for your friday

TRAVEL TIME! I'm heading to Miami for the weekend + would love your tips! leave 'em in the comments on

Happy weekend, you guys! I’m writing this from the plane cuz I’m on my way to Miami. It’s my bff’s bachelorette party, meaning that 8 of us are convening in Miami for some sun, drinks, and girl time. It’s kinda crazy to admit it, but this is my first bachelorette party and my first time visiting Miami… and I’ve never traveling with 7 other women before. Adventures all around! I’ve been mentally preparing myself by watching this. Juuuust kidding.

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meet the all new Jojotastic!

SUPER EXCITING NEWS! we just launched a totally redesigned website for — be sure to check out all of the new features and sign up for our weekly newsletter.

Notice anything different?? Today’s the day for my new site! This is a loooong time coming, you guys. All new logo, new fonts, new color palette… it’s all brand spankin’ new and I couldn’t be more excited to share this with you.

A few of my favorite additions:

New look: Not gonna lie, the hot pink felt a bit… dated after 3 years of looking at it. I wanted the design of the site to feel clean and fresh, but also timeless. By stripping away most of the color and cleaning things up, the images (my favorite part) speak even more. For me, the focus of this blog has always been the visuals and this new design really highlights that. Also, the logo itself makes me REALLY happy. It’s quirky and cute, definitely more ‘me’ than my past site. All around, this new site is the perfect place to show how my style and aesthetic has evolved.

Newsletter: Yup, we’re launching a weekly newsletter! I’m hoping that it will offer you more of a glimpse into my life, with lots of sneak peeks. Be sure to sign up to receive exclusive content + some of my favorite finds of the week (and maybe some sale alerts so you can get your shop on). Click here to join our mailing list!

Portfolio: I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching on the business side of things here at Jojotastic. I want to be more of a resource for both brands and individuals for a wide range of projects. From designing product lines to creating social media strategies and providing Pinterest growth ideas, the portfolio section will showcase my favorite work and how I’ve worked with clients in the past. Interested in working together? Shoot me an email!

We are still working out a few kinks, so if you notice anything weird on the site, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading along!

Photography by Meghan Klein.

ps — many thanks to my designer Ash Huang and developer Joe McGill for working on this project and creating such a gorgeous new space for me to share inspiration!

thoughts on my first month of homeownership

getting REAL and HONEST today on the blog: sharing my thoughts on my first month of homeownership. thinking of buying a home? pin for later & read more on

Confession: I’m writing this blog post in a fit of anger at my newly purchased fixer upper. The fact is that my first month of homeownership has NOT gone swimmingly… not even remotely. I’m not really sure why I thought it would go well, or every remotely bearable, but the truth is that nothing could have prepared me for what I’ve learned during these past 30 days. It’s a combination of stuff I wish people had told me (I probably wouldn’t have listened anyways) and personal limitations/hangups. My hope is that in sharing these things with you, I’ll feel less alone in this ridiculous struggle with a 1908 bungalow that I’m borderline convinced is trying to break my spirit (75% joking).

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a very realistic birthday wish list + turning 31

today on the blog: sharing a few thoughts about my 31st birthday + looking back at where I was last year. read the whole essay on

What a year it’s been… I turn 31 on Friday and I’m feeling really introspective, mostly because the massive amount of change I’ve experienced at 30. Last year, I wrote about desperately needed stability especially in my home environment while also dipping my toe back into the dating pool. My, how things have changed: I’m in love, I own my first home, I’m in a city that I love and call home, I’m successfully running my own business. All really, really good stuff. Without being too cryptic, this is a vastly huge departure from where I was a few years ago and I am so deeply grateful. I can’t help but look back, but WOW how far I’ve come…

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2016 reader survey results!

the results are in! check out what readers thought of my 2016 reader survey on the blog (hint: lots more posts about renovations in my new house!):

Wayyy too much time has passed since I asked you guys for your thoughts in my first ever reader survey — and, WOW. I seriously could not appreciate you all taking the time to fill it out, but also for leaving such thoughtful feedback. I really have taken your comments to heart and have so many plans to improve the blog going forward, especially now that I know what you love (and hate). I thought it would be fun to share a bit about what I learned through this process:

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omg i bought a house

frilly white and pink tulips, the perfect spring bouquet in a simple brown earthenware pitcher

You guys, I did it — I bought a house! As of 11 am today, I will have signed all of the closing papers and will have keys in hand on Wednesday. This doesn’t feel real to me at all… I’m guessing it will continue to feel surreal up until the movers show up to take my things to the house. I absolutely cannot wait. As a studio apartment dwell since I graduated, I’ve never had a bedroom door or a yard. I’ve dealt with disrespectful downstairs neighbors, 4 am dumpster slamming, and countless construction sites (and that’s just in my most recent apartment). That first night’s sleep in my new home… it’s going to be amazing.

I want to also thank you all for your encouragement, advice, and kind words through this whole process. It has all meant the world to me. I can’t wait to show you photos of the space, plus I’m working on shooting the loft for one, last home tour of that space! Be sure to stay tuned.

image via Instagram.

2016 reader survey

calling all blog readers! i'd love your feedback on how i'm doing. head to to complete the 2016 reader survey (and enter to win $50 to shop on Amazon)

Pardon the interruption, but I need your help! I’m working on a totally new design for this site (woo) and brainstorming ways to make this space even better and more inspiring for you guys. I’ve never done this before, so I’m a little nervous. Please help me better understand what you love, like, and even hate by filling out this survey. I urge you to be totally honest — hate something? I wanna know! This survey will be live for a week, so please leave your feedback and thoughts:

Here’s a link if the above widget isn’t loading for you.

And to thank you for your time, I’m running a bit of a giveaway! Make sure you enter your email address on the survey to enter to win a $50 gift card to Amazon. This is coming out of my own pocket, you guys — that’s how important your feedback is to me!

Thanks so much!