RECIPE // Blueberry pancake breakfast pops

Unless you live on a deserted island, you’ve probably noticed the buzz over popsicles. I’ve rediscovered them myself lately. I loved popsicles as a kid but totally forgot about them as I grew up… time to catch up! It’s crazy, they are everywhere, in different flavors, shapes, and especially for different occasions. Instead of the boozy variety for unwinding on a sunny afternoon, today’s popsicles can be enjoyed in the morning! Wait… what?!

RECIPE // Blueberry pancake breakfast pops

Yes! Are you one of those people craving an iced coffee in the morning instead of a hot cappuccino? Then you’re going to love what we have here for you. It’s easy, convenient and a perfect ready to go option when you sleep in and need a quick fix.

RECIPE // Blueberry pancake breakfast pops

It’s basically a yogurt parfait turned into a popsicle. You’ll simply need to layer all ingredients in the molds before going to bed and you’ll be waking up to a cool (literally) surprise. This treat is healthy but is inspired from a breakfast classic. Blueberry pancakes with a drizzle of maple syrup. Simply delicious!


portrait of a cocktail // the aviation @jojotastic #recipe

It’s only Wednesday, but I’m here to give you a hand… in the form of a cocktail! Booze was basically made for days like Wednesday (and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday!)

Meet The Aviation, a classic that has flown under the radar for years, but seems to be emerging from obscurity with the comeback of traditional cocktails (like The Jungle Bird and Bee’s Knees). Thankfully, many liquor stores are starting to stock long-lost spirits that haven’t been prevalent since before the cocktail dark ages of the 70’s – 90’s.

portrait of a cocktail // the aviation @jojotastic #recipeportrait of a cocktail // the aviation @jojotastic #recipe

Simple to put together, to make this beautiful, amethyst hued drink, it requires the use of a couple obscure liqueurs.

You should be able to find the Maraschino liqueur at your local liquor store due to it’s popularity with at home bartenders. When most people hear the word Maraschino, those saccharine neon cherries come to mind. This could not be more different! It’s derived from cherries, but the sour Marasca variety it’s made from gives it a mostly tart flavor with a slight sweetness followed by bitter almond notes from the cherry pits. In my opinion, Maraschino is essential to any home bar. It’s a spirit that once you have it, you will wonder how you ever lived without! (more…)

Recipe // roasted pineapple and TILLAMOOK ice cream mini pavlovas

Last month, I shared with you my go-to crumble recipe that makes prepping dessert for a dinner party a breeze. Another of my go-to desserts for summer is the Pavlova! I am amazed by how this simple, yet delicious, dessert can be such a show stopper. When it comes to baking, I definitely live by Leonardo da Vinci’s words: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

RECIPE // roasted pineapple and Tillamook ice cream mini pavlovas

The trick is to select good ingredients, let them shine and do the work for you! In this case, the star of these adorable mini pavlovas is Tillamook Cinnamon Horchata ice cream (c/o Tillamook). This extra creamy ice cream has a subtle hint of cinnamon, similar to simple vanilla bean ice cream, but even better! It’s sweetness contrasts the acidity of the roasted pineapples and complements the crunchy meringues perfectly.

RECIPE // roasted pineapple and Tillamook ice cream mini pavlovas

Baking the meringue might be the most time consuming step of this recipe because they need to dry slowly in the oven so that they’re crispy and not chewy. But since they can keep in an airtight container for up to a week, you can definitely bake them ahead of time and assemble everything right before serving. In a rush? Feel free to skip the roasting step and top your mini pavlovas with fresh pineapples or any other summer fruits or berries.

RECIPE // roasted pineapple and Tillamook ice cream mini pavlovas



recipe // watermelon boba pops for #popsicleweek

Seriously, there’s nothing like going to to Chinatown for some refreshing bubble tea, especially on a hot day. I don’t know if it’s the endless amount of strange flavors or the squish of tapioca pearl boba sucked through an oversized straw, but on a steamy summer day, it’s the best. That’s why I was so excited to combine my passion for popsicles and bubble tea into one delicious summer treat just in time for Popsicle Week!

