ode to an old favorite: Vaseline

ode to an old favorite: @vaselineus — meet the new #VaselineLipTin now available in the US and the perfect must-have for keeping your lips soft and moisturized. check out more on jojotatic.com #ad

Vaseline and I go way back. Growing up on the east coast, every winter we’d get at least one major snowstorm and my mom would coat both of our faces in this trusty moisture necessity. It was perfect for keeping our skin from getting chapped while we dug out the car (and had a snowball fight or two). From there, my love of Vaseline grew more and more. I always keep a mini jar by my bed to keep my lips soft year round. Not to mention how many times I’ve used Vaseline in a pinch to sooth my dry, chapped skin after rock climbing. When it comes to moisture, this has always been my go-to.

Here’s the thing though… this old favorite recently underwent a bit of facelift, so you can imagine my excitement to partner with Vaseline on today’s post!

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mullein & sparrow + giveaway

enter to win a gift set from @mulleinsparrow + a gift card to shop their full apothecary line! // jojotastic.com

This year I’m all about taking better care of myself. I’m terrible at setting aside “me time” — taking even just a few minutes out of my crazy schedule for relaxation seems nearly impossible. But it’s just so necessary… that’s why I’m so excited to share a recent discovery today. Meet Mullein & Sparrow. Based out of Brooklyn, this small batch apothecary is all about nurturing the mind, body, and spirit as a pathway to inner and outer beauty. Their products are made from pure, organic botanicals and come in absolutely gorgeous packaging (aka the perfect little bottles to display on your vanity).

enter to win a gift set from @mulleinsparrow + a gift card to shop their full apothecary line! // jojotastic.com

There’s nothing better than a nice long soak in the tub… unless it’s scented with lavender and dried roses, that is! From detoxifying bath salts to lemon rose face wash, Mullein & Sparrow products are just the thing to ensure some reflection and relaxation in the new year.

enter to win a gift set from @mulleinsparrow + a gift card to shop their full apothecary line! // jojotastic.com

I was so excited when I saw their lavender products! Lavender has long been used to treat everything from mental exhaustion to aches and pains… not to mention it smells amazing. Soak in it’s healing properties with some artisanal bath salts, or lavender blossom body oil.

enter to win a gift set from @mulleinsparrow + a gift card to shop their full apothecary line! // jojotastic.com

Enter below for nine chances to win! One winner will be chosen at random by Tuesday, Jan. 19,  at 10 am PST. Winner will receive a customized gift set & $50 to shop Mullein & Sparrow‘s full apothecary collection. Good luck!

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images via mullein & sparrow.

i have this thing with black candles

i have this thing with black candles // jojotastic.com @jojotastic

Black candles, amiright?? There’s something about the moodiness of black wax, the depth of fragrance… that makes the flickering light even more romantic. Plus, with Halloween right around the corner, black candles are the perfect addition to your space — especially if you’re not super into kitschy decorations (like me).

i have this thing with black candles // jojotastic.com @jojotastic

And there are a tonnnn of options these days. One of my very first jobs was designing candle packaging and I always wanted to include black wax in my designs… but was always shut down because it was too weird. You better believe I’m patting myself on the back for the influx of black candles now ;)

  1. Diptyquemy personal favorite!
  2. Aspen Bay faceted jar
  3. NARS Acapulco candle
  4. Archipelago Botanicals jar candle
  5. Illume Blackberry absinthe talisman tin
  6. JOYA marbled glass candle
  7. Fornasetti sun and moon candle
  8. Neom Organics + Jennie Packham candle
  9. Bond No. 9 lidded candle
  10. Acqua di Parma cube candle
  11. Matter & Home candle
  12. Byredo Bibliothèque candle

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top image credit: Brooklyn Makers by Jennifer Causey.

giveaway + hand in hand

giveaway + hand in hand jojotastic.com

Everyone has different little tricks for jumpstarting their day, and aside from an absolutely mandatory pour-over coffee, mine is scent. I start my morning routine with bright, fragrant lotions, aromatic soaps, and sweetly scented sprays. It helps me slows things down and start my day calmly and aware of all my senses. That’s why I’m so excited about this week’s giveaway with Hand in Hand!

giveaway // hand in hand jojotastic.com

These gorgeous bath and beauty products from Hand in Hand are completely natural and come complete with striking scents like the almond, jasmine and vetiver from their Espere Collection. Not only is their line of bath and beauty products completely natural and meticulously produced with eco-conscious methods, Hand in Hand’s main mission is saving lives through both their products and proceeds. “For every product purchased, Hand in Hand’s Espere Collection provides essential small business loans, which empower entrepreneurs in developing countries to to create jobs and strengthen their community.” Quite an amazing mission statement, huh?

giveaway // hand in hand jojotastic.com

I’m always so blown away by people like married couple Bill and Courtney, dedicated to fixing global issues in new, creative ways. The Espere Collection grew from Courtney & Bill’s many visits to Haiti, where they were donating bar soaps and providing water to children in orphanages. They wanted to give back to the country in a different way, so they started a micro lending program and created the Espere Collection to focus specifically on that cause. Now Hand in Hand has three different collections, all made in the USA and are 100 percent vegetable-based, vegan and made with organic ingredients.

Enter below for 7 chances to win. One winner will be chosen at random by Tuesday August 18 at 10:30 am PST. Open to US residents only. Winner will receive 1 $125 gift card to shop Hand in Hand. Good luck!

