40+ resources for stylish round mirrors

source: the Madeleine mirror from Anthropologie

In my bathroom renovation daydreams, I always envision a round mirror because it feels like such a classic piece for any space. No matter what route I end up taking for my tile, finishes, and textiles, I’m pretty sure that round mirrors are a safe bet. Plus, a round mirror works really well in other parts of a home: over a lowboy dresser in the bedroom, paired with a bench in the entryway, and even in a dining room. There are loadsss of amazing options, so I decided to round ’em all up and spare you the trouble of searching!

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meet the simply grove shop

meet the new interior decor and design shop Simply Grove Shop! modern, minimalist furniture, pillows, and lighting. Get the full source list on jojotastic.com @simplygrove

I first met Kirsten from the bog Simply Grove about 4 years ago at the launch of Clementine Daily (now The Fold!) and we immediately clicked. Her style is soooo chic and modern, while she herself is one of the kindest, most grounded people I know. I was totally delighted to see that she just launched her latest venture, the Simply Grove Shop! Seriously, if you’re like me and want to mimic Kirsten’s laid back, modern vibe, these are the pieces that will help you do it!

Here are a few of my favorites:

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our decision to install a barn door!

Need to save space in your small space or tiny home? Install a @rejuvenationinc barn door! Sharing more about our decision to install a barn door in our bedroom renovation on jojotastic.com

Disclosure: Product was provided for review by RejuvenationAll opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

When we first started thinking about the bedroom renovation, I had lofty goals. One MAJOR project that I wanted to tackle was to move the bedroom door. As you may recall from the before photos, the existing door used to open directly into the ideal closet location. I felt like the best way to solve that problem would be to move it… but then I put more thought into it and realized that moving the door would cause all kinds of problems: we’d have to repaint my gorgeous blue wall… the dining room would be totally disrupted… and we’d have to find matching floor boards to fill in where the wall used to be. It ended up spiraling and my hopes were quickly dashed. That is, until I had an a-ha moment: we could install a barn door! Not only would this design choice solve our door opening issue, but it would actually save space for us. Talk about #winning…

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20 (more) ways to sneak in extra storage with furniture & home decor

source: acrylic storage table

Even as #mytinybungalow gets settled more and more, I find new ways of sneaking in extra storage. At this point it’s becoming an obsession! So after my last round up of 20 ways to sneak in extra storage, I knew I had to do another one to share my latest findings.

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the ultimate boob round up (decor, clothing, and accessories!)

the ultimate boob round up (decor, clothing, and accessories!) on jojotastic.com. cheeky home decor.

source: Anna Gleeson body art print

While I realize this post may not be for everyone, I just couldn’t help myself. I’ve noticed a trend lately of boob decor, clothing, and accessories and I freaking love it. I’m definitely one of those women who wants to #freethenipple, so I’m all about anything anything boob related to my home and wardrobe… even in tiny doses! There are soooo many incredible finds out there, but here are my favorites!

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small space entertaining // a rustic tablescape to celebrate summer

I’ve always wavered when choosing a favorite season. I’m definitely not a hot weather kind of person, so I wouldn’t say that true summer is tops for me. Spring is too gloomy and wet, while winter is just too damn cold. Fall leads to winter and typically just feels too damn short. But there’s this sweet spot where summer blends into fall that just feels absolutely perfect. That fleeting moment in time is what this rustic tablescape is meant to celebrate. The cooler evenings, the changing product available at the farmers market, even the shift in my decorating color palette.

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DIY // macramé cafe lights for your patio or deck

Twisted macramé rope and antiqued bells dress up simple cafe lights for a cool, boho look.

Let’s just get one thing out of the way, shall we? Cords are ugly. There’s a reason professional stylists Photoshop them out of shots — because they can muck up a perfectly pretty picture with in-your-face utilitarianism that feels anything but chic.

That’s why I was so thrilled with Joanna came to me with an idea to dress up some plain cafe lights for her patio. By using a simple macramé knot (which absolutely anyone can master) and some antiqued golden bells for a little extra oomph, we created charming cafe lights that look like a bohemian masterpiece. So grab some cotton cording, park yourself in front of your favorite show to binge watch (this project takes some time to complete) and get knotting!

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