jewelry by WKNDLA

handmade modern, statement jewelry by WKNDLA. learn more and shop the collection on

My love for WKNDLA is definitely well-documented, from this blog post to the fact that one of Cindy’s tassels hangs on every available doorknob in my house! Lately I’ve noticed on her Instagram that she’s stepped into the world of jewelry design and I just had to share her incredible pieces.

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window shopping // embroidered denim (for under $100!)

source: BDG floral embroidered denim jacket

There are so many amazing trends out there right now, but one of my absolute favorites this year is embroidered denim. As I’ve been prepping my wardrobe for fall I can’t help but notice how many options there are. I tend not to invest too heavily in trend pieces for my wardrobe because I figure I’ll get a few seasons of wear out of them before I move onto something else. Here are some of my favorite finds, all under $100!

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my (new) favorite graphic tees on Etsy

my (new) favorite vintage inspired graphic tees on Etsy. get the full resource list on

Did you know there are 250 pages of graphic tees on Etsy? Yeah… and most of them are kitschy sayings about bridesmaids, wine, and Grey’s Anatomy (or some combination of all 3). Given my style rut, I’m relying on my trusty graphic tees + jeans combo a lot these days. I just scrolled through thousands of options on Etsy, so you don’t have to! Here are some of my favorites:

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personal essay // i have nothing to wear.

I have nothing to wear. A personal essay about what happens when your body changes and you don't know how to dress it. Read more on

I haven’t really thought this post through completely and, warning, it might get a little complain-y. Lately, I’ve been having this feeling that I have nothing to wear. Nothing feels right, nothing makes me feel cute or sexy or like what I have on is flattering. It all just feels blah and totally unspecial. A big part of it is that my body has changed a lot. I spent all winter and spring training and working out. Now that I’ve sat on my butt for 13 weeks with a broken leg, I’ve gotten soft. I definitely have a tummy pooch and only 2 pairs of my jeans fit me now. After working so hard all winter, this just adds one more frustration on top of dealing with a broken leg.

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the friday edit

the friday edit. pink velvet mules, embroidered graphic tee, new herbivore botanicals toner, rachel comey earrings.

Happy Friday, you guys! In case you missed my update on Instagram Stories, I finally have good news about my leg. I saw my doctor 2 days ago and he’s really happy with the results from last Friday’s small surgery. The gap between the broken bits has closed more and it’s definitely looking way more promising in there. And here’s the best news: I don’t need to wear the clunky, heavy boot around anymore! I’m beyond thrilled about that. It’s still hurts a bit to put weight on my leg, but my mobility is improving more and more each day. It finally feels like some progress is being made in my healing and I couldn’t be happier.

Here’s some stuff I’ve been eyeing lately…

Velvet is still a huge trend, so I’m kind obsessed with these pink suede mules.

I’m happiest in a tee, especially one with a sassy message. This one says You Little Shit and I love it.

I pretty much love anything from Herbivore Botanicals, so I’m stoked to try the new Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner.

This bag. OMG.

I desperately want these statement earrings.

Have a great weekend!

DIY // geometric tassel earrings

Make these pretty geometric tassel earrings in under a half an hour!

I’m extra excited to share this post, because it takes me back to my first crafting love: jewelry making. Stringing rainbow-hued pony beads onto sparkly plastic cord in elementary school was basically my gateway drug into the world of DIY. Luckily, my tastes have matured a bit over the years, and now I’ve moved on to silk tassels and brass charms.

My goal whenever I make jewelry now is make it look anything but homemade. The key to this is using quality materials and having the right tools on hand. Needle-nose pliers are a must have, because they allow you to easily create finished loops. Other than that, this project is a total breeze! In less than 30 minutes you’ll be in the possession of a pair of statement-making geometric tassel earrings that are so polished and on trend people will be asking where you bought them.

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vintage babe chic from DÔEN

vintage babe chic from @shopdoen bohemian boho peasant top and style via jojotastic on

I’m not gonna lie, having a broken leg and wearing an unsightly air boot is really cramping my sartorial senses. This summer has found me living in t-shirt dresses, with the occasional pair of cut offs thrown into the mix. The look is pretty basic and I’m very over it, especially after discovering these gorgeous pieces from DÔEN. This is the vibe that I want to be my everyday style: vintage, chic, babelicious, and reminiscent of the western prairie.

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