This Watermelon Boba Pop is utterly refreshing, with juicy bites of sweet frozen watermelon juice and icy boba to chew on and a tart kiwi surprise at the end. Definitely one to try for those sweltering afternoons.

popsicle week // watermelon boba pops (more…)

pimm and proper //

When it comes to cocktails, you have your base liquors that are like your basics in your closet (think jeans, white tees, flats). Then there are specific liquors and liqueurs that you can mix in that can bring your outfit — I mean cocktail — to the next level and add oomph! But sometimes, it can be a little impractical because, really, who wants to buy an expensive bottle of booze they use once a year?

portrait of a cocktail // the pimm and proper recipe

I have a cocktail today with just such a sprit that you will want to grab, but will quickly be added to the rotation in your home bar! Have you ever heard of Pimms? Even the most novice of cocktail sippers have probably come across the Pimms Cup.

portrait of a cocktail // the pimm and proper recipe

If images of garden parties, polo matches, and high tea come to mind when you hear Pimms, you wouldn’t be mistaken! This drink is practically the national drink of Summer in England. No, really… they drink it like water during the warmer months!

portrait of a cocktail // the pimm and proper recipe jojotastic.comportrait of a cocktail // the pimm and proper recipe

Despite the refreshing qualities of this drink, how often are you to crack open the bottle of Pimms to make these drinks? Rather then pass up this delicious spirit, I have an alternative concoction for when you can’t handle one more Pimm’s Cup — meet the Pimm and Proper. And yes, pun is fully intended.

portrait of a cocktail // the pimm and proper recipe (more…)

The funny thing about blogging is that it can be a solid month before I get to share projects… and so today I am beyond thrilled to share a project with Ford called Switch It Up! Ford challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and try my hand at a super-complex recipe, shrimp biryani. In fact, this entire project is a series where different experts give each other challenges! Thankfully, I had the help and guidance of Merrill Stubbs from one of my favorite sites, Food52. She gave me loads of pointers and even came back to ‘grade’ how I did — be sure to check out the video to see more!

Plus, here are a few snaps from behind the scenes… are you hungry yet??

switch it up with @Ford // be sure to check out the video where I'm challenged to make shrimp biryani from scratch #switchitup switch it up with @Ford // be sure to check out the video where I'm challenged to make shrimp biryani from scratch #switchitup

I’ve never even considered making Indian food, much less a recipe with so many special ingredients. Seriously, guys, I have never bought cardamom in my life. I learned a lot, all while not burning myself too badly — basically, a minor feat in my book.

switch it up with @Ford // be sure to check out the video where I'm challenged to make shrimp biryani from scratch #switchitup switch it up with @Ford // be sure to check out the video where I'm challenged to make shrimp biryani from scratch #switchitup switch it up with @Ford // be sure to check out the video where I'm challenged to make shrimp biryani from scratch #switchitup

Dress from Free People, belt from Anthropologie (similar), shoes from Aquazzura. Hair and make up by Sara Tagaloa.

This post is sponsored by Ford. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

RECIPE // anise and blackberry skillet crumble

The sun is shining, sandals are out and real berries are back on shelves. Not the tasteless ones we see all year long, but instead the real, fragrant berries that seem to come right from our backyards (I mean the one we wish we had!). Today, for my first post on Jojotastic, I want to share one of my favorite summertime recipes, anise and blackberry skillet crumble.

RECIPE // anise and blackberry skillet crumble

Blackberries have an interesting twist to them since A. they are black (can’t think of another fruit with such a Goth color), B. their taste is pretty mild compared to more acidic berries, and C. they are rumored to keep your skin young and glowy! For these reasons, blackberries are THE ingredient of choice to indulge in all summer long! In this recipe, the subtle fruity flavor of the blackberry pairs very well with the sweet-n-spicy kick of the anise. I could imagine how good this combination must be in a cocktail form (mental note taken).

RECIPE // anise and blackberry skillet crumble

This crunchy crumble served with anise infused whipped cream will be a huge hit at your next dinner party. My testers and I still rave about it and it probably will become one of my staple for all of my summertime entertaining. This recipe is easy to prepare since it doesn’t require fancy equipment (just your hands). To add to the cuteness effect, I baked and served mine in this adorable octagonal cast iron skillet (c/o Finex).