recipe // easy yogurt + granola power bowl

start your day with this healthy and hearty breakfast! get the full recipe for this easy yogurt + granola power bowl on

Happy Monday! I want to kick off the week with a healthy, fast, and easy breakfast power bowl that will truly jumpstart your morning. As I’ve gotten older (ahem), I’ve noticed that I tend to wake up earlier and earlier. I did some soul-searching and came to the realization that I do my best work earlier in the day and am basically burnt out by 3 pm. So I started experimenting and structured my day accordingly. Each day is now front-loaded: I work out in the morning, then dig into work so I can take a break at 3 pm. Then I start back up with work around 7. So far it’s been working!

Here’s the thing though: when you’re up by 7 every day, you need a breakfast that will start you off on the right foot. That’s why I asked Emma to come up with a recipe that’s not only healthy, but will keep me satiated and powered for the day ahead. Enter the protein-packed yogurt power bowl.

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recipe // smoke & flowers old fashioned

CHEERS — fancy up your favorite Old Fashioned with edible flowers! meet the Smoke and Flowers Old Fashioned and get the full recipe on

Spring has officially sprung! If you follow along on Instagram, you know I am having a serious moment with edible flowers. Maybe it’s because spring is finally gracing us with it’s presence or simply because they are just so darn pretty! Edible flowers have the ability to fancy-up even the most humble of cocktails, like the Old Fashioned.

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Sun Basket + giveaway

meet @sunbasketmeals — they deliver weekly meals to your door with ingredients that are seasonal, organic, and non-GMO! check out my review on + enter to win your own meals!

Moving is hard enough, but eating healthy while in the throes of changing homes? Kinda feels impossible. Right before I moved into my house, Sun Basket reached out to me asking if I’d like to test drive a week’s worth of recipes. Obviously, I said hell yeah and then asked if they wanted to partner on a giveaway so you guys could try it, too!

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recipe // springtime asparagus tart

meet your new favorite brunch recipe for guests: springtime asparagus tart. learn how to make this easy and pretty dish on

Here in Seattle, it’s been a loooong, wet winter. I feel like I’m chomping at the bit for the first sign of spring. I’ve noticed that the spring produce is making it’s way into the grocery, a sure sign of better (and brighter) days to come! One of my true loves is now in season: asparagus. Claire whipped up this yummy and pretty asparagus tart recipe, perfect for some brunch-time sharing.

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recipe // sweet potato quinoa burgers

trying to eat healthier? check out this recipe for gluten-free sweet potato quinoa burgers on

Burgers, you guys. Burgers. My ultimate comfort food. I don’t have a sweet tooth, I’m meh about potato chips. Instead, I want burgers. All of the time. Here’s the thing though: I’m realllllly trying to be a lot healthier, so I was delighted when my newest contributor Emma K. Morris hooked me up with this super-healthy, bold and bright recipe for Sweet Potato Quinoa Burgers. I love all of the flavors and ingredients combined, plus this recipes helps me to eat way more consciously and still get my fix. Seriously, I’ll be making these all summer long!

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recipe // my ultimate birthday cake

today on the blog: my ultimate birthday cake. this sweet treat is momofuku-inspired with touches of funfetti and strawberry glaze. get the full recipe on!

You only turn 31 once, right? I decided to go all out and ask Claire, our recipe developer, to come up with the ultimate birthday cake recipe for me. I gave her a few of my favorite flavors: anything to do with donuts, strawberries, funfetti, and something not too sweet. From there, Claire whipped up a Momofuku-inspired funfetti cake with lots of yummy, special components. If you’re making this for yourself or a loved one, you can add all or just a few of each component!

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recipe // pot o’ gold cocktail

Anthropologie Summer 2013 - design portfolio on

If you look up St. Patrick’s Day drinks, you are likely to find recipes for green beer, day-glow concoctions, and sickly sweet Irish Cream drinks. Where have all of the well-made cocktails for this Irish holiday gone? In an attempt to populate the interwebs with better options (like last year’s coktail) we whipped up this Pot O’ Gold cocktail to incorporate into your classy St. Paddy’s Day celebrations. 

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