Recipe // spiced mezcal apple cider cocktail

Step up your hostess game with this spicy mezcal apple cider cocktail! The recipe includes ginger beer, apples, and a dash of chili powder. Get the full recipe on + pin for later for your next party!

I’m always on the lookout for new cocktails to share with you guys, especially if it’s a twist on a classic. While I’m usually a whiskey drinker, I’ve found myself loving mezcal more and more lately. Must be the smokiness! I’ve found that mezcal and tequila pair quite nicely with those true tastes of fall: ginger and apple cider. Our resident recipe guru Claire whipped up this Spiced Mezcal Apple Cider cocktail and added something a little bit surprising… a dash of chili powder and ginger on the rim!

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Recipe // winter kale salad

A healthy, delicious, and comforting kale salad recipe perfect for winter! With roasted sweet potato, sunflower seeds, and creamy avocado dressing. A hearty and filling favorite! Get the full recipe on + pin for later

This winter kale salad recipe hits all of the buzzwords you look for: hearty, healthy, filling, easy, and delicious. Honestly, I could go on and on! We topped finely cut kale with radicchio, roasted sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds, and your new favorite dressing, a creamy avocado mixture. This salad is perfect for lunch or as a side dish to bring to your next potluck.

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Recipe // aromatic chai hot toddy

Happy fall! It's time to relax, read a good book, and sip on this aromatic chai and black tea hot toddy. Get the full recipe on!

I can still remember the very first hot toddy cocktail I ever had. I was in Pittsburgh and the snow had just started to fall. We were in a cozy neighborhood bar with a crackling fire and the bartender promised the toddy would warm me right up… and he was right! Ever since, no matter where I was, once October rolled around I knew it was toddy season. This hot toddy recipe combines two other fall essentials: chai spices and black tea. I suggest whipping up a batch of these to celebrate the changing leaves asap!

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recipe // fig + ginger fizz cocktail

Celebrate fall and fig season with this ginger + ginger fizz cocktail recipe! It actually tastes just like a fig newton if you can believe it! Learn how to make it on

In my mind, September means one thing: figs! As a Greek, I love this season for sooo many reasons, but most especially for how well figs pair with my other love, booze. Lately I’ve been really into infusing alcohol with different flavors, so we whipped up this fizzy, yummy cocktail with fig-infused vodka paired with ginger. The result? My new favorite cocktail for fall — and hopefully yours, too!

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my favorite bourbon-based cocktail recipes for fall

portrait of a cocktail // Spiced Apple Old Fashioned recipe

photography by Ashley Batz.

Fall is definitely my favorite time to sip cocktails; there’s something so lovely about notes of spice, the vanilla of bourbon, and the tartness of apple. Because I’m not quite ready to pack up my outdoor pillows and furniture to head inside, I’ve been brainstorming ways to stay warm outdoors just a littttle bit longer. I love cuddling around my backyard fire pit with a cozy throw and a strong cocktail in hand. I realized that over the years we’ve shared so many yummy drinks here on the blog, that I decided to peruse the recipe archives and re-share my top 5 cocktail for fall… especially the bourbon-based ones!

First up, this delicious Spiced Apple Old Fashioned. I think this is the quintessential fall cocktail, with the warm, vanilla notes of bourbon paired with a yummy spiced apple syrup.

Click here for the Spiced Apple Old Fashioned recipe.

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Recipe // golden sumac kale salad for fall

Get your salad game on point for fall with this delicious and hearty recipe! Learn how to make this golden raison + sumac kale salad on — the dressing is the perfect balance of savory and smokey flavors!

I hate to admit it, but fall is here my friends. I spent all summer eating yummy salads and I’m just not quite ready to give them up quite yet. I’m holding onto my summer eating habits with this delicious and hearty kale salad topped with golden raisins and a smokey, savory dressing.

PS – Remember this roast chicken recipe? Well, this kale salad is the perfect companion!

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Recipe // quail egg morning muffins (gluten free)

The perfect breakfast idea for meal prep planning — I whipped up a batch of morning muffins that are not only gluten free, but full of veggies and topped with an adorable (and delicious) quail egg! Get the full recipe on

I’m about to enter my busiest time of year with work, so I don’t always have time to eat a proper breakfast. The closer we get to the holidays, it feels like the busier I get! I’m trying my best to stay energized and on top of my work out routine, so a good, filling, healthy breakfast is key. We whipped up a batch of morning muffins that are not only gluten free, but full of veggies and topped with an adorable (and delicious) quail egg!

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