Working for yourself can be weird… some days you’re totally slammed with work, other days you get to play ‘hookie’ and explore. Lately I’ve been treating myself to more days where I step away from the computer and go out into my city. And these outings don’t even have to be a big deal. Every just popping over to a favorite coffee shop is a good excuse to step away from the desk.

a day in the life // @gap #styldby a day in the life // @gap #styldby a day in the life // @gap #styldbyFor days like this, I opt for pure comfort when getting dressed. Lots of basics and my trusty extra-worn in boyfriend jeans. Oh, and don’t forget the jacket — I’ve been feelin’ this denim bomber jacket when it comes to stylish layering. Let’s be honest here: while it never gets truly cold here in SF, it can get pretty chilly and a t-shirt just won’t cut it. When it comes to shoes, I like a little bit of lift when wearing boyfriend jeans so I can still look feminine — I opted for a pair of my favorite clogs.

a day in the life // @gap #styldbyAnd can we talk about this awesome burn out tee? The sunflower pattern brings back a flood of memories of the ’90s, but in the absolute best way possible. I freakin’ love it. (I might have worn this tee for the past 3 days in a row.)

a day in the life // @gap #styldby a day in the life // @gap #styldbyThis city is basically bursting with color, no matter what the season. I always love to scout out all the brightly hued walls.

a day in the life // @gap #styldbyRecently, I decided to unplug and head to Saint Frank Coffee here in San Francisco for a cappuccino and quiet time. This cafe is an absolute must when visiting SF: delicious pastries and coffee, cute boys, and some of the best natural light I’ve ever witnessed. It’s fun to pick a spot and take in all the sights, if you know what I mean.

a day in the life // @gap #styldby a day in the life // @gap #styldbyI’m such an avid reader, but admittedly, I can only seem to make time for reading right before bed… which tends to result in me falling asleep on the pages. When I’m truly engrossed in a book, the best way for me to stay focused on it is to read in a cafe. Does anyone else do this?

a day in the life // @gap #styldbyphotography by Jason Maistyling & art direction by Jojotastic.

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enter to with this tote bag designed by Yield Design Co #giveaway

Doesn’t it always feel like finding the perfect tote is one of life’s biggest challenges? Ok, sliiight hyperbole, but if you travel as much as I do, you know what I’m talkin’ about. You need the size to be spot on, the fabric to be durable, and the pockets to be in all the right spots. Enter the Tokyo Tote by Yield Design Co. Designers Rachel and Andrew recently re-envisioned this fantastic tote by upgrading the materials with heavier weight canvas and vegetable tanned leather straps. The result is a minimalist bucket-style bag that is functional, timeless, and essential for traveling (if I do say so myself). Oh, and this week I’ve partnered with Yield Design Co to give one away!

enter to with this tote bag designed by Yield Design Co #giveawayEnter below for 7 chances to win. One winner will be chosen at random by Tuesday April 28 at 10:30 am PST. Open to US residents only. Winner will receive 1 Tokyo Tote 2015 edition, valued at $128. Good luck!

yield design co giveaway

enter to with this tote bag designed by Yield Design Co #giveawayimages by Yield Design Co and Kelsey Heinze

goodbye LBD, hello little white dress

It’s a gorgeous spring day in Seattle and it’s inspiring one thought when it comes to getting dressed: all white everything. Last night I picked up a pair of perfectly distressed skinny white jeans and got SO excited to start wearing true, bright white again. And have you noticed how many white dresses are out there these days? So many. It’s clear that spring is here and we can put away those little black dresses for the time being…

goodbye LBD, hello little white dressWhite is the perfect excuse to play with textures, too. Crochet, embroidery, pretty pleats… and don’t forget about fun shapes mod shift dresses or flowy, goddess-y maxi dresses. These pretty frocks have me wondering if I realllllly have to wait until Memorial Day to wear white…goodbye LBD, hello little white dressshop the post (plus a few more favorites):

links: lake date pullover dress from Free People, Mikoh voile maxi dress, Line & Dot pleated mini dress, Free People gnarled vines dress, crochet swing dress from Free People, crochet bell-sleeve frock dress from Urban Outfitters, and drop-waist linen dress from Urban Outfitters.

