recipe // kale chickpea seed salad

YUM! get this healthy, filling, and easy recipe for Kale Chickpea + Seed Salad with Miso Yogurt Vinaigrette on (and save this pin for later!)

Ever since completing my deck makeover, I want to eat every meal outdoors. When we’re not grilling, I try to keep things simple by instead eating freshly made salads full of seasonal produce. Typically I’ll drizzle olive oil and balsamic over the salad, but I’ve rapidly grown bored of that. I asked our recipe contributor Emma to suggest a new spin on a salad for me: something flavorful, packed with protein, and topped with a delicious savory dressing. This Kale Chickpea + Seed Salad with Miso Yogurt Vinaigrette recipe is her answer and, believe me, you’ll wanna make this your lunch asap!

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recipe // strawberry rhubarb daiquiri

Strawberry Rhubarb Daiquiri get the recipe on

We’ve been having abnormally warm days here in San Francisco and it sounds like Joanna is finally seeing some sunny days in Seattle, t00 — seems it’s time to start thinking summery drinks, don’t you? Meet your new summertime go-to cocktail, the lip-smackingly delicious Strawberry Rhubarb Daiquiri. This recipe is not your standard issue strawberry daiquiri though. A sickly-sweet, slushy daiquiri has it’s time and place (like poolside in Vegas or on an all-inclusive resort vaca), but daiquiris are so much more than that! Or rather, so much less.

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for your friday + last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas

looking for a last-minute Mother's Day gift idea?? check out this round up of GREAT handmade gifts over on — like this ice dye throw craft.

I know you would neeever forget, but Sunday is Mother’s Day so I wanted to help you out with a few awesome ideas to make for mom. By no means is this a last-minute round up of ideas… nope, no way.

Crafts and DIY projects are always a fun gift. I love the idea of putting a personal touch on any of our past DIY projects for mom. Be sure to check out these favorites from the Jojotastic archives… like our DIY ice dye throw. This is our most popular project yet; why wouldn’t mom love it??

looking for a last-minute Mother's Day gift idea?? check out this round up of GREAT handmade gifts over on — like this shibori dyed bathmat (can you believe the bathmat is from IKEA??)

Or perk up mom’s bathroom with our shibori bathmat DIY. It’s super easy, but packs some legit drama.

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recipe // blood orange mezcal margarita

happy Cinco de Mayo! we're celebrating with #margaritaweek and sharing a recipe for Blood Orange Mezcal Margaritas. get the full cocktail recipe on

Cinco de Mayo is upon us and that can mean one thing: margaritas are a must. Kate from Hola! Jalapeño is also hosting Margarita Week, so really it’s the perfect time to talk all things tequila, icy, and flavorful. It’s a known fact among my friends that if a drink menu lists mezcal as an ingredient, chances are good that I’ll order it. There’s something about the deep, smoky flavor that really speaks to me — maybe it’s because I am currently going through a scotch phase, too? Gimme da flavor! This margarita recipe comes with a healthy dose of mezcal and another favorite flavor, tart blood orange.

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DIY // limoncello for Mother’s Day

give your mom a bottle of homemade limoncello this Mother's Day! check out this easy recipe on

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and this year I wanted to give my mom something handmade and useful that she might actually like! As much as she said that my macaroni necklaces were her favorite present ever, I now suspect that she wasn’t exactly telling the truth. So this May 8th, instead of dried flowers or edible jewelry I’m giving my mom something every woman loves — booze!

Limoncello is a bright and refreshing Italian liqueur traditionally served as the end of a meal, but I enjoy sipping on this chilled delight anytime of the day. Last summer I discovered how incredibly easy this delightful refreshment was to make at home and have always had a bottled waiting in the freezer ever since (much to my boyfriend’s chagrin).

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recipe // easy yogurt + granola power bowl

start your day with this healthy and hearty breakfast! get the full recipe for this easy yogurt + granola power bowl on

Happy Monday! I want to kick off the week with a healthy, fast, and easy breakfast power bowl that will truly jumpstart your morning. As I’ve gotten older (ahem), I’ve noticed that I tend to wake up earlier and earlier. I did some soul-searching and came to the realization that I do my best work earlier in the day and am basically burnt out by 3 pm. So I started experimenting and structured my day accordingly. Each day is now front-loaded: I work out in the morning, then dig into work so I can take a break at 3 pm. Then I start back up with work around 7. So far it’s been working!

Here’s the thing though: when you’re up by 7 every day, you need a breakfast that will start you off on the right foot. That’s why I asked Emma to come up with a recipe that’s not only healthy, but will keep me satiated and powered for the day ahead. Enter the protein-packed yogurt power bowl.

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recipe // smoke & flowers old fashioned

CHEERS — fancy up your favorite Old Fashioned with edible flowers! meet the Smoke and Flowers Old Fashioned and get the full recipe on

Spring has officially sprung! If you follow along on Instagram, you know I am having a serious moment with edible flowers. Maybe it’s because spring is finally gracing us with it’s presence or simply because they are just so darn pretty! Edible flowers have the ability to fancy-up even the most humble of cocktails, like the Old Fashioned.

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