Seattle Goodwill Fall Fashion Event recap

Recently I helped style 3 holiday tablescapes for entertaining inspiration with the Seattle Goodwill! Be sure to check it out on

Lately I’ve been diversifying the type of work and projects I take on, especially into the styling realm. So you can imagine my excitement when one of my most favorite shopping sources, the Seattle Goodwill, reached out to me about putting my styling skills to the test. The ask was simple: shop the local Goodwill stores and pull together 3 different tablescape looks to inspire people for the holidays! Armed with $200 in gift cards (which goes a loooong way at the Goodwill), I loaded up many carts with some amazing goodies. During the Fall Fashion Event, bloggers, social media rockstars, and editors were also given a sneak peek of the goods offered at this year’s Glitter Sale, plus tips for Halloween makeup by Tiffany Lowry! It was an awesome event, to say the least.

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DIY // halloween themed door mat (for less than $10!)

Looking for a cheap and easy way to decorate for Halloween? This DIY doormat is the perfect project and costs less than $10 to make! Head to for more cost-effective do-it-yourself projects + pin for later

Believe it or not, Halloween is just around the corner! This is Joanna’s first year in her house, complete with a front porch and a neighborhood full of trick-or-treaters. She’s kind of excited about that, so we whipped up this super simple DIY door mat that celebrates the sweet-tooth side of the festivities in a sort of adult, cheeky way. Armed with a plain door mat, stencils, and paint, you too can deck out your front door for Halloween (and for less than 10 bucks)!

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DIY // natural dyed easter eggs

natural dyed easter eggs! why go out and buy a kit when you've got everything you need right in your kitchen? get the full tutorial at just in time for easter

One of my favorite parts about being a ‘grown up’ the ability to celebrate holidays anyway I’d like. As a kid, there was nothing I loved more than dying eggs bright neon colors. These days I’m more excited about decorating my hard boiled beauties with natural colors ‘upcycled’ from around the house.

With this DIY, there’s no need to go buy expensive ingredients or cardboard easter egg kits — instead, just poke through your cupboards for some fun colored foods and spices you already have! The dying method method and ratio can be used for almost any ingredient and is a great way to clear out anything hiding in the back of the fridge.

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recipe // a St. Patrick’s Day cocktail with a kick

Meet the San Patricio cocktail! this recipe is perfect for celebrating St. Patricks Day, but with a spicy kick. Get the full recipe on

St. Patrick’s Day is always a bit funny to me… mostly because my birthday is the day after! By the time the 18th rolls around, everyone is totally partied out. Usually I embrace it and celebrate both days together. This year, I plan to whip up a batch of these tangy, spicy cocktails which we’ve dubbed the San Patricio. The recipe is totally customizable, so whether you’re like Gwen and can’t stand spicy or you’re like me and love a good kick, this cocktail is perfect for celebrating all things green.

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goodbye until 2016!

goodbye until 2016!

What a year it’s been… 2015 was such a doozy, but a good one, too. I had a lot of personal growth and change, worked on SO many amazing projects, and finally moved back to Seattle, my real-true home. I couldn’t have made all of these things happen without my amazing contributors, my darling friends, and YOU, my awesome readers. So, first a great big THANK YOU for reading along, commenting, sharing, encouraging… everything. I cannot thank you enough for following my journey and also being part of it.

Second, I have some news… I’ve never done this before, but I’m taking some time off! This is my last post of the year. Crazy, huh? I’ll be back on January 4, 2016 (it’s really weird to write that) with lots of fresh, new ideas and inspiration to share with you guys. I’m so excited to actually take a break and get some perspective on where I want to take this blog in the new year. Believe me, I’ve got some really awesome stuff in the works already and cannot wait to share it with you. Until then, I hope you have a magical Christmas and a very happy new year!

And, in case you missed them… I wanted to share a few of my favorite posts from 2015:

I’ll still be posting my adventures on instagram and snapchat (username jojotastic), so be sure to follow along there. See you in 2016, friends!

RECIPE // coffee for Christmas morning

RECIPE // coffee for Christmas morning

Tomorrow is the B-I-G day and it’s already assumed that I’ll be in pjs all day… but what will I be sipping on? Lots of coffee, spiked with seasonal yumminess like cinnamon, clove, and even orange zest! Oh, and the most perfect caramel sauce maybe ever. These Christmas coffee recipes are perfect in a pinch when unexpected guests drop by or even if you’re just snuggling with your honey on the couch (that’s my plan). Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

RECIPE // coffee for Christmas morning

Pour-Over Coffee in a Chemex:

For best results, start a freshly roasted single origin coffee beans. Grind the beans fine. Place 3-4 heaping tablespoons of ground coffee into the filter. Pour boiling water over the coffee beans slowly and in a circular motion as to be sure that all the grinds are soaked. Keep the water hot and pour more in as soon as all the water had drained out of the filter.

Now you’re ready to make flavored coffees!

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DIY // festive New Year’s Eve cocktail stirrer

DIY festive new year's eve stirrers //

3… 2… 1… it’s already New Year’s Eve!? Wow. 2015 has been a blast, but I’m soooooo ready for a fresh start. I really love Thanksgiving, and Christmas is always wonderful, but December 31st might just be my favorite holiday. I mean, come on, a night all about new beginnings, drinking champagne, and sparkling party decor? What’s not to love?! So… to help you ring in the new year right, we came up with a couple of quick and easy ways to add a little somethin-somethin special to your celebrations.

DIY festive new year's eve stirrers //

This project is very easy to customize to personal taste or color scheme. If gold isn’t your thing, just swap out the metallic sheets for tissue paper, and almost any berry will work as a garnish.

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