that fringe feelin'
Stephanie is a lifestyle and fashion blogger based in Atlanta, GA.  The adoption of her second daughter inspired her to launch her latest site, HER NEW TRIBE, where she covers fashion and shares inspiration.  Stephanie is the style editor of Clementine Daily, and can be found on her Pinterest and Instagram.
Rarely do I get wrapped up in a trend or romanced by the look of the moment.  I have a uniform of sorts, and for the most part I stick to it. My typical formula consists of classics with a twist and feminine paired with masculine (or maybe the other way around).  I wouldn’t say I’m conservative, just cautious.  I’m terrified of being called trendy, leery of joining the crowd and having my style dictated to me through trend reports and runways. – BUT – As I get older I realize that my classics can sometimes read serious and my borrowed-from-the-boys looks could be called boring, yipes!  Time to try something new.
that fringe feelin'
Suddenly I’m feeling fringe.
I’m not talking about a statement making flapper dress, or the fringe trimmed chaps cowboys wore in old Westerns.  Modern fringe is sleeker, edgier, and chicer.  Subtle trimmings added in just the right places, clean sharp lines adorning clutches and coats, thready knits cozy for day, and swingy skirts and dresses for night.
that fringe feelin' that fringe feelin' that fringe feelin' that fringe feelin' that fringe feelin' that fringe feelin'
My plan — only wear one piece with fringe at a time, keep things neutral and avoid bright colors or patterns, and tone down accessories and makeup when wearing bolder pieces.  Fringe adds texture and tons of movement.  Fringe is fun and flirty, and just what my winter wardrobe needs!
that fringe feelin' that fringe feelin' that fringe feelin' that fringe feelin'What about yours?
throwback thursday // layering with free people outtakes

It’s #tbt (throw back Thursday for those not in the know) on Instagram, so I figured why not share some of the awesome outtakes of my Lesson in Layering with Free People shoot. These are seriously some of the best photos taken over me ever, so I like to keep them around to remind myself that I can look glamorous and put together… especially while I’m stuck at home with the flu like today. I know don’t know about you, but when I feel like crap, a reminder like this helps boost my ego.

throwback thursday // layering with free people outtakesthrowback thursday // layering with free people outtakesthrowback thursday // layering with free people outtakesFor this one, Ashley directed me to run out into the street and look back at her… almost as if to say, “hey, I’m going somewhere fun and slight dangerous. Come with me!” throwback thursday // layering with free people outtakes

Photography by Ashley Batz

get the look // moody pastels

Fall is truly upon us, muting colors and encouraging general coziness. Right now I’m especially loving what I call ‘moody pastels.’ This palette can range from tones of pale rose, ivory and sand, even bleached out shades of coral. It’s romantic and feminine in feel, but still very autumnal and cozy. When I look at this moodboard, I think of flickering candles, cashmere sweaters, and sumptuously lacy undergarments.

get the look // moody pastelsTouches of gold and white are a great way to round out moody pastels. Also, don’t be afraid of drama like these incredible palazzo pants.

I’m definitely planning to stock up on a few new coats this fall and I think this pale rose coat is at the top of the list. I love how the shape is similar to a blazer.
get the look // moody pastels

get the look // moody pastelsSo what do you think of this color palette and moodboard?

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links for moodboard: thigh hi socks from Free People, flowers and lingerie (if anyone knows the actual sources, please let me know!)

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my rules for cleaning out my closet

Just this week I went on a rampage. I felt totally overwhelmed and felt like I HAD to do something about cleaning out my closet. Clothes were spilling off of shelves, jackets were layered over buttondowns over tanks — you get the picture. It was chaos and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I’m pretty sure it all started with this pin. There was just something about it that spoke to me on many, many levels. First, from an organizational standpoint, I loved how cleanly laid out everything is. I mean, there’s space between the hangers. I also appreciated that this felt like one person’s closet, sort of like this one person spoke one language… as opposed to having a million different takes on her personal style. I knew it was time to do a deep dive and take no prisoners.

my rules for cleaning out my closet my rules for cleaning out my closetHere were a few rules that I used while sorting:

  • Everything must be moved. Basically this means that I completely emptied my closet. If you don’t physically touch an item, there’s more of a chance you’ll keep it because it’s been forgotten in some dark corner.
  • Set a time limit. My rule was that if I hadn’t worn it since Philly, it’s gone. (This does not apply to my winter coats. I kept most of them, just in case! Or are those the words of hoarder…?)
  • If it’s stained, torn, broken beyond repair, it has no place in my closet.

