recipe // 3 infused liquor combinations + free downloadable tags (makes a yummy gift!)

3 recipes for infused liquors: Orange + Pomegranate Infused Vodka, Habanero Infused Mezcal, and Pie Spice Infused Rum — they make a great handmade homemade gift! Get the full recipe on

There’s a bar here in my neighborhood that serves Sean’s favorite drink. Called a Tapatio Mustache, it consists of a shot of chili infused tequila poured into the neck of a Pacifico beer. It’s pretty straightforward, but he absolutely loves it… which got me thinking. Wouldn’t infused liquor make a great gift? So we whipped up 3 recipes for infused liquors: Orange + Pomegranate Infused Vodka, Habanero Infused Mezcal, and Pie Spice Infused Rum. Also, Becky from Chipper Things was kind enough to hand letter cute gift tags for each one!

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Recipe // hot buttered rum (gluten-free!)

celebrate the holiday season + entertain guests with this amazing cocktail recipe for Hot Buttered Rum that is also gluten free and dairy free! Get the full recipe from

I’m one of those people who prefers to celebrate Christmas after Thanksgiving. I’m not really sure why, but I think some of it goes back to when I used to work for Nordstrom, a company that doesn’t display their Christmas decor until the day after Thanksgiving as a tradition. I always understood that sentiment and have incorporated it into how I celebrate the season.

That being said… when it’s time to celebrate Christmas… it’s ON. I’m so excited to share this Hot Buttered Rum cocktail with you guys. It’s the perfect sipper for entertaining because it covers all the bases, especially for all those picky eaters and people with allergies because it’s dairy free and gluten free! It’s also just a really lovely, cozy cocktail if you’re snuggling with your boo on the couch and watching Love Actually.

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recipe // warm cheese bites with red pepper jelly (an epic appetizer for Thanksgiving)

Need an epic last-minute appetizer idea for your Thanksgiving dinner or holiday party? Our warm cheese bites are perfect and easy to make — and you can make them ahead and freeze them! Served with a red pepper jelly for a fiery kick. Get the full recipe with @americanexpress on and check out more great holiday insp on #bluecasheveryday #sponsored

If I have one bad habit (ha-ha, only one?), it’s waiting ’til the very last minute for anything. Not exactly the best habit, especially with Thanksgiving just days away! Today I’ve partnered with American Express to share my quick, easy, and epic last-minute appetizer to bring to Friendsgiving. I reached out to my friend and recipe guru Claire to whip up this delicious Warm Cheese Bites recipe — then she took it to the next level by suggesting a red pepper jelly. You guys…this jelly really takes it to a totally new place. That fiery kick is the perfect pairing with the flaky puff pastry, melty cheese, and bits of ham.

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recipe // spiced sweet potato soup (in pumpkin bowls!)

Celebrate Friendsgiving (or Thanksgiving) with this spiced sweet potato soup recipe (served in pumpkin bowls!) from @buzzfeed and @americanexpress. Get more holiday inspiration from these awesome videos epic entertaining videos and get more hosting tips on #BlueCashEveryday #sponsored

Here in Seattle, it is most definitely soup weather. I usually make a batch of soup on Sundays and then eat it for lunch during the week. It’s the perfect way to have a quick, easy, and hearty lunch on the go. I also switch up which recipe I use on a weekly basis. Today I tried my hand at this Spiced Sweet Potato Soup, a delicious recipe created by American Express in partnership with Buzzfeed. I love how easy the recipe is, plus it’s served up in pumpkin bowls, which will look so festive for my upcoming Friendsgiving dinner!

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recipe // coffee old fashioned & spiked pumpkin spice cocktail (made with Keurig®!)

Learn about Fair Trade Certified coffee thanks to @Keurig and @greenmtncoffee + learn how to make these two coffee cocktails perfect for Sunday morning brunch: coffee old fashioned with sugared orange garnish and spiked pumpkin spice coffee cocktail! Learn more on #greenmountaincoffee #ad

Living in Seattle during the winter months is sort of tough. We’ve already had a suuuuper wet, grey fall and it’s only November! I find that my energy is majorly lacking, so I often turn to my old friend for a quick pick-me-up: coffee. Luckily, Keurig® reached out to partner and celebrate Fair Trade Month, so I immediately knew that I wanted to whip up a duo of spiked coffee cocktails. These two recipes have me feeling way more energized about hosting brunch, especially now that I’m in hibernation mode.

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recipe // chocolate and lavender stir spoons for cocoa

Warm things up this season with a delicious cup of chocolate and lavender cocoa. Turn into thoughtful, last-minute gift with dipped stir spoons - for the full tutorial head to

Now that daylight savings time ended, we have quite a few dark and rainy nights ahead (oh, Seattle…). But there’s a silver-lining within those rain clouds… a steaming cup of hot cocoa! We bumped it up a notch and created a lavender-infused version for an extra special treat to look forward to on chilly nights. You can also give these stir spoons as thoughtful, handmade gift during the holiday season. Spread the cocoa cheer with a batch of chocolate and lavender stir spoons — keep reading to learn how to make your own!

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recipe // tri-color potato gratin (a yummy side dish for Thanksgiving!)

For a yummy side dish for Thanksgiving, try this easy and delicious tri-color potato gratin! It features 3 different colors of potatoes for a fun twist and can be ready to pop-in the oven in 20 minutes - for the full recipe and more delicious side-dishes head to

If I have any one particular weakness when it comes to Thanksgiving side dishes, it would have to be potatoes… I just love them. And the creamier, the better! This recipe for potato gratin is different than most though because it features 3 different colors of potatoes for a fun twist. It’s like comfort food, but taken to a totally new level — and perfect for rainy, cold days when all you want to do is snuggle… oh, and Thanksgiving. But mostly for when you just need a full belly of delicious potatoes!

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