Recipe // mango basil bourbon smash

easy summer cocktail recipe for Mango Basil Bourbon Smash on

Have you guys ever wondered why I never share recipes with pineapple? It’s because I’m allergic! How unfortunate, huh. Often, I swap in mango so that I can still get that tropical cocktail vibe, but without getting sick. Lately I’ve been serving up a really simple, but statement-making cocktail at home: The Mango Basil Bourbon Smash! Smash cocktails are so easy to make and can be made with pretty much any flavor combination. I tend to love bourbon the best of all liquors for it’s delicious vanilla flavor — which just happens to pair really nicely with sweet mango and aromatic basil.

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Recipe // coconut lemonade with lavender simple syrup

It’s been really hot in Seattle. Well, ‘hot’ in PNW terms… Ha. Most homes here don’t have air conditioning here, so I’ve been getting creative with ways to keep cool even when it’s really hot in the house. Frozen drinks have been at the top of the list, especially refreshing lemonade. Recently, I whipped up a really delicious combination of coconut, lemonade, and lavender and I totally had to share it with you guys. Meet your new favorite mid-summer drink!

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recipe // minty hibiscus blackberry popsicles for #popsicleweek

Happy #popsicleweek, aka the perfect excuse to share a recipe for one of my favorite summery sweet treats. This popsicle is inspired by a really delicious cocktail we had during our trip to Palm Springs at the Ace Hotel pool. It was hibiscus with a hint of citrus and tequila, garnished with mint and I loved it. We joked that it was like adult Kool-aid. The vibrant magenta color was pretty fun, too. So this Minty Hibiscus Blackberry Popsicle is my answer to that drink, but with the addition of my favorite berry flavor, blackberries!

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recipe // everything bagel seasoned kale chips

These days, cooking is kind of a challenge for me. It’s pretty hard to put together a meal while on crutches! Sean has taken over all of our meal prep, but isn’t totally comfortable in the kitchen. We’ve worked on simplifying some of our go-to meals and snacks, especially ones that take advantage of our garden. I planted way too much kale, so we’ve been getting creative with eating it all. One super easy way is to make kale chips. Another obsession of mine lately everything bagel seasoning. I found some at Trader Joe’s and immediately thought we could make our own mix!

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Recipe // grilled halloumi watermelon bites with pistachios & mint

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Summer, summer timeeee, can you hear me? The sun seems to have (finally) broken through here in Seattle, so we’re taking every opportunity possible to eat outside and enjoy our new deck furniture. Today I partnered with Truvia to share my favorite appetizer recipe that is super easy to make and will totally delight any summertime guests you have: Grilled Halloumi Bites!

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Recipe // the Paloma-rita for Margarita Week

Happy Margarita Week, you guys! It’s my second year in a row participating in this and I couldn’t be more excited to share this recipe for the Paloma-rita. It’s sort of a mash up of two drinks I really love: a Cadillac margarita and a Paloma. Both use the refreshing, bright taste of grapefruit, but I’ve changed things up with smoky mezcal and a bit of mint for a cocktail that’s perfect for Cinco de Mayo (or really any occasion, to be honest).

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how I stay hydrated (even when I’m too busy)

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This week has definitely been one of those weeks. Not only do we leave today for warm and sunny Palm Springs (yay!) for a wedding, but I also have loads of deadlines, some last-minute renovation projects that need to be done, and I haven’t even thought about what to wear! But as busy as I am, I know that getting dehydrated will not help anything. I’m definitely a happier, more productive person when I’m hydrated! Recently, Brita was kind enough to send me their new Stream Pitcher and I am pretty much obsessed.

Keeping reading to learn all about what makes the Stream so innovative + get my quick infused water recipes that have helped me kick my soda habit!

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