DIY // summer-inspired smudge sticks

Make these summer-inspired smudge sticks to clear the energy in your home and save a little piece of summer with this fun and easy DIY! For all the steps and more fun projects with @americanexpress head to ‪#‎AmexAmbassador‬ ‪#‎bluecasheveryday‬ ‪#‎sponsored‬

Last week we kicked off my new partnership with American Express where I shared my essentials for new homeowners. One of my suggestions included using smudge sticks to add fragrance to your environment, making it feel more like home. It’s sort of amazing how something as simple as a pleasant smell can totally transform a space, don’t you think? So today we’ve teamed up with American Express again to share our seasonal summer take on smudge sticks with garden fresh sage, lavender, and blackberries — all inspired by this fun and fast DIY Buzzfeed video for your home. I love how impactful the glass bottles are when filled with twinkly lights! It’s the perfect inspiration for your next epic gathering at your home.

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DIY // floral photo transfer shorts

With summer in full swing, I find myself reaching for one wardrobe staple again and again — cutoffs! There’s just nothing like a pair of comfy denim shorts for a casual vibe that beats the heat. As much as I like the distressed look, some of my cutoffs are getting a little too raggedy and need a makeover. So I’m revamping my old favorites and giving them new life with a boho-chic touch!

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DIY // galvanized planter with copper design

I love growing herbs in the garden. Being able to pick some basil and whip up a batch of pesto when the mood strikes is seriously one of my favorite things ever. So I was pretty upset with my garden snails when they chewed through those bright and tasty leaves first! I’ve since learned that slugs and snails like eating basil almost as much as I do, but that there’s an easy way to stop them: copper tape. Don’t worry, the copper isn’t toxic to your garden. It repels slugs by giving them a small shock whenever they come in contact with it. So grab your favorite outdoor planter and you can have a slug-proof oasis for your herbs in no time.

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Friday check in

gorgeous green ranunculus — get more floral arrangement inspiration on

Do you ever have one of those weeks? Like, a full doozy of a week where it feels like everything that could go wrong has actually gone wrong? That’s what this week was like for me. We got back late from my BFF’s wedding in New York and I’ve just been scrambling to get stuff done ever since. Then all the annoying little stuff popped up: taxes, needing a new lawnmower, etc. I feel like I’m doing so much stuff… just not well. And that’s driving me crazy. If anything, I’m an overachiever, through and through.

After many tears, I realized one thing: I need to slow down. I can’t do it all.

I made a tough call this week: I’m not going to post to the blog every weekday. I just can’t. I want to create amazing content for you guys and, all too often, it feels like I HAVE to post… which results in publishing posts of which I’m not totally proud. I hate that feeling. Instead, I want the posts to be rich and meaningful, well-written and informative. I’m vowing to only post the good stuff from here on out — I hope you’ll continue to love it! My hope is that by focusing on fewer-but-better, I’ll finally have some time to really work on the stuff that I’m super passionate to share.

Have a great weekend!

photography by Jojotastic — it’s a sneak peek of a fun DIY post we’re working on!

DIY // crystal planters to purify your home

Brainstorming new DIY projects that haven’t been done before isn’t as easy as you may think, but when Joanna and I wandered into NW Crystals, we knew we needed to incorporate some of their gorgeous crystals in our next project. Shopkeeper and owner AJ was so nice and shared with us all about the metaphysical properties of each crystal. I already knew a little about the energy properties crystals possess and was totally inspired when I learned even more about their cleansing powers.

We decided to create the ultimate space purifier and pair the crystals with another beneficial element, Tillandsia. Commonly known as air plants, Tillandsia has cleansing properties of it’s own and can actually help clean your air by filtering out airborne particulates. Combined with the clarifying attributes of crystals, these planters are super-charged to cleanse your space — and it doesn’t hurt that they’re super pretty!

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ode to an old favorite: Vaseline

Vaseline, ode to an old favorite

Vaseline and I go way back. Growing up on the east coast, every winter we’d get at least one major snowstorm and my mom would coat both of our faces in this trusty moisture necessity. It was perfect for keeping our skin from getting chapped while we dug out the car (and had a snowball fight or two). From there, my love of Vaseline grew more and more. I always keep a mini jar by my bed to keep my lips soft year round. Not to mention how many times I’ve used Vaseline in a pinch to sooth my dry, chapped skin after rock climbing. When it comes to moisture, this has always been my go-to.

Here’s the thing though… this old favorite recently underwent a bit of facelift, so you can imagine my excitement to partner with Vaseline on today’s post!

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shoulda been a florist // mini bouquets from trader joe’s

I’m a sucker for all things tiny, especially mini bouquets, so I decided that this month’s florist column would be all about sweet, tiny bunches of flowers. I also prefer to think of Valentine’s day more in terms of Gal-entine’s day. That makes it feel way more fun and gives the day a lot less pressure. I share a studio space with 5 other women, so I decided to give each of them a little treat to make their hearts sing.

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