so thankful.

Thinking of Thanksgiving and sharing what I'm most thankful for this year. Check out my must-read personal essay on the blog:

I find myself feeling really introspective these days. 2016 has certainly been quite a full year for me (and for the world in general) and it’s not even over yet! I’ve had quite a full year, with SO many ups and downs. It’s dizzying to even think about it all. Something that’s been helping me feel a bit better about decisions I’ve made is looking back with a sense of gratitude. Essentially, always approaching these reflections from a place of thankfulness. And boy, do I have so much for which I am thankful. Here’s a quick list:

  • To you guys, my amazing readers & followers. I’m so grateful that you’ve chosen to seek out my funny little corner of the internet and that you continue to come back. I wouldn’t be able to create awesome content without your continued support.
  • To Sean, for always supporting my harebrained schemes and indulging in my every whim.
  • To my friends and family, for also supporting my need to be totally independent, creative, and kooky.
  • To my grandpa, for giving me my first true home.
  • To the incredible brands who partner with me and my fantastic styling clients, for embracing my vision.

I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving and encourage you to make your own list of what’s got you feeling so thankful! I’ll be back on Friday with my annual Black Friday sale round up + shopping list, so be sure to check back in.

xo – Joanna

Photography by Meghan Klein — see more of this centerpiece here!

style // still a nasty woman

style // still a nasty woman. gravel and gold boob t shirt, graphic tee, madewell light colored denim jeans, black fringe vintage biker jacket, burgundy leather clogs — more street style inspiration on

It’s with a heavy heart that I write this post. The thing is that we had shot these photos on November 4, well before the votes were cast and tallied. I had planned to post these photos in celebration of her election, to show just how much I cared about electing a female president. I was that confident in the world and future that Hillary Clinton envisioned and inspired me to want so very badly.  And yet… here I sit, still in tears over the results, and so, so angry. There, I said it. My disappointment runs deep and I’m really struggling to shake it.

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taking a moment to reset during the holidays + Pure Leaf Tea

Sharing tips for taking a moment to reset during the holidays + my favorite way to get a peaceful moment with @pureleaf — read more on #pureleafhomebrew #feedfeed #ad (plus find out more about a great giveaway!)

The holidays and this hectic time of year can really throw me off course and wear me out in a big way — and I know I’m not alone in this feeling. This time of year can come with so much pressure. Pressure to find the perfect gift, not over-cook the turkey, keep the house clean for guests, remain cool, calm, and chipper… all of those things can really wear on me and leaf to a Joanna who’s not so much fun to be around, if you know what I mean. Recently Pure Leaf and The FeedFeed reached out to me to share some of my tips on how I maintain my perspective during the holiday season (and beyond), so I was excited to share those tips with you guys, something that I’ve definitely worked on over the years!

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November 9

when the world is super crazy, I like to squeeze my furry friend, long haired dachshund. doesn't a wiener dog help everything? more on

You guys… I really try not to get political in this space, rather choosing to inspire you with pretty photos, fun projects, and recipes you’ll want to make. But today… today I just can’t. I’m just too damn overwhelmed. The truth is that I don’t know what to say, especially with so much already being said. If ever there was a day to skip social media, this is it. Nothing is really helping to ease the mood, but I keep recalling one snippet over and over: the sun will continue to rise and set and rise… and on and on. I don’t know why that helps, because when I really think about it, my anxiety-fueled mind jumps to some really atrocious places we’ve been already. Regardless of how bad things may feel and how upended the world is, we have a fresh day and I’m trying so very hard to stay positive. I don’t entirely know what I’m being positive about yet… unity? progress? compassion? Unclear. But, alas, I prefer to distract myself. I have some really great posts of which I’m really proud scheduled for the next few days and I hope that they will inspire you and somehow soothe your soul a little bit.

And here’s a photo of a wiener dog because squeezing her is giving me some mild comfort. I’d love to hear what, if anything, is helping you today.

essentials for the first-time homeowner + what I’ve learned after 6 months

Today on the blog I'm sharing my essentials for the first-time homeowner + what I've learned after 6 months — head to to read more! #AmexAmbassador @americanexpress #bluecasheveryday

It’s been a while since I last gave you guys an update about what I’ve learned as a first time homeowner and, WOW, so much has happened. I thought it was about time to share what I’ve learned. Also, I’m excited to announce that I’m now working with American Express and their Blue Cash Everyday Card, which I personally use and helps make my everyday more epic. These days I’m all about entertaining friends and family in my new home, so getting 3% cash back on U.S. grocery store purchases (for example) when I use my card is majorly beneficial.

Today I’m sharing my list of essentials that I think every first-time homeowner needs, plus ways to reward yourself for all of that hard work, too!

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I’m back + what I learned during my ‘vision quest’

I'm back from my 'vision quest' road trip + 2 weeks of living off the grid. Read my personal essay and find out what I learned on

Hi, guys! I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I’m back from my ‘vision quest’ as my friends came to call it — and also that I so deeply appreciate the amazing support and love that I received when I shared this post. I genuinely didn’t know how you guys would respond, so to be on the receiving end of such kindness was truly inspiring. I’ve never taken off like this and gone totally off the grid. I literally logged out of all of my social media accounts and did not check my email for 2 whole weeks. I had no idea what I’d come back to — would you all be totally over me and my drama and not want to follow the blog anymore? Would my Instagram get hacked and then removed? Seriously, these are the thoughts of a social media addict who knows she has a problem. The first few days were rough because I found myself slipping into what I call The Cycle: see how many likes and new comments are on Instagram, refresh email, see if there are new comments on Facebook, post a few more snaps, think up something witty for Twitter, refresh email, pin a few more ideas for my dream kitchen… The Cycle just goes and goes, so while I was off the grid, I quickly became hyper-aware of it and totally nipped it in the bud. I’ve been back since last Friday, but ever since I’ve been way more cognizant of how and when I use my phone and the internet.

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the mountains are calling and I must go

The mountains are calling and I must go. Sharing some personal news on the blog today... head to to read all about it

(Confession: I’ve always wanted to use that as an Instagram caption.)

I’m gonna get real in this post, guys. Get ready. Basically, I am leaving tomorrow for a 2 week long solo road trip. While the blog has continued to run and look like everything is peachy keen, the fact is that things have not been great for me lately. The past few months have been incredibly hard and not for any one particular reason, but for a multitude of reasons all piling up and feeling overwhelmingly crushing. I started to list them as I write this post and when it’s all spelled out, it seems so trivial — work has been slow… I’m not able to rock climb because of an injury… I’m constantly exhausted and struggling to maintain focus. The list goes on and on, but at the root of it is that I struggle with depression. I have for years and I’ve touched on it here, but never in a big way. Currently, the deep dark abyss is looming and I know it. But here’s the thing, I’ve been there before and I am not going back. I refuse. So it’s time to do something about it.

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