my tiny bungalow // stand-alone closet alternatives

YOU GUYS. I just bought a house that doesn't have SINGLE closet. Sharing all of my stand-alone closet alternatives for my tiny house today on the blog: Lots of great storage options!

Here’s the deal: I bought a tiny house that doesn’t have a single closet. Seriously, not a single one. Legally, a house has to have a closet for a bedroom to count as a bedroom, so the sellers included a janky stand alone armoire that I was afraid would give me tetanus if I looked at it too closely. Upon moving in, I immediately removed that eyesore, which left me with nowhere to hang my clothes. I’ve since started using this basic chrome rolling rack from Uline, but it’s not the most visually appealing. If you’ve been following along on my Pinterest board called My Tiny Bungalow, you can see I’ve been researching options for stand-alone closet alternatives. I can’t quite afford to built an actual closet yet, but in the meantime there are TONS of awesome options:

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introducing the Decorist DesignOff with House of Hipsters + Jojotastic, Part 1

introducing the @decorist DesignOff with @HouseofHipsters + @Jojotastic, Part 1! Sharing before photos of my tiny bungalow + all the modern-meets-boho inspiration for the makeover — see more on

Homeownership has certainly been adventure and I’ve found that commiserating with fellow homeowner friends really helps. One source of constant encouragement and inspiration is Kyla from House of Hipsters. Not only did we buy houses around the same time, but her style is so spot-on. She really gets interiors, whereas I feel like I’m still figuring out what style works best for my lifestyle and my home. We recently decided to team up with Decorist for a bit of a contest and some major help getting our living rooms in order! Today, I’m super excited to introduce the DesignOff! Kyla and I are each sharing the before photos of our living rooms + loads of inspiration today… then handing it all over to the amazing designers at Decorist to tell us what to do (oh, and there’s a discount code so you can get your room done, too!).

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DIY // crystal planters to purify your home

DIY crystal planters to purify your home incorporate air plants and succulents for the perfect modern boho home accent! for the full tutorial head to

Brainstorming new DIY projects that haven’t been done before isn’t as easy as you may think, but when Joanna and I wandered into NW Crystals, we knew we needed to incorporate some of their gorgeous crystals in our next project. Shopkeeper and owner AJ was so nice and shared with us all about the metaphysical properties of each crystal. I already knew a little about the energy properties crystals possess and was totally inspired when I learned even more about their cleansing powers.

We decided to create the ultimate space purifier and pair the crystals with another beneficial element, Tillandsia. Commonly known as air plants, Tillandsia has cleansing properties of it’s own and can actually help clean your air by filtering out airborne particulates. Combined with the clarifying attributes of crystals, these planters are super-charged to cleanse your space — and it doesn’t hurt that they’re super pretty!

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my second month of homeownership

getting REAL and HONEST today on the blog: sharing my thoughts on my SECOND month of homeownership. I've finally had a few victories with my fixer upper! thinking of buying a home? pin for later & read more on

While I can say that the first month was decidedly rough, the second month of homeownership has been WAY better. For one, I had my first true ‘victory’ in the house — my amazing deck makeover. When I first moved in, I knew exactly what I wanted the outdoor space to look like. While the yard and area surrounding the deck still resemble a construction-site-meets-overgrown-jungle, the deck itself is exactly what I had in mind. The fact that one project finally went right feels huge. It sort of feels like everything I saw in the house when I decided to buy it is still there, just waiting for me to put in the elbow grease.

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my tiny bungalow // outdoor lighting AFTER with

FINALLY! it's the big reveal of my exterior makeover with @lampsdotcom — check out my new modern glossy white lighting fixtures paired with my new glossy black doors! The full reveal + after photos can be found on

The last time you guys saw the exterior of my house, it was not in the best shape… The light fixtures were dusty, broken, and practically vintage. The paint on my door was peeling and horribly sun faded. My ‘white’ siding was more like a shade of dingy, dirty grey. I could go on and on… The point is that it was bad and I needed some legit help. I was thrilled to partner with on my makeover (see the whole ‘before + inspiration post here), so now it’s time to cue the after photos!

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for your friday

Calling all pattern lovers! I've been feeling all sorts of prints lately, from abstract to geometric to florals... check out my favorite patterns for home decor on the blog today:

Happy Friday, you guys! I feel like I go through phases… there’s definitely been a black and white phase, but also a simplification phase. Both of those are very ‘now’ in my life. Even last weekend I spent tons of time simplifying and purging in my wardrobe.  But every once in a while I fall in love with a pattern and can’t get it out of my head. There’ve been a few patterns, actually! I think it all started with the discovery of this Baggu for Urban Outfitters collection… YOU GUYS, IT’S SO GOOD. I need it all.

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deck makeover with World Market, the reveal!

Today's the day! Be sure to check out the big reveal + after photos of my lounge-inspired outdoor space with @worldmarket — get all the photos and deck + patio inspiration (and details of a BIG SALE) on

It’s finally here — time to reveal my amazing deck makeover with World Market! Remember the gnarly before photos? Well, the days of ugly stain, no furniture, and general sadness are OVER. Feast your eyes on my gorgeous new lounge space (and keep reading for the details of an awesome sale).

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