my rules for cleaning out my closet my rules for cleaning out my closet

  • If it’s not flattering… I think we know the answer.
  • If I never wore it, I’m listing it to sell online (more on that to come — I’m thinking of hosting an online yard sale!)
  • No one needs half the vintage crap I’ve hoarded because I may need it for a costume party or for design inspiration or this or that…

my rules for cleaning out my closetMy actual closet space is weird because I converted my largest closet into a bedroom nook. The remaining closet is very long and thin, so I use an industrial rolling rack from Uline to make use of the narrow space. This is especially good for me because I am such a visual person. Basically, I need my clothes to be in my face for me to actually know what I have. Another part of getting organized meant that I only kept things that fit on my rolling rack. From there, I organized it by color to make getting dressed even easier for me.

my rules for cleaning out my closetmy rules for cleaning out my closetI know it still looks like a lot of clothes, but this is a vast improvement over where I was. Can you believe I used to have almost twice this much clothing??

photography by Jojotastic

let interiors inspire your outfit

What if a room was used to inspire an outfit? The first time I saw this photo by Brittany Ambridge, I was completely inspired. I just love the warmth, the touches of ebony wood, even the wobbly, bohemian geometrics. I was especially inspired by color palette within this room. The neutrals range from stark white to warm ivory to natural beige, and yet they all go really, really well together. I’d even say that the range of neutrals gives this room a cozy, casual feeling. Then there are the pop colors: terra cotta, hot pink, navy, and black. Do not forget the black! If I had to identify one key element within this room, it’s the use of rich, deep black in a restrained, but powerful way.

let interiors inspire your outfitSeriously, this room has so much inspiration for your outfits. From a tangerine-colored car coat to hot pink nails, think of all the possibilities!

let interiors inspire your outfitIf I learned anything from this post, I think it’s the importance of a boldly hued coat for fall. Even if you’re in head-to-toe black or rocking a basic tee and jeans, a pop of tangerine or goldenrod is a really great way to fight off the fall doldrums.

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Isabel Marant  Etiole spring 2015 resort

I know everything is busy fawning over Spring 2015, but I want to back the truck up and talk about Isabel Marant  Etiole spring 2015 resort. Mostly cuz it’s so damn good. This collection captures everything I love so very much about Isabel: layered casualness, bohemian details, a touch of an ethnic vibe… but all with that laid back, pared down look. Also, it’s Etiole, so it’s tooootally affordable (haha) — that’s code for ‘time to start saving now for that awesome sweater, Joanna.’

Isabel Marant  Etiole spring 2015 resort Isabel Marant  Etiole spring 2015 resort Isabel Marant  Etiole spring 2015 resortBut really… that sweater and those sandals. Sigh.

Isabel Marant  Etiole spring 2015 resort Isabel Marant  Etiole spring 2015 resortvia Fashion Gone Rogue

a lesson in layering with free people

The transition into fall is a tricky time for dressing. So when Free People (one of my favorite brands) reached out to me to share my tips for fall layering, I was totally on board. I wanted my look to be casual and carefree, but definitely something I could wear out on the town. I also wanted it to feel a bit edgier now that I’ve dyed my hair pink (!)… but still with soft, feminine touches.

a lesson in layering with free peopleI started by selecting a piece that is really familiar to me, a flowy ivory tunic. Rich in details, this is a piece I would layer over jeans or cutoffs. I love how the crocheted details give it that soft, girly, vintage vibe. Plus, it’s a tad bit sheer, making it feel casually sexy. Then, I layered on another of my ‘must have’ wardrobe pieces, a badass vegan leather moto. There’s that edge I was talkin’ about.

a lesson in layering with free peoplea lesson in layering with free peopleI’m kind of obsessed with my pink hair.

a lesson in layering with free peopleThe tunic is kind of short, so I pulled on a pair of pointelle knee highs for a little bit of coverage to fight the fall chill. The femme details pair nicely with these awesome wrapped leather boots. With their chunky heel and super soft leather, these are a pair of boots I plan to wear all the way through winter.

a lesson in layering with free people a lesson in layering with free peoplea lesson in layering with free peoplea lesson in layering with free peopleThis fall I definitely encourage you to get creative with your layering.

a lesson in layering with free peoplePhotography by Ashley Batz
Disclosure: This is in partnership with Free People.