I’m sort of dwelling on yesterday’s color of the month interiors post. That hot pink Thonet chair is haunting me. I keep seeing interiors shots with the perfect balance of pop chair and it feels so right. I’m totally one of those all-white-and-serene interiors people, but this mood board really gives me the inspiration to mix in a touch of color. Maybe one day…

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Picking color is one of the best parts of my job. I love mixing hues and seeing what unexpected tones sit together. Also, as a kid I wanted to be the person who names crayons. See, my love of color goes waaay back!

I’d like to kick off a monthly series based on a color of the month. The first post in the series will be a moodboard to set the atmosphere. Then I’ll do a series of round ups based on the moodboard!

It might be fairly obvious, but hot pink is one of my favorites lately. From my new pink silk shoes to my blog, I can’t seem to get enough. I love the way it pops with all white, but also how it can be mixed with warm wood tones, persimmon orange, and even cream.

images (clockwise from top left): Freshome / Kimberly Pesch / Garima Dhawan / Eric Trine / Bernard Lorjuo / Marie Claire Maison


I could write about what these ladies are doing… or it could be a story of sun-warmed pinks, peachy-fleshy tones, and hits of goldenrod. I think what I love best about these images is that they share bad-habit-behavior (why is she facepalm-ing? why is she smoking?), but look damn good while doing it.

links: left / right


You probably don’t know him, but you should. In his newest series, photographer Carl Kleiner collects random materials and combines them into these works of lollipop-inspired art. What I love most about them is the mix of color based on material. They all predominantly feature neutrals, but the odd pop color tossed in is just right. And how good are those blue drips??

via It’s Nice That


What’s black and white all over? This post.

Yes, I went there. It seems like Pinterest has been flush with desaturated interior shots lately. Maybe it’s the new year and everyone wants to get back to basics? Or maybe it’s just an easy way to make your home look fresh without worrying about colors clashing. Either way, I love the impact — bold bedding, handsome kitchen counters, and messy, artistic desks. These images all prove that it’s about the balance, whether it’s predominantly black or all white whilst treating the black {and shades thereof} as a pop.

top row: left / middle / right
middle: left / right
bottom: left / middle / right


You’ve seen my blog, right? Yeah, I love hot colors, specifically neon pink. Not one to discriminate though, how amazing are all of these neon serving pieces from Haus Interior?? Each piece is hand painted on wood with the perfect neon pop and a lovely shade of minty blue. I especially love the mix of the two together! At $45 a pop, these are definitely investment pieces, but just image how great they’d look atop my dresser holding my favorite earrings and rings… I just might be in love.

images via Haus Interior.
bowl available here, plate available here.


I think part of why I love Pinterest so much is that it shows me a world I can only aspire to inhabit — pristine, tidy kitchens… perfectly lit wedding photography… and the just-right ensemble for any occasion. Sometimes one of my favorite things to do is scroll through my recently pinned images and see how they all flow together. You can definitely see trends in my pinning that way! Lately I’ve been feeling neutrals (or isn’t that all of the time??), but with a pop of red. There’s something about the crimson hue that makes grey, camel, and even white look new.

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all images via Pinterest. from left to right, top to bottom: cake, red square, Miu Miu ad, and bathroom.

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