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vintage wallpaper found during bedroom renovation of a 1908 fixer upper bungalow.

Happy Friday, you guys! This post is publishing a little late in the day, sorry about that. I feel like apologizing for being late is the story of my life these days thanks to the exhausting work of balancing running the blog and renovating the bedroom at the same time. If you’ve caught my Instagram stories lately, you know why… we are deep in the throes of renovating the bedroom and it is hard work. I have found this process to not only be physically taxing, but also emotionally draining. It’s hard to see the biggest expense of your life ripped down to bare studs. I’ve also found that digging deeper (literally) into my home has made my love for it grow to proportions I never thought possible. Like as we were stripping away over 17 (SEVENTEEN) layers of wallpaper yesterday, my heart was bursting with love for this tiny home of mine and all of it’s rich history. Be sure to stay tuned to my stories this weekend, lots more renovation glimpses coming!

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1 year anniversary of homeownership + visual diary

it's the 1 year anniversary of buying my first house, a fixer upper! What a year it's been... lots of adventures, renovations, makeover reveals, and yard work! Check out the full visual diary on

YOU GUYS. It’s officially been one year since I closed on #mytinybungalow (or #mytinyshitshow as I refer to it IRL) and what a freaking year. This has felt like both the longest and shortest year of my life. I have so many words to describe how I’ve felt about this past year of homeownership: frustrated, overwhelmed, emotional, proud, accomplished, depressed, joyful, totally broke, humbled… and so many more. I’ve alway viewed this house as a list of things I need to fix. Sometimes that boosted me to do more, but it also made me feel like I wasn’t doing enough and wasn’t doing it fast enough. I’ve sort of been keeping a running list in my head and lately noticed that I actually have made solid progress in this past year… so I wanted to share my progress report with you in celebration of this anniversary… and some of the unscripted, un-styled, very REAL stories that have come with this year, too:

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style // my mom jeans uniform (& my first grey hair??)

2017 is the year I turn 32. My birthday isn’t for another month, but I’m really starting to contemplate my age more and more lately. There’s a significance to all of the anniversaries I’ve been experiencing lately: the 2 year anniversary of my grandfather’s passing, the 2 year anniversary of me moving back to Seattle, the 1 year anniversary of me buying my house. It all feels like some major adult shit… and as my therapist says, I enjoy tiptoeing along the line of rebelling and wanting to stay young, wild, and free while also being pretty damn good at adulting.

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Drynuary // what I learned when I stopped drinking for a month

Personal Essay - what I learned when i stopped drinking for a month! Inspiration for self-care and reflection.

You guys, happy February! I’ve never been this stoked for a new month. You see, we decided to participate in “Drynuary,” which means we essentially stopped drinking for an entire month. January 2017 has been… grueling, to say the least. What a month to take go on a wine hiatus. But it wasn’t all bad; I learned a LOT about myself, my habits, and how I practice self-care in general. A lot of you were really encouraging (especially on Instagram where I was most vocal/complain-y), so I thought a recap of sorts was a good idea.

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a few thoughts on cohabitation, omg

Moving in together? Here’s my personal essay on this big step in our relationship, cohabitation! Get all of my tips and offer up some much-needed advice on

Over the past few months, the boyfriend and I have been discussing moving in together. Yup, COHABITATION. Big steps. I mean, we basically already live together because I have a comfortable house and he has a sailboat that isn’t the warmest during the winter months. We eat our meals together, our dogs are always together, we share laundry duties. On some practical level, cohabitation is nothing especially new… but putting a label on it is, especially in #mytinybungalow. Did you know that it doesn’t have a single closet and measures at 640 sqft total? And those are just my practical thoughts. There are so many other things to think about… perhaps you guys have some advice?

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my 2017 resolutions and goals (both personal & business!)

Happy new year! It's time to set some goals and declare my resolutions for 2017, both for my small business and personal goals. Find out my resolutions and get inspired on

Happy 2017, you guys! I hope you had an amazing holiday, but now it’s time to get down to business and back to our regularly scheduled programming… Last year I set some goals and then promptly forgot about them. Little did I know that I’d dive head-first into the home buying process and that I’d get totally thrown off track because of that huge moment in my life. 2016 certainly brought many ups and downs, many of which threw me off track. This year, I want to focus on the simple stuff. Here are a few goals and resolutions for 2017:

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happy holidays 2016

All-white Winter tablescape and styling inspiration — see more on

Wow, I’m sort of having a mini crisis over how quickly this holiday season went! Christmas is in just 2 days and I find myself with so much to do still. But really, I know I need to stay in the moment and enjoy it. I’m excited to stay in my first home for Christmas this year. This feels like another milestone in my path of homeownership. Everything has been a first: my first wreath, my first time decorating my porch with twinkly lights, my first tree. It’s all so exciting and daunting. I sort of put a lot of pressure on myself this year and it’s not all working out. Like my holiday cards… I had grand visions of sending those out super early so that everyone would have my new mailing address (mostly because I love getting lots of holiday cards in the mail). And I wanted to find a design that was all about having a new home because I was soooo proud of that. Did I do any of that? Nope. I ordered my holiday cards on Dec. 20 and they are New Year’s themed because that is simply the best I can do right now. And I just sort of have to be ok with it and focus on what’s really important — savoring the moments of my first Christmas in my first house. Because that is what I’ll remember years from now.

Anyways, I hope you guys have an amazing holiday full of joy, happiness, and lotssss of good food. I’m planning to take next week off, except for one post that I’m really excited about (hint: it’s a behind-the-scenes glimpse unlike you’ve ever seen before here!).

xo, Joanna

p.s. this photo is a fun iPhone snap of some of my recent styling work! More on that to come…