face the foliage by justina blakeney

Flowers plus art, what could be better, right? This is why I am loving the Face the Foliage series by Justina Blakeney… especially now that the collection is available on Society6. She’s taken her astoundingly gorgeous Instagram series and turned them into art prints and stretched canvases, making these digital works the perfect addition to your home.

face the foliage by justina blakeney
My favorites of Justina’s series are grounded on black. They just feel so moody and dramatic. I love the way the flowers pop against the darker ground. Which is your favorite?

face the foliage by justina blakeney
ps – check out the portrait she did of me here

Etsy shop: Tuesday Morning // jojotastic.com

It may actually be Thursday, but I’d like to talk about Tuesday Morning today… specifically this magical and special Etsy shop. Shopkeeper and illustrator Mer has a really wonderful hand, ranging from whimsical portraits to roughly drawn hand lettering (my personal favorite). I love how casual and loose her hand is, a style that lends itself to her tools of graphite and colored pencils. So sweet, right?

Etsy shop: Tuesday Morning // jojotastic.com
Etsy shop: Tuesday Morning // jojotastic.com
Etsy shop: Tuesday Morning // jojotastic.com

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from the sketchbook of Rebecca Atwood

As a longtime fan of textile designer and artist Rebecca Atwood, today I am more than pleased to share this glimpse into her working process and sketchbooks. During one of her afternoon sketchbook sessions, Rebecca snapped these photos to give us a peek. Rather than muddling up her intent, I’d rather let Rebecca speak for her own work:

“I like to work on several sketchbooks at once as I work with watercolor and gouache and don’t like to wait for pages to dry.  I find this keeps me moving quickly and just getting down loose ideas.  I try not to think too much about what I do in my sketchbook – it’s a place to play and not worry if it doesn’t turn into something I actually love.  It’s a good place for me to test out ideas, colors, motifs, etc. ”

from the sketchbook of Rebecca Atwood
“A lot of the time I paint similar motifs or versions of the same idea as I warm up.  Then I always try to do something that’s a little different, too, of course.  For me keeping sketchbooks is a really important part of my process.  I often return to them well after I did the work to remember ideas and concepts I had. Sometimes something I put in there doesn’t really resonate with me, but months later there’s a connection.”

from the sketchbook of Rebecca Atwood
As a designer myself, I can totally identify with Rebecca’s process. I think that often times creatives like us tend to hoard because you just never know what can become inspiration. And, now that I have seen how this method works for Rebecca, I am extra keen on turning to my sketchbook every day, just to see what happens. Thanks for all the of inspiration, Rebecca!

from the sketchbook of Rebecca Atwood
photos by Rebecca Atwood

by Witchoria

I think I have a hangover from my weekend, I did that much and it went that quickly. I could really use a day to play catch up and get my act together. My brain is a bit fuzzy, a bit jumbled… it’s just that Monday feelin’ I guess. I couldn’t even decide on a topic for today’s post, so instead, I want to share a few things that have caught my attention lately. They all have this sort of moody romanticism to them, sort of like my brain at the moment?

To start, let’s look at these mildly unsettling, emotional polaroids from Witchoria, the tumblr of graphic designer Victoria Siemer. I initially discovered her reflected landscapes through The Design Ark (below), but upon clicking through, fell in love with her more dramatic and graphic images. How many times have you seen these error messages pop up on your computer (too many…)? But the way Victoria puts a twist on them to be about broken hearts is just genius. I know it’s a bit twisted for a Monday morning, but I’m sort of feelin’ it right now.

reflected landscapes
tousled tresses
I’m also loving this undone-yet-fanciful photoshoot by Paul de Luna on Fashion Gone Rogue. Tousled tresses are a current (eternal?) love of mine, but when paired with glittery, girly frocks, it feels just right.

So, here’s to Monday. Let’s make it count.

paperfasion and baublebar collaboration

Holy bling, Batman! This collaboration between Paperfashion and Baublebar is truly sparkle-tastic. This collection is splendidly over-the-top, but ever-so perfect for sprucing up a boring tshirt and jeans look. Plus, with the holidays creeping up (I swear, it will come sooner than you think!), these pieces are a great addition to any LBD. Katie of Paperfashion was kind enough to send me this necklace and these earrings and, admittedly, I immediately rocked them while doing housework. They are that good. Here are a few more of my sparkly, glam-tastic faves!

paperfasion and baublebar collaboration
Ps – Use code PFTOTE to get a limited-edition Paperfashion tote when with orders over $60.

Shop the post:

top image: Jojotastic on Instagram
all other images: Baublebar

Malissa Ryder

I’ve been so busy here at Camp Jojotastic lately! Writing for Anthology Magazine is such a fun outlet for me creatively. I absolutely love to use it as an opportunity to showcase tons of talented people and their different artforms. Here are a few of my posts lately.

Above: These watercolors by Malissa Ryder are absolutely stunning. I find the simplicity of them to be utterly captivating.

thread paintings by Stephanie K. Clark
Stephanie K. Clark paints with thread. Isn’t this motorhome too cute for words??

Vitrified Studio
Portland-based Vitrified Studio has me longing for these mixed finish vases in a BIG way.

portraits by Lisa Krannichfeld
These watercolor portraits by Lisa Krannichfeld are haunting and ethereal.

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The Reframe by HOLSTEE

Guys, there are only 24 hours left to support the latest Kickstarter from Holstee, The Reframe. The Reframe is a quick home for art and comes with a monthly mailing of a new piece of art (such a bonus). Plus, the new piece of art comes with an envelope so you can send off last month’s art to a friend! A six month subscription plus the Reframe is available for $50 and can go up to 2 years. Let’s bring snail mail back and support a good cause.

The Reframe by HOLSTEE
The Reframe has no moving parts and is handmade in Michigan from upcycled wood. The planks are pulled from deconstructed houses in Detroit, rather than being demolished.

The Reframe by HOLSTEE - handmade in Detroit

Watch more here:

images via Holstee

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