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giveaway // hand in hand jojotastic.com

photography and styling by Jojotastic.

onomie beauty + a giveaway

meet @onomiebeauty + enter to win amazing beauty products! #giveaway www.jojotastic.com

I tend to keep things pretty straightforward when it comes to skincare and makeup. Typically, if one product pulls double-duty I’m alllll about it. Recently, a friend from college launched an amazing new line called Onomie and gave me a sneak peek before the launch. What can I say… it’s true love. Currently Onomie offers two products: the A.C.E. Illuminating Eye Treatment (my personal fave) and the Bright Concealing Elixir. With summer upon us, I’ve been wanting my makeup to feel casual and  carefree, but still with a bit of highlighting to make my brow bone and cheek bones pop. The eye treatment is perfect for that – I sweep on a tiny bit and it’s sort of like my face glows in the best possible way. The philosophy of Onomie is to simplify beauty as much as possible — and they’ve done just that. I really can’t wait to see what else they’ve got up their sleeves.

Onomie offers home try-ons, which I highly recommend to help you find your perfect shade. Plus, this week we’ve partnered with them for a giveaway!

meet @onomiebeauty + enter to win amazing beauty products! #giveaway www.jojotastic.com

Enter below for 7 chances to win. One winner will be chosen at random by Tuesday July 7 at 10:30 am PST. Open to US residents only.Winner will receive one Home Try-On Shade Starter Kit and the Onomie Eye Essentials Duo valued at $61. Good luck!
onomie giveaway

meet @onomiebeauty + enter to win amazing beauty products! #giveaway www.jojotastic.com

Disclosure: I received product to review for this post. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the content that keeps Jojotastic awesome.

photography by Jojotastic.

living proof + a giveaway

a review of Living Proof's new curl product line + a giveaway // details here: www.jojotastic.com

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my hair for about 25 years (I was pretty bald my first few years on this planet). It’s not curly, but also not straight. It’s not super thick, but also not thin. And I’ve got about 2,500 stubborn cowlicks. In college I embraced the flat iron trend wholeheartedly, waking up hours before class so I could get glassy smooth locks. Thankfully, the trend these days is wayyy more appropriate and achievable for my hair texture. Now that I’ve embraced my natural waves and learned to part my hair in a way that works with my cowlicks, my beauty routine has gotten LOADS easier and I’ve long said goodbye to my flat iron. Now it’s a matter of which products I use to help me maintain my waves without weighing them down or letting my lightened ends get too damaged.

Recently, Living Proof offered to send over their newest line, Curl, and I loved it. Rather than a shampoo, I used a conditioning wash which was the perfect way to get moisture into my hair, but not in that heavy kind of way. The curl detangling rinse was great, too, especially because my hair tends to work itself into complicate little knots constantly. Lastly (and my favorite), the curl defining styling cream… I don’t even know where to begin. My waves came out perfectly. No frizz, no weird kinds. Not too curly and not too straight. They were just… exactly what I wanted.

Oh, and this week I’ve partnered with Living Proof on a giveaway!

a review of Living Proof's new curl product line + a giveaway // details here: www.jojotastic.comIt’s easy to enter: follow both Living Proof and Jojotastic on Instagram. Then leave a comment here saying you did so (please note: comments left elsewhere won’t count, so please be sure to leave your comment below!). One winner will be chosen at random by Tuesday May 19 at 10:30 am PST. Open to US residents only. Winner will receive the entire Curl collection, valued at $132. Good luck!

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latest faves: candles

my latest favorite candles

Here’s a fun fact: my very first job out of college was designing packaging for candles that were sold at Target. I really think this experience kind of… shaped me in how I view fragrances for the home. It’s sort of like perfume and let’s just say I have somewhat sophisticated tastes as a result of that first job. I tend to avoid florals and anything overly sweet. Instead, I love smokey notes, things that make me nostalgic for campfires and my grandpa’s fireplace. Lately, I’ve fallen in love with 3 specific and very different candles.

portable fireplace candle - smells just like the real thing!First up: the portable fireplace candle by D.S. & Durga. I picked this one up at a local boutique in SF and it immediately blew my mind. This one smells EXACTLY like a fireplace. To be more specific, it reminds me of sitting in my grandma’s pea green velvet reclining chair over the holidays as a kind. If I close my eyes while this candle is lit, I’m immediately transported back to that time. I can even hear my grandmother’s voice and taste my grandpa’s sausage gravy and biscuits.

campire candle by p.f. candle coNext, this campfire special candle from P.F. Candle Co. The notes are smoke, pine, soil, and a natural sweetness that reminds me of roasting marshmallows over an open fire. This one isn’t as powerful as the others, so I prefer to light it when I have guests over. It’s just mellow enough to set the scene for casual hangs and bourbon drinks.

side table stylingLastly, I discovered Lola James Harper candles while shopping at Love Adorned in New York. I picked up the Promenade in Vincennes Wood candle and find it to be totally different than anything I’ve ever purchased before. The fragrance evolves every time I burn, I swear.  The notes are described as green tea, lily, and wood. I definitely sniff out the tea notes more than anything else though, which is why I love this one for all those bubble baths I take.

my latest favorite candlesDo you have any candles that you’re loving lately? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

photography by Jojotastic