my search for stylish house numbers

source: antiqued metal house number.

Up until I broke my leg, my plan for the house was to make the exterior look as good as the interior has been. While that project is somewhat stalled at the moment, I cam still able to think of smaller details, like house numbers. Have you noticed that so many of them are straight up terrible?? Why are they all so ugly? Recently, I did an internet deep dive and unearthed a few really gorgeous options for stylish house numbers. I know I can’t be the only one in this predicament, so hopefully this guide will help you, too!

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our bedroom makeover // how we added a closet to our small space

Now that our bedroom makeover has been totally revealed (more on that here), it’s time to discuss our closet! When I bought the house, there wasn’t a single closet in the entire place, so that first year was all about getting creative. There are so many amazing options out there for creating a closet out of nothing — and, believe me, I evaluated them ALL before proceeding. Let’s dig in and discuss some serious organization!

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REVEAL DAY – our bedroom makeover & renovation!

This post is a loooong time coming, you guys! From scraping away 19 layers of wallpaper to restoring the original shiplap to breaking my leg… this bedroom has been a labor of love and sharing it with you guys is long overdue. I cannot wait to show you every little bit of this space… so, without further ado, here’s our bedroom makeover reveal (and the source list)!

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small bathroom storage essentials

storage essentials for a small bathroom via jojotastic on

photo credit: Danfredo Photos + Films

If your bathroom is anything like mine, it’s pretty small and lacking any real form of storage. Having a small bathroom can inspire you to get creative though — and it’s all about figuring out which tools are best to help you get organized. I’ve tried countless different configurations and methods for squeezing out every last bit of storage in my small bathroom and wanted to share a ton of amazing pieces I’ve found in the process.

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a few changes around #mytinybungalow

vintage turkish rug, modern floor mirror, white linen curtains from @barnandwillow

I have to say, #brokenleglife has sort of put a damper on all things renovation related! It’s kind of a bummer. But Sean has been working away trying to keep our projects going while I recover here at #mytinybungalow. I wanted to share a little bit of an update with you guys about all the changes that gave happened cuz even if my leg is broken, we still manage to have fun and get some stuff done around here!

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my ultimate summer garden pot round up

my ultimate resource guide for summer garden pots. loads of mixed materials, finishes, plant stands, planters, hanging pots, and more! Get the full source list on

source: spun planter  from Yield Design Co.

In case you’ve missed my Instagram Stories, I’ve been planting soooo much at the house (even with a broken leg). I find that overflowing garden pots, planter beds, and baskets help to cover up all the projects I probably won’t get to this summer. And there are sooo many gorgeous garden pot options right now. I wanted to round up some of my favorites for you to make your gardening a tiny bit easier, so get ready… there are over 30 options here!

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please buy this so i don’t // rattan magazine rack

please buy this so I don't: vintage rattan magazine rack, a boho interior design must have accessory. via jojotastic, all Etsy sources on

Raise your hand if you can see many, many stacks of magazines around your home at this very minute. I know I am not the only one who does this. It seems like I can never keep up with my reading, so the magazines just pile up. Recently I decided #mytinybungalow desperately needed a cute, vintage rattan magazine rack to house the chaos. So I fell down the Etsy rabbit hole and simply had to share some beauties with you guys!

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