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forestbound bags & tees - made in new england

If there are two things that I don’t need to add to my wardrobe it would definitely be tees and bags… but but but… I want these by Forestbound. The bags are made of upcycled salvage textiles and are totally durable and utilitarian. Meanwhile, the tees just kinda make me smile. They are hand printed in Boston and designed by Mason McFee. I’ve got my eye set on my new cat lady uniform tee, obviously.

forestbound bags & tees - made in new england forestbound bags & tees - made in new england forestbound bags & tees - made in new englandTalk about the perfect reminder to just relax…forestbound bags & tees - made in new englandimages via Forestbound

want list // shopbop friends & family sale — get 25% off through april 9!

Ok, this post might get me in trouble. I’ve been working with Annie of Live Simply to get my shit together, aka my closet especially. We’ve been purging SO much… but now I have all these empty hangers and Shopbop is having their Friends & Family sale event… I guess I should apologize to Annie in advance?

Here are some of my absolutely must-haves from the sale:

from left to right, top to bottom: Rag & Bone wide leg jeans, 3.1 Phillip Lim soleil bag, 3.1 Phillip Lim martini heels, Isa Tapia block heels, Maiyet Harmony ring, Jerome Dreyfuss fringe pouch, Mara Hoffman midi dress, JETSET top, Free People midi knit dress, Ulla Johnson d’Orsay heels, See by Chloe striped sandals, Acne Studios wedges.

p.s. to get 25% off your Shopbop order, use code SPRING25 at checkout through April 9 at 11:59 pm.

a spring day on the beach @gap #styldby

No matter what the weather, there’s one constant: the dog always needs a walk. Noodle, although small, generally requires at least a couple of good romps a week and sometimes I like to ‘surprise’ him with a spring day on the beach. You can probably tell… the sun didn’t exactly cooperate this time, but that’s no matter, we had fun anyways.

a spring day on the beach @gap #styldby My skin longs for the warmth of the sun, especially during springtime. This season holds such promise, especially the one of warmer days to come. Until then though… I embrace layering in a big way.

I’m usually that girl who doesn’t follow ‘rules’ when it comes to dressing in a seasonally appropriate kind of way. I’m so over winter right now and longing to wear dresses. Layering a leather biker jacket over a dress is a great way to transition your wardrobe into spring’s fickle ways. The floral print of this fit & flare dress has a great spring time feel, don’t you think?

a spring day on the beach @gap #styldbyOne rule of thumb: always carry a beanie. Did anyone else’s mom tell them that 45% of your body heat is lost through your head??

Another rule for spring time beach walks? Wear appropriate footwear. I prefer waterproof galoshes + frilly kneesocks for a flirty, romantic look (hey, what if I run into some hotty surfers?).

a spring day on the beach @gap #styldby a spring day on the beach @gap #styldbyI swear, despite his serious face in these photos, Noodle adores a good romp on the beach. Our beach dates are best spent with him running off, kicking up sand as he goes. He also does this really adorable thing where he rolls around on the warm sand to scratch his back. Those little flippers can only reach so far, I guess.

a spring day on the beach @gap #styldbyphotography by Jason Maistyling & art direction by Jojotastic.

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spring fashion trend // feeling florals

I have a confession to make: I’m feeling florals in a big way right now and it’s really the first time this has ever happened. I used to think that botanical prints and the like were a dime a dozen, nothing really new to think about for my wardrobe or home. But now… something has clicked in my brain. They actually feel fresh, like something I need (read: must) have in my wardrobe this spring.

spring fashion trend // feeling florals www.jojotastic.comThis probably goes hand-in-hand with the whole floral thang, but I’m also really in love with floaty, wispy, chiffon-y layers. I’m thinking wide leg pants that are like individual skirts for each leg, kimonos to wrap up tight on a chilly spring morning, and moody Stevie Nicks maxi dresses.

spring fashion trend // feeling florals www.jojotastic.comOh, and clearly florals have always worked in the home. I’m planning a bit of a bedroom refresh for my new loft and really vibing off of everything romance-inspired. It kind of comes from this sort of immature place instead me that says “hey, I’m 30 and this is my bedroom and I do what I want.” Very mature, indeed.

shop the post: 

House of Holland pouch, floral jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters, floral open poncho from Urban Outfitters, wildflower bundle, maxi skirt from ASOS, floral Vans, floral shams from Urban Outfitters, chiffon maxi dress from French Connection, bodycon dress from Free People.

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