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inauguration protest artwork by @samhahn. free printable download art for women's marches to protest trump.

Today is a big deal, you guys. A terrible, terrible man is being sworn in as our President and I don’t really have the words to express my feelings. I’m pretty much lacking any eloquent response to this moment in history. Nor do I have much insight to share with you. I’m just plain sad (no exclamation point). I will marching tomorrow here in Seattle and urge you to do so, as well. My friend and artist Samantha Hahn created these incredible free downloadable posters for you to carry during the marches — I urge you to check them out, print them, and use them.

In case you need a distraction from the madness of the Inauguration, here are my favorite reads of the week:

I’m lusting after Robin’s blazer in a BIG way. Check it out here.

Proof that I need to learn how to needle felt ASAP.

Pretty damn jealous of House of Hipsters latest renovation project. The materials are goooorg.

An amazing guide for buying vintage from House of Brinson.

There are so many things to obsess over in this makeover: the mirror, the wallpaper, the art… OMG.

I shared my favorite boho rugs for a kitchen over on Rugs Direct this week.

Grace from The Stripe is my go-to for 2 things: beauty recommendations and books. Here’s her January reading list.

Artwork shared with permission from Samantha Hahn.

the Artifact Uprising float frame + a giveaway

a boho-minimalist bedroom makeover, featuring the lucite and brass Float Frame from Artifact Uprising! Plus, enter the giveaway to win a frame for your own home! All of the details are on @artifactuprsng and travel photography by @heydanfredo of Cinque Terre

For this post I received products to review from Artifact Uprising. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

My good friend Danielle and I have a lot in common: we’re both creative, we both have wiener dogs, and we’re both making over our homes. Recently Artifact Uprising reached out to share the news of their Float Frame and I knew it would be the perfect addition to her and her husband’s master bedroom — especially with a travel photo from their romantic trip to Italy! Keep reading to check out all of the gorgeous details + you can enter to a Float Frame for your own home!

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gift guide // for the art collector

the ultimate gift guide for the art collector, art connoisseur, or just anyone who loves to hang unique kinds of art in their home! Shop the full gift guide on

I might have gone to art school, but I’m not exactly an art connoisseur. That being said, I do love to shop for art and am constantly changing up the different paintings, weavings, photos, and vintage pieces that are hanging in my home. I’m sure we’ve all got someone who qualifies as a modern art collector in our lives. Here are some of my top picks for gifts this holiday season:

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drawn + downloadable

drawn + downloadable — free artwork for your phone, tablet, and computer by Jojotastic. download more colors and artwork on

For this week’s downloadable art for your phone, tablet, or computer I wanted to switch things up and give you guys artwork that’s more expressionistic, more fluid… and way less pattern-driven. Sometimes while I’m watching trashy TV (ahem, The Bachelorette), I grab my trusty sketchbook and just paint whatever comes to mind. I’ve never been good at painting anything true-to-life. Instead, my favorite thing to do is just do what comes naturally and see what I can make with it when the paint dries. I wanted this artwork to feel like miniature abstract paintings for your tech, with a bit of a color study thrown in for fun!

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drawn + downloadable

Today’s downloadable art comes from one my suuuper old sketchbooks. I have a habit of keeping lots of inexpensive sketchbooks on hand in which I am always doodling (this is my favorite sketchbook). It’s actually more like an exercise in mark making. I never actually draw anything as I want it to look. Instead, I am able to envision the pieces that I need, then I draw or paint them. From there, I prefer to scan my drawings into Photoshop and manipulate them that way. This wave-inspired artwork was created that way!

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Chipper Things + giveaway

I am all for adding little things in my day to day life that make me smile — and the playful prints from Chipper Things do exactly that! What first began as the brainchild of illustrator, graphic designer, and author Becky Simpson, is now a collection of giftable goodies tattooed with art that celebrates the simple things in life through a cheerful lens.

When Joanna ordered the Should I Wash My Hair Today? print (pictured above) for her bathroom I started looking through the rest of her prints and fell in love with her zany sense of humor and flowing brushstrokes. Keep on reading for a special discount code + enter for three chances to win $50 to shop the collection!

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drawn + downloadable

drawn + downloadable — free artwork for your phone, tablet, and computer by Jojotastic. download more colors and artwork on

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that there’s a new Drake album… and, confession time, I can’t get enough! The album was on loop basically all weekend long. It’s on Spotify, so be sure to give it a listen. Maybe that’s why today’s downloadable wallpapers feel so funky-fresh? I wanted the artwork to feel summery in color with a palette that I am always drawn to: juicy, rich, saturated tones of aqua and magenta, with with faded complementary hues. The artwork is a bit bohemian + geometric, but still in my painterly hand. I love when my art feels slightly unfinished and imperfect — I’m not one to make sure the lines are straight. I kept it loose and full of movement for this one!

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