personal essay // i have nothing to wear.

I have nothing to wear. A personal essay about what happens when your body changes and you don't know how to dress it. Read more on

I haven’t really thought this post through completely and, warning, it might get a little complain-y. Lately, I’ve been having this feeling that I have nothing to wear. Nothing feels right, nothing makes me feel cute or sexy or like what I have on is flattering. It all just feels blah and totally unspecial. A big part of it is that my body has changed a lot. I spent all winter and spring training and working out. Now that I’ve sat on my butt for 13 weeks with a broken leg, I’ve gotten soft. I definitely have a tummy pooch and only 2 pairs of my jeans fit me now. After working so hard all winter, this just adds one more frustration on top of dealing with a broken leg.

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an update about my leg

an update about my broken leg via jojotastic on

12 weeks ago I broke my leg and I’m having some mixed feelings about it (still). On one hand I can’t believe it’s been that long, but on the other… I have felt every single moment of boredom, pain, and frustration of those 12 weeks. I’ve learned so much about myself in these past few months and continue to learn more. It’s really funny: life has definitely thrown me some curveballs in my lifetime, but this one… this one has definitely affected me the most. For example, last week my latest set of x-rays revealed that my bones haven’t made much progress in stitching themselves back together. I had waited 5 weeks in between sets of x-rays and yet very little progress was made in terms of bone growth. This discovery felt like a punch to the gut. The thing is that I have done everything I could to inspire my bones to heal: acupuncture, collagen, extra vitamins, healthy diet, bone broth, hours of physical therapy, icing, heating, and even more. If you’re a numbers person, here’s another way to put it: I should be 60% healed by now, but instead I’m still at 20% which is the same as where I was 5 weeks ago.

But we have a plan. I’m having another tiny, baby surgery on Friday. Nothing big, not like last time. This is to remove a few bits of my hardware in the hopes that it will allow the bones to close the gap a bit more and speed up the healing. I’m nervous and optimistic, but also trying not to think too much about it. I have a tendency to do that and get all worked up, but rarely does it seem to help.

I have posts in the works for next week, but if I’m not around as much, that’s why! I’ll be posting lots of Instagram Stories though, so be sure to catch those.


the simple joy of being home & pampering our dogs (with K9 Natural!)

the simple joy of being home & pampering our dogs with @k9natural, a dog food made with grass-fed and free range meats and proteins and wholefood ingredients. Find out more on #ad

This post is sponsored by K9 Natural. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

Ever since I got home from my accident and figured out how to get back into the pace of day-to-day life, I’ve noticed one resounding theme: a deep and true appreciation for the simple things in life. The truth is that this injury truly shook me to my core and has now encouraged me to re-evaluate everything. Partially this introspection is due to how hard it is for me to do physical things, but also because of the sheer emotion involved in healing. I’m choosing to remain positive though, which essentially means that I am all about enjoying life’s little moments these days. One moment that immediately comes to mind is the day I got home from the hospital and was reunited with our dogs! Today I partnered with K9 Natural to share that story, plus how I’m enriching the dogs’ meals to keep them happy and healthy.

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when things don’t go according to plan (aka our recent trip to Joshua Tree)

Now that I’m 2 weeks out from my accident, I feel like I’m finally about to talk to you guys about it. If you followed on Instagram, we went to Palm Springs for a wedding and then drove the short distance to Joshua Tree for our first outdoor climbing trip of the season. I was so excited… I had trained all winter and the past 2 summers were a wash for me in terms of climbing because of injuries (2 years ago I suffered a bad sprain and only climbed half the summer. Last year I had a dumb finger injury that kept me from climbing for about 8 weeks). Really, I was ready for this trip and to climb. So ready, so eager. And feeling so good! It felt like this would be my summer to reclaim the joy I have for climbing. That Monday morning, I approached the rock with an open heart, ready to climb hard and kick off a great summer.

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so… I broke my leg

A lot of you know this by now because of social media, but I broke my leg during my climbing trip in Joshua Tree. I’ll spare you the gory details, but I had surgery and now I’m laid up in a hospital bed with lots of ice packs, tubes, and a sweet air cast. Not sure when I’ll get to go home, but I wanted to leave you guys a note so you didn’t think I’d disappeared!

I hope to be back to our normal post schedule as soon as possible.


checking in

blooming cherry blossoms. Seattle in spring.

Hi guys, how are you? I have to admit, I’ve been a bit out of it ever since I got back from London. Typically travel leaves me bursting with ideas and ready to put that inspiration to good use, but ever since I got back, all I’ve wanted to do is sleep. It’s beyond jetlag, it’s more like… this constant fatigue. I’m eating well, working out, sleeping through the night, but I find myself just constantly tired. I’m thinking of going to my primary care doctor to see what she says and maybe even do some bloodwork. I just don’t feel right. And I think on top of all that are my constant sources of worry: money, balancing many different projects all at once, finishing the bedroom, figuring out when I can renovate the exterior of the house, Noodle’s health… and that’s just a short list. At times I wonder if life will ever slow down or is this just how 32 feels? Like is this just the state of life forever? I can’t decide. It all feels quite overwhelming at times, which leads to me not posting as consistently in this space as I’d like.

These are just some thoughts I’ve had as I pour over your initial feedback to the reader survey I shared yesterday. You guys always seem to know when something is up and it’s so appreciated.

This weekend I’m taking time to do stuff that I love: go to a flea market, make pancakes, and catch up on my reading. The pile of stuff that’s been living on the Eames chair in the living room for months has finally been put away, so all I really want to do is tuck into a good book with tea and a cozy blanket.

I hope you enjoy your weekend!

A Day Without a Woman

Hi guys, just popping in to let you know that tomorrow I will not be posting here or on social media in order to stand up for the human rights of women and gender non-conforming people. I hope that you’ll join me by taking the day off from paid and unpaid labor, not shopping for a day, and wearing red in solidarity with A Day Without Women. You can read more about it here.

We’ll be back Thursday.

ps – if you’re unable to take the day off from work, I loved Brit & Co’s tips on how to support this cause if you can’t skip work.