style // black chiffon + my newest tattoo

There’s something about this time of year that turns me into more of a homebody than ever before. The days are still short, the weather has been so, so grey, and I’m just always sleepy. We’re also deep in the throes of construction on the bedroom (don’t miss my Instagram Stories), too. It seems to all come down to how much energy I have for something… and usually all of my energy is used up by 5 pm. These days, it takes extra momentum for me to leave the house for drinks or dinners. I’m not proud to admit that, but it’s the damn truth.

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style // my mom jeans uniform (& my first grey hair??)

2017 is the year I turn 32. My birthday isn’t for another month, but I’m really starting to contemplate my age more and more lately. There’s a significance to all of the anniversaries I’ve been experiencing lately: the 2 year anniversary of my grandfather’s passing, the 2 year anniversary of me moving back to Seattle, the 1 year anniversary of me buying my house. It all feels like some major adult shit… and as my therapist says, I enjoy tiptoeing along the line of rebelling and wanting to stay young, wild, and free while also being pretty damn good at adulting.

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20 pretty bras & bralettes for Valentine’s Day

get inspired and all sexy for Valentine's Day with these 20 gorgeous bras and bralettes.

I’m sort of obsessed with lingerie, especially pretty bras and bralettes. Recently, I stocked up on tons of options, mostly because I hate wearing a normal bra every day. Instead, a bralette is all I need most days… aka freedommm. There are so many pretty options out there, especially now that Valentine’s Day is upon us. Even if you’re a single lady, indulging in something sexy and lacy is fun. I find that even just knowing I have something delicate and flirty on under my clothes gives me a little extra pep in my step. Keep reading to get my top 20!

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jewelry by Annie Costello Brown

This year, I resolved to let 2017 be there year I get dressed every day (ok, most days). Not only does that mean putting on a bra, but also accessorizing. Scarfs… hats.. bags… jewelry! My recent new-found love are these architectural, statement-making earrings by Annie Costello Brown. Even though I get dressed most days now, I still sort of feel like I’m in a bit of a style rut. Nothing I own feels really new to me, but with jewelry like this… even my most basic look could feel more updated.

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get the look // the sparkly statement jacket for NYE

Honestly, you guys… my wardrobe contains two very different vibes: lazy, just rolled out of bed wear and over-the-top glitzy photoshoot wear. I just really love my sequins, despite not having tons of occasions to wear them. I simply can’t help myself. Lately I’ve noticed that there’s a statement jacket trend that is veering more toward the glitzy, shimmery, sequin numbers… and I love it. This trend is probably due to our proximity to New Year’s Eve, so I’m embracing the sparkly statement jacket as much as possible! Here are some that have caught my eye:

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style // PNW style essentials + gift giving with G. H Bass & Co.

PNW style essentials + gift giving with @GHbass — shop these American heritage staples for women and men + get more cozy, winter fashion inspiration on #ghbass #adventureawaits #ad

This post is sponsored by G. H Bass & Co. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

Winter style means one thing to me: layers upon layers. Very often, these essential layers tend to be well-made quality basics that I can break up and wear with other key wardrobe pieces. The goal is to stay as warm as possible, especially in the cold, wet winter months in Seattle. If you walk the streets of my neighborhood, you’ll find that there are some style essentials that could qualify as a PNW uniform: a chambray button up, waterproof boots, and a sturdy, water resistant coat with a hood. The look is a little bit preppy, very heritage Americana, and very laid back. G. H Bass & Co. sent over a few of their new winter styles and I loved them so much that I added them to my holiday gift shopping list, too!

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style // my layered look for Thanksgiving dinner

I’m staying in Seattle again this Thanksgiving, mostly because the thought of traveling right now on top of everything else I’ve got going on… it’s just too much. I have the house (starting to think about a bedroom makeover), lots of amazing holiday posts that we’re working on, the new studio, and more styling work — clearly there is just way too much on my plate right now! Admittedly, I’ve not been the greatest about getting dressed lately. Most days you’ll find me in the same ratty vintage flannel and yoga pants. But I have been trying to make more of an effort, especially for the holiday season.

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