LincolnI wanted to create a little reminder for myself to be extra thankful every day, not just on one special holiday. So many days of the year I feel consumed with my schedule and the love of being busy and it caused me to be overwhelmed. I’ve noticed when I take moment to consider if what I’m doing is making me happy, and life seems more concise instead of chaotic. I believe when we encourage thankfulness in our hearts, it gracefully shines and flows out to others around you.
With the holiday season coming up, many of us get wrapped up (pun intended) with shopping, baking, and parties. This year I’d love to encourage everyone to take more breaks to enjoy the holiday around the people you love with no agenda. Enjoy quality time with the friends and family who support, encourage, and love you everyday of the year.
Choose to be thankful! Download here: desktop |iPad | iPhone
studio tour // Suite One Studio

Hi! I’m Lindsay Emery, owner, designer, and maker of Suite One Studio, a modern, handmade tableware line. The current Suite One Studio collection is made exclusively from hand-formed and wheel thrown, high quality porcelain, handmade watercolor glazes, and hand-painted genuine gold. I began working in clay in 2005, and launched Suite One Studio in 2009. Since then the line has changed to reflect trends in home interiors, fashion, my own aesthetic preferences, and perhaps most importantly as a maker of tableware, food. Although the collection has changed gradually over the years, my central desire has remained the same– to make mealtimes more beautiful. Joanna invited me here to Jojotastic to share a behind the scenes peek into my process and the creation of Suite One Studio products. I hope you’ll enjoy!

studio tour // Suite One Studiostudio tour // Suite One StudioEach and every product begins the same way, as an unsuspecting ball of clay. The clay is cut from a large block of clay, wedged to remove air bubbles, and weighed to ensure consistency before it is processed as either a flat slab or thrown on the wheel.

studio tour // Suite One StudioAll plates, platters, trays, and primarily flat objects are made with the help of a slab roller. This is a 250 LB piece of machinery that operates by a hand-cranked wheel to flatten the clay between two large, steel rollers. Until recently, each flat object was processed by a small, wooden, kitchen rolling pin. You can imagine that the addition of this industrial slab roller makes a HUGE difference in production capabilities for my growing studio.

studio tour // Suite One StudioThese freshly made pieces were created from slabs of flattened clay from the slab roller. After flattening, each piece is cut, shaped, and altered by hand to create a uniquely organic, modern form. Once the pieces are cleaned up a bit with a sponge and water, they sit and dry slowly over the course of several weeks until they’re ready to be fired in the kiln.

studio tour // Suite One StudioAfter drying, the pieces are fired in the kiln for the first time at about 1,945 degrees Fahrenheit. They are now hard and porous like a brick and ready to be glazed and fired again.

studio tour // Suite One StudioNow comes the really fun part– color! Each glaze is formulated right here in my studio. And formulated is the right word because ceramic glazes are made from chemical formulas. Yup, like the stuff from your high-school-chem-test nightmares. There are molecular considerations, periodic elements, and a whole bunch of letters and numbers hiding behind those pretty, glossy surfaces. A lot can go wrong with a glaze formula, so when a glaze turns out as expected (or in some cases better!) it’s cause for some major celebrating! This board of test tiles shows some of my scientific triumphs!

studio tour // Suite One StudioOnce a glaze has been decided upon and applied, the piece is fired in the kiln again, this time to 2,280 degrees Fahrenheit. After the glaze firing, liquid gold luster is hand-painted onto each piece, and you guessed it, the piece is fired again. The entire process, start to finish, of creating a single piece of porcelain pottery takes weeks, lots of high temperatures in specialized equipment, an unexpected use of organic chemistry (which was the only class besides gym that I nearly failed in high school, so how’s that for irony), and a whole lot of patience. But in the end, you have a thoughtfully crafted, heirloom quality, handmade item guaranteed to make any meal more beautiful, so it’s all totally worth it.

I hope you enjoyed this look into the work that goes into the production of Suite One Studio porcelain.  If you’d like to see more behind the scenes peeks, come follow along on Instagram! A huge thank you to Joanna for having me here to share my passion and process with you all!