post-holiday thank you card round up

So not only do I send out hundreds of holiday cards, but I also send lots of thank you cards. There’s something about a hand-written card on nice paper sent via snail mail that feels like the perfect way to show appreciation for all the care that went into gifts and holiday parties. This year, here are a few of my picks for saying thanks. Betcha can’t guess which one is my favorite!

links: dachshund thanks from Poketo / Thank You! card from Baba Souk / ombre watercolor card from Papersource / jumbo postcard from Target / striped card from Firefly / set of 6 cards from Crate & Barrel

agenda 2014 – For a Better Year //

A fresh new year always started off with such promise, so many new goals and wishes… Well, let your agenda for 2014 inspire you! Graphic designer Julie Joliat created a day planner with a fresh approach: Every week reveals a fresh tip or challenge for you to spice up the year. Go to a place you usually avoid, take a day off and do nothing, make your own walnut bread, change the layout of your room/home, etc… The agenda for a better year features all the usual stuff like maps and holidays (and how to tie a double windsor knot!), but I just love the subtle encouragement and gorgeous graphic design of this agenda.

agenda 2014 – For a Better Year //

agenda 2014 – For a Better Year //
images via Julie Joliat

Bloggers Love Cats and Bloggers Love Dogs: A Calendar Fundraising Project! All proceeds go to The Human Society

This is huge, guys. Kelly Beall of Design Crush invited me to show off Georgette and Noodle in her fundraising project called Bloggers Love Cats and Bloggers Love Dogs. You know I jumped at the chance, right?? Any opportunity to show off my babies, plus this project (just like Kelly) has a heart of gold: all proceeds going directly to The Humane Society of the United States. Each calendar is downloadable, meaning that every penny of the proceeds goes to the animals! Smart thinking, Kelly.

Bloggers Love Cats and Bloggers Love Dogs: A Calendar Fundraising Project! All proceeds go to The Human Society
Head over to Etsy to choose from Bloggers Love Cats or Bloggers Love Dogs for $7 each… or both for $12 (my personal choice)!

Bloggers Love Cats and Bloggers Love Dogs: A Calendar Fundraising Project! All proceeds go to The Human Society
Bloggers Love Cats features 13-months of felines from Sugar and ClothJoy the BakerDesign CrushAnd Kathleen (also the cover model), Cupcakes and CashmerePaper & StitchJustina BlakeneyFieldguidedOh So Beautiful PaperFor Me, For YouTeenAngsterLisa Congdon, and Jojotastic (that’s me!).

Bloggers Love Cats and Bloggers Love Dogs: A Calendar Fundraising Project! All proceeds go to The Human Society If canines are more your thing check out 13-months of Bloggers Love Dogs! Included are the pooches of Smith & Ratliffsfgirlbybay (the cover girl!), Design MilkHouse of BrinsonCookie and KateStyle & Pepper,The Broke-Ass BrideDesign CrushHoney KennedyDog MilkLisa CongdonbigBANG studio, and Jojotastic (me, again!).

photography by Kelly Beall of Design Crush

jojotastic // the pattern box

I still believe in snail mail. I love the act of writing a letter, addressing an envelope, putting a stamp in the upper right-hand corner, and mailing it. It’s so special and friendly and just plain makes me happy. These days it feels like all I do is mail my rent check. That is until I spotted the Pattern Box.

“Curated by New York City’s celebrated Textile Arts Center, this vibrant, pattern-filled collection features one hundred postcards from ten international designers. Housed in an equally vivid keepsake box, the postcards are ideal for correspondence, enclosure notes, and inspiration boards alike. The set also includes a booklet about the designers, highlighting their creative processes and influences.”

jojotastic // the pattern box

The boxed set comes with 10 postcards from each of these artists: Shanan Campanaro, Brittany Keats Cerullo, Helen Dealtry, Leah Reena Goren, Hannah Schultz, Leanne Shapton, Jennifer Parry Dodge, Kindah Khalidy, Victoria Garcia, and Anna Niestroj. So now that I am armed with 100 postcards… who wants a love letter??

photos by Jojotastic

Holstee Print Press

As I alluded to earlier, turning 28 has been all about self-discovery and change for me. When times get tough, I reach for snippets of inspiration and encouragement to get me through and help me screw my head back on nice and tight. That’s why I’ve always loved the Holstee Manifesto poster. This reminder to live life to the fullest has spoken to me at so many different stages in my life and continues to speak to me. The sentiment is all about mindful living, or in Holstee’s words, “We were struck with the realization that life is happening, our lives were happening, and if we didn’t get out there and chase our passions… well, what would be the point?” Now that is a mantra I can get behind.

Holstee Print Press
Holstee Print has an assortment of amazing letterpress cards, too. You know, in case you want to spread some insight to your loved ones. I am particularly fond of the Earth Wind Water Fire cards by Matt Braun (above) and the Live Generously cards by Andrew Frazier (below). The latter particularly speaks to me as I continue to venture down a path of self discovery.

Holstee Print

images via Holstee Print

win it all with this giveaway from BRIKA

This giveaway with BRIKA has a bit of something for everyone! An online community made up of authentic makers, artisans, and designers, BRIKA focuses on the actual stories of the makers. Each artist has a bio page so that you can make an informed purchase and truly know what’s inspired your one-of-a-kind piece. And this week you can win ALL 5 of these treats from some of my favorite makers:

To enter, follow BRIKA on Pinterest and leave a comment here saying you did. Want extra chances to win? Simply like BRIKA on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and follow them on Instagram. Just leave a separate comment saying you did each for extra chances to win! One winner will be chosen at random by Tuesday July 30, 2013 at 10 am EST. Open to US and Canadian residents only. Winner will receive 5 products as listed above. Retail value is $254. Good luck!

Talk about the perfect stationery to use for all your cat lady pen pals (ahem, Anne and Kelly)! Designed and printed in Brooklyn by Alex Labriola, Al Stampa seriously has some of the cutest notecards I’ve seen in a good while. As the proud owner of a black and white kitty, I love how each card captures one of her many evocative poses. I have to say though, this one is rather reminiscent of Ms. Loaf Cat herself…


Be sure to check out Al Stampa’s entire offering here!

photos by me for Jojotastic

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for this review. However all opinions are my own, and I would never endorse something I didn’t completely love. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Jojotastic going.