bedroom makeover // my search for small space friendly nightstands

my search for white small space friendly nightstands for my tiny house bedroom renovation / makeover. get all of the shopping resources on

The bedroom makeover has sort of stalled… don’t get me wrong, we’ve made some EPIC progress, but at the same time there are a few big impact pieces that are still missing from the room. One in particular is a nightstand. I scored these lovely vintage Lane pieces on Craigslist for a song, but as soon as the wallpaper went up, they suddenly didn’t feel right. There’s something about the scale and the tone of the wood grain that isn’t jiving with my vision. It’s actually been really hard for me to figure out why they aren’t quite right! And thus began my search for a white nightstand that is also small space friendly…

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spring cleaning tips for small spaces (all under $100, too!)

Small space storage tips with big impact for pantries and closets. Spring cleaning inspiration #eBayGiftCards #eBaySpringCleaning #Ad #eBayGiftCards #eBaySpringStore

This post is sponsored by eBay. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

When I bought #mytinybungalow, I knew I’d have to get creative with my small space storage solutions. After all, this house doesn’t have a single closet! I’m in the process of installing one in the bedroom, but until then, I’ve had to get really creative. A few simple hacks have made a really big impact on our day-to-day here, and thanks to eBay and their Spring Hub, it felt like the perfect time to share my tips with you guys!

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The Candle Creative + a giveaway

My household is definitely one where I always have at least one candle burning. I love the ambiance that fragrance creates in my home, along with the soft, flicking glow. It’s just… magical. I have many favorite candle brands, but recently one of my favorites, Candelles, launched a new sister-brand, The Candle Creative. The signature fragrances and service are the same, but the focus of the packaging is on collaborations with independent artists.

Keep reading to learn more about these candles + learn about the details of our giveaway!

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please buy this so I don’t // mod lucite lamps

please buy this so I don't. vintage mod lucite lamps from etsy. more interior design inspiration on

Sometimes I go on these tangents where I type something into Etsy and look at every single option and then desperately want to buy them all. Recently, I did this with vintage lucite lamps and the results sort of blew my mind. I knew I had to share all of these gorgeous pieces with you guys. I think this just might be a new series…

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bedroom makeover // progress report!

progress report for the bedroom makeover in my tiny historic house. we found 19 layers of vintage wallpaper, fixed drywall, and restored a shiplap ceiling! Read all about our renovation on

It’s been a few weeks since I officially kicked off the bedroom renovation and –woof– so much has happened. I don’t even know where to start… if you’ve been following on Instagram stories, you know the gist of it: we started removing drywall and found… more paneling, then sooooo much wallpaper. 19 different kinds of wallpaper to be exact. Nineteen. And nothing quite prepared us for what we found on the ceiling…

(Brace yourself, none of these photos are edited or Pinterest-worthy at all!)

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Made of Cloth

nature inspired printed textiles from Made of Cloth. blue, white and natural linen patterns. Find more interior design inspiration on

It must be because my previous jobs were as a textile designer for bedding companies, but I always seem to have my eyes open for gorgeous printed textiles! My latest discovery is Made of Cloth, a textile house out of Essex, Vermont. The vibe is modern, fresh, and casual with a color palette of natural linen, soft blues, and striking white.

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DIY // boho curtain tie backs with tassels

Add a bohemian finishing touch to your dining room interior design with these DIY boho curtain tie backs with wooden beads and handmade tassels! Get the full craft tutorial on

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been avidly  following along with Joanna’s bedroom makeover in #mytinybungalow. Last summer she finished the dining room, complete with gauzy white curtains. But the projects are never done! To help give the dining room ooone more finishing touch, we wanted to update the simple window treatments with a boho-chic vibe. So with a few skeins of embroidery floss from the craft store and some cotton clothesline rope, we created a simple curtain tie back with a satin tassel.

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