DIY // a rustic centerpiece to celebrate figs & the end of summer

DIY a rustic centerpiece to celebrate figs & the end of summer. get the full flower arrangement tutorial on

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I’ve been noticing that end-of-summer feeling more and more. Our mornings are cooler and the produce has definitely changed at the market. For one, figs are everywhere and I am definitely not mad about it. I adore fig season, so I asked Sarah from The Stemmery to incorporate them into a rustic centerpiece for my next dinner party. She suggested really letting the rich color of the figs pop by using only ivory-white flowers and I thought it was genius. Without further ado, let’s learn how Sarah assembled this gorgeous, rustic centerpiece!

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DIY // macramé cafe lights for your patio or deck

Twisted macramé rope and antiqued bells dress up simple cafe lights for a cool, boho look.

Let’s just get one thing out of the way, shall we? Cords are ugly. There’s a reason professional stylists Photoshop them out of shots — because they can muck up a perfectly pretty picture with in-your-face utilitarianism that feels anything but chic.

That’s why I was so thrilled with Joanna came to me with an idea to dress up some plain cafe lights for her patio. By using a simple macramé knot (which absolutely anyone can master) and some antiqued golden bells for a little extra oomph, we created charming cafe lights that look like a bohemian masterpiece. So grab some cotton cording, park yourself in front of your favorite show to binge watch (this project takes some time to complete) and get knotting!

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DIY // geometric tassel earrings

Make these pretty geometric tassel earrings in under a half an hour!

I’m extra excited to share this post, because it takes me back to my first crafting love: jewelry making. Stringing rainbow-hued pony beads onto sparkly plastic cord in elementary school was basically my gateway drug into the world of DIY. Luckily, my tastes have matured a bit over the years, and now I’ve moved on to silk tassels and brass charms.

My goal whenever I make jewelry now is make it look anything but homemade. The key to this is using quality materials and having the right tools on hand. Needle-nose pliers are a must have, because they allow you to easily create finished loops. Other than that, this project is a total breeze! In less than 30 minutes you’ll be in the possession of a pair of statement-making geometric tassel earrings that are so polished and on trend people will be asking where you bought them.

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DIY // a wildflower arrangement straight from the market

If there’s one topic I’ve wanted to share more of on this blog, it would be floral arrangements. I absolutely love love love flowers, but florist, I am not. That’s why I am so thrilled to introduce our new Floral DIY contributor, Sarah of The Stemmery. Sarah is just the person to help bring to life all of the ideas I desperately want to do, but lack the skills to actually pull off. For example, I asked her to create a flower arrangement that looked like you’d just gone to a summer farmers market and filled a tote with wildflowers instead of veggies. And this is what she created! Amazing, huh?

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DIY // interchangeable clay garden markers

Dress up your garden with these pretty markers made from oven-bake clay. Get the full DIY at

Can we talk about Joanna’s garden for a minute? Never mind the beautiful flowers and chickens and wiener dogs running around, those planter boxes are basically bursting at the seams with lush kale, chard, herbs and more. It’s a major urban farming success story (and makes me extremely jealous of her yard!) and it deserved to be dressed up a little bit with some pretty garden markers to help differentiate the fennel from the dill — I’m looking at you, Oprah.

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DIY floral centerpiece by The Stemmery (a floral subscription service!)

learn how to make this gorgeous springtime centerpiece for entertaining. The DIY arrangement includes Cottage Yarrow, Ranunculus, Seeded Eucalyptis, Queen Anne’s Lace, Tulips. Get the full tutorial on

Yesterday’s small space entertaining tablescape was seriously one of my favorite shoots of all time… and part of the reason why is because of the gorgeous centerpiece by The Stemmery. I’m of the mindset that flowers make everything better, so I grabbed a vintage pitcher and let Sarah go to work building the perfect springtime bouquet.

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DIY // boho pom pom + tassel umbrella

April showers bring May flowers! Prepare for those rainy days with this DIY boho pom pom and tassel clear bubble umbrella. Get the full craft tutorial on

Hi guys, just chiming in to introduce our new DIY editor, Hannah of Homemade Banana! She’s a DIY and crafting pro with super cute style and a some really fun, fresh ideas to share. I’m excited to switch things up a bit and showcase Hannah’s great projects and voice! — Joanna

Here in Seattle, we’re well-versed in the art of rainy day style. Galoshes are an absolute must-have and a good raincoat is indispensable… but for those cool, grey days when April showers seem endless and May flowers seem so far away, desperate measures must be taken. It’s no secret that Joanna is a big fan of all things tassel related, so it seemed only logical to fight the rainy day doldrums with a beautifully bohemian umbrella decked out in colorful handmade tassels — and a few pom poms for good measure.

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