How to Update Your Haircare Routine for Fall

How to Update Your Haircare Routine for Fall with #Rogaine for #HairLossAwareness month. Learn more on #ad

This post is sponsored by Rogaine. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

I tend to think we all have our vanities, the parts of our bodies about which we feel the most confident. For me, it’s my hair. It’s always been my hair actually. Even as I changed my hair style and color countless times, my locks have always been my most cherished feature. For this reason, I take especially good care of my hair and update my haircare routine with the seasons. When Rogaine reached out to talk about Hair Loss Awareness Month, I jumped at the opportunity because I know that hair loss is something that affects so many men and women and their Emmy-nominated celebrity stylist and brand spokesperson, Jill Crosby, has some amazing tips for your haircare routine.

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beauty report // the July edit

via jojotastic, the July edit for beauty products and skincare. butter london fall lip liner, lipstick, and eye gloss collection review on

So I’m a little late in posting this, but these beauty products were just too good not to share. Admittedly, my skincare and beauty routine has been disrupted a bit because of my broken leg, but there have still been a few knock out stars last month. Here are my favorite beauty and skincare products from the month of July:

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beauty report // the April edit

natural beauty products and skincare reviews including natural bath sea salts for soaking and 100% rose water spray. get more info on

I feel like I’m constantly changing up my beauty routine, testing out new products, and falling in love with them. Here are a few of the beauty products I’ve been loving lately:

Invigorate Bath Salts from Hillockburn Farm (c/0) — I met these amazing folks during the Sodo Flea last month and it was basically a love fest right away. I’ve been using their lovely bar soaps for the past few weeks, but my favorite thing is soaking in these salts. They smell incredible and I find that they help to soothe my aching muscles after a hard workout.

S.W. Basics Rosewater Spray (c/o) — quite honestly, this is the best rosewater spray I’ve used. I got sunburnt last week and sprayed this onto my skin and immediately felt less like my skin was burning with the fire of 1,000 suns. I also find that the fragrance of this is the most true to real, live roses… probably because literally the only ingredient is rosewater.

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beauty report // my favorite face masks

beauty report: my favorite face masks for my moisturizing, anti-aging, blemish fighting skincare routine. Get all of my picks on

If there is one skincare item that I am totally obsessed with, it would be a good face mask. I looooove pouring a glass of wine, putting on a good mask, and turning on some reality tv. This is basically my way of wind down at the end of a long day. I’ve shared a lot of my favorites on Instagram stories, but wanted to do a more formalized round up.These face masks are ones that I use on a consistent, regular basis for a variety of reasons. Warning, there are a lot listed (I literally have an entire drawer dedicated to masks):

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beauty report // my morning & evening skincare routine

My morning and evening skincare routine. Beauty report, my favorite skincare products for anti-aging, moisturizing, and improving blemishes. More on

If you watch my Instagram Stories, you know one thing: I’m a closet beauty and skincare addict. Make up doesn’t really excite me, but skincare like serums, milks, masks, and moisturizers are my absolute favorite. I could talk about them all day! Some of you guys have DM-ed me, urging me to share my favorite products and skincare routines here on the blog, so here goes. To kick off my beauty report series, today I’m sharing my morning and evening skincare routine!

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DIY // floral bath salts in a dip dyed pouch (a pretty Valentine’s Day gift for your BFF)

Learn how to make your own floral bath salts with Himalayan pink salt, epsom salts, and dried flowers like rose, hibiscus, and calendula for the ultimate in self-care. Package them in a DIY dip dye canvas pouch and they are a great gift for Valentine's Day! Learn how on

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and this year, instead of obsessing over cupid’s arrow, I’m making a special treat for my girlfriends to enjoy. Both Joanna and I have been focusing on taking better care of ourselves, essentially taking time to indulge in all-important self-care. So why not treat your best friend to the gift of self-care for Valentine’s Day? We whipped up a batch of bath salts filled with dried flowers and packaged them in easy dip dyed canvas bags for the perfect heart-felt gift.

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giveaway // Hand in Hand holiday soap

GIVEAWAY! enter to win fair-trade, cruelty-free, all natural soap from @handinhandsoap — 5 winners total! Get all of the details on

For this post, I received products from Hand in HandAll opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

Every year I struggle to find good stocking stuffer ideas. Even though stocking stuffers are traditionally smaller in scale, I still want them to feel special and unique. More often than not, I navigate toward gifts that are natural and small-batch for this reason. This year I’m filling our stockings with these wintery soaps from Hand in Hand. Not only are they all-natural, but they are fair-trade, cruelty-free, and smell amazing!

Keep reading to enter our great giveaway (we’re giving away 5 prizes)!

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