get the look // textural black

When I’m in a hurry, or just feeling uninspired, I tend to pull together my go to look: an all black look, rich with textural fabrics and special details. So as not to look like a somber, gothic blob, I focus on proportions, interesting shapes, and loads of cool texture. Key details like sheer lace, chunky knits, and delicate embroideries make all black ensembles pop, too.

get the look // textural black

When shopping for pieces to add to my all black arsenal, I always look at the details, even when it comes to accessories. Oh, and don’t forget the pretty little underthings (my favorite part).

get the look // textural black

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top image source: Fashion Gone Rogue

perfect for fall: luxe mohair sweater from Datura

Datura has long been in my heart, but this fall’s newest arrivals have it pitter pattering to a whole new beat. That mohair, those shapes! It’s all so good and so very… cozy, but in that cool-French-kid sort of way. These pieces are absolutely perfect for layering over my uniform of a white v-neck (this one is my absolute favorite) and distressed black jeans. It’s been a while since mohair was really on my radar, but there’s something about Datura’s simple shapes and styling that makes this yarn feel totally fresh for fall. I’m also totally into their robe coats, which feel like the perfect weight for ‘fall’ here in San Francisco.

midnight blue kimono robe coat from Datura pink mohair from Daturadraped velvet kimono from DaturaAnd please don’t even get me started about the sumptuous crushed velvet. I’ve been hot on the trail for a kimono this fall and this one feels like The One, if you know what I mean. They say when you fall in love, you know…

all black + a camel overcoat pale pink mohair sweater - LOVE charcoal grey mohair robe coat from Datura

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Somn sleepwear from Elk

As a freelancer, I like to consider myself a pajama connoisseur. Being totally frank, it is rare for me to actually get dressed for the first 5 or 6 hours of the day, if at all. Sorry, but I’m not sorry. I think a large part of it stems from having to wear a uniform every. single. day during my schooling. Yup, I was one of those private school kids. So now, I almost have this… rebellious need to never, ever wear khakis and a button-down again. These days, that means pajamas and right now I am currently lusting after the Somn sleepwear collection from Melbourne-based Elk. The shapes themselves are boxy in all the right ways, while the colors are rich and saturated. Oh, and the best part? The materials, of course: sumptuous modal, raw and stonewashed linen, and drapey modal. People, this is what my dreams are made of.

Somn sleepwear from Elk Somn sleepwear from Elk Somn sleepwear from ElkSomn sleepwear from Elkimages via Elk

fall must wear // the varsity jacket

Hello, hello, I’m back from Amsterdam! I had an incredible time and feel so inspired now. It was the height of autumn in Amsterdam, aka exactly what I’ve been craving. Fall fashion is by far my favorite, but I’m always looking for ways to keep my look fresh. Enter the varsity jacket… specifically this made-for-the-ladies version by Unis New York. The men’s version was so popular, they recently decided to debut a women’s friendly version, complete with a shorter arm length (the perfect fix for bunched or hanging sleeves). The materials are the same great suede, leather, and wool as the men’s version, making this the perfect borrowed-from-the-boys look.

fall must wear // the varsity jacket fall must wear // the varsity jacketThe look is really super simple: add feminine touches to make it all your own instead of his. I’m really loving the pop of fuschia on the lips… or go all in and opt to show some lace.

fall must wear // the varsity jacket

If the world was perfect, this gorgeous rust-colored suede bomber jacket would be on my person at all times.

fall must wear // the varsity jacketphotography via Unis New York

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that fringe feelin'
Stephanie is a lifestyle and fashion blogger based in Atlanta, GA.  The adoption of her second daughter inspired her to launch her latest site, HER NEW TRIBE, where she covers fashion and shares inspiration.  Stephanie is the style editor of Clementine Daily, and can be found on her Pinterest and Instagram.
Rarely do I get wrapped up in a trend or romanced by the look of the moment.  I have a uniform of sorts, and for the most part I stick to it. My typical formula consists of classics with a twist and feminine paired with masculine (or maybe the other way around).  I wouldn’t say I’m conservative, just cautious.  I’m terrified of being called trendy, leery of joining the crowd and having my style dictated to me through trend reports and runways. – BUT – As I get older I realize that my classics can sometimes read serious and my borrowed-from-the-boys looks could be called boring, yipes!  Time to try something new.
that fringe feelin'
Suddenly I’m feeling fringe.
I’m not talking about a statement making flapper dress, or the fringe trimmed chaps cowboys wore in old Westerns.  Modern fringe is sleeker, edgier, and chicer.  Subtle trimmings added in just the right places, clean sharp lines adorning clutches and coats, thready knits cozy for day, and swingy skirts and dresses for night.
that fringe feelin' that fringe feelin' that fringe feelin' that fringe feelin' that fringe feelin' that fringe feelin'
My plan — only wear one piece with fringe at a time, keep things neutral and avoid bright colors or patterns, and tone down accessories and makeup when wearing bolder pieces.  Fringe adds texture and tons of movement.  Fringe is fun and flirty, and just what my winter wardrobe needs!
that fringe feelin' that fringe feelin' that fringe feelin' that fringe feelin'What about yours?