The Business of Being Creative Double-Take: working from home vs. a studio space

The Business of Being Creative Double-Take: working from home vs. a studio space. Advice for small businesses, boss ladies, and creatives — more tips on

I launched my business, Katie Williamsen Web & Social Media Consulting, LLC, in January of 2016 while working a 9-to-5 in a traditional office setting. Although I enjoyed my day job, I wished my schedule had more flexibility. When I went full-time in August of that year, I loved having the ability to schedule my day and work at the times I had the most energy. On top of that, working from home was a perk for sure! Now that I’ve been working from home full-time for almost nine months, I’ve found that it really works for me. I’m not going to lie, I can certainly fall prey to distractions, but I love having the flexibility to work early in the morning and then head to a 9 am yoga class.

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2017 Reader Survey + giveaway

Help! I'd love your feedback on my blog. 2017 reader survey on

I have been meaning to do this since January… only 4 months late! Anyways, it’s reader survey time! Last year I asked you guys for your feedback for the first time and it was totally illuminating. It’s been over a year and I’d love to check in with you and see what you love, what you hate, and what else I can offer you to stay inspired!

This survey will be live for a week, so please leave your feedback and thoughts:

Here’s a link if the above widget isn’t loading for you.

And to thank you for your time, I’m running a bit of a giveaway! Make sure you enter your email address on the survey to enter to win a $50 gift card to Amazon. This is coming out of my own pocket, you guys — that’s how important your feedback is to me!

Thanks so much!

The Business of Being Creative: The Best Podcasts for Lady Bosses & Bloggers

the business of being creative. the best podcasts for bloggers and boss ladies. our favorite podcasts, the best episodes, and tips on fitting all of these podcasts into your schedule. get all of the free resources on

Do you ever find yourself with an endless amount of tabs open to must read blog posts, your download folder filled with free newsletter opt-ins and your inbox exploding with newsletters? (Joanna’s note: yes.) Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the online creative space for some time, the amount of free business content available can overwhelm you. I still love reading blogs and newsletters, but my favorite way to educate myself is to listen to a business podcast. There are some really great ones out there, so today we’re sharing our favorite podcasts, the best episodes, and tips on fitting all of these podcasts into your schedule.

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meet Plann, my new favorite instagram planning tool

If I have one huge business tip for you, it’s to automate as much as possible. I schedule everything: Facebook posts, tweets, even my pins! For a more visual platform like Instagram, I recently started using an app called Plann and I couldn’t sing it’s praises more. My friend Kyla from House of Hipsters told me all about it and I knew I immediately had to try it because her feed is crazy gorgeous. Wanna know more?

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The Business of Being Creative Double-Take: how to monetize a blog

The Business of Being Creative, How to Monetize a Blog. Business tips from @katiewilliamsen and @jojotastic. Read more on

Wow, it’s been a hot minute since we last shared a business post… so I’m really excited to announce a small change! We have a new editor on the team — everyone, meet Katie Williamsen, a super-talented web and social media strategist. She’s the real deal and joined the team to help drop some serious business knowledge on us. Katie specializes in helping like-minded female entrepreneurs feel informed, empowered and excited to creative effective changes within their business.

In terms of this business series, we thought it would be fun to do a double-take, basically what my response to a question and what Katie thinks. We’re from totally different backgrounds, so I think this is gonna be fun. — Joanna

Question: My question to you both is about monetizing a blog. It’s something I’m working to do more of. I have the brand, but what I don’t have at my fingertips are those commercial sponsor connections. How do you connect with potential sponsors? Cold call? How do you find time to do that? Do you belong to a blogging network that makes those connections for you?

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Annette Joseph styling workshops & retreats

image credit: Helen Norman.

So… who wants to join me in Italy this summer?? Ever since I met the incredible Annette Joseph last year, I’ve had my eyes on her stellar workshops. For those not familiar with Annette, you’ve probably seen her work in Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living, Woman’s World, and more… or maybe her incredible book Picture Perfect Parties. Recently, she announced additional dates and, you guys… if you’re serious about styling and photography, you must go. One of my goals is to take my styling work to a totally new level, so I’m attending one and would love to have company!

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my 2017 resolutions and goals (both personal & business!)

Happy new year! It's time to set some goals and declare my resolutions for 2017, both for my small business and personal goals. Find out my resolutions and get inspired on

Happy 2017, you guys! I hope you had an amazing holiday, but now it’s time to get down to business and back to our regularly scheduled programming… Last year I set some goals and then promptly forgot about them. Little did I know that I’d dive head-first into the home buying process and that I’d get totally thrown off track because of that huge moment in my life. 2016 certainly brought many ups and downs, many of which threw me off track. This year, I want to focus on the simple stuff. Here are a few goals and resolutions for 2017:

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