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I think at this point, when I say I’m moving somewhere people just shrug and ask what else is new. Yes, I move a lot, but this time, I’m the one choosing the move. It’s not for a company, it’s not for a boy — it’s because I feel like being in a place I love, one that feels like home. Originally I wanted to write this post about the goals I’m setting for 2015, but those are tied so closely to this move that it just feels right to discuss both. Basically, moving back to Seattle is the first step in helping me to achieve these goals and here’s why:

San Francisco is expensive. Yes, I moved here knowing that little tidbit, but I also had a full-time job on top of all the freelance and blogging that I do. The fact is that I wasn’t planning on getting laid off. I’m incredibly proud of the success I’ve had with this blog and have fully committed to going my own way, including setting up my LLC last year. With all that being said… it makes zero sense for me to pay so much in rent every month for a tiny space where I barely have room to work and create. By paring down my expenses significantly (we’re talking about decreasing my rent by almost half), I will have so much more freedom… and savings.

I desperately need an office. Planning and executing photoshoots in 500 sqft while also living there is close to impossible. I’m excited to announce that I’ll finally have a real, live desk space as part of the 95 Yesler collective with my good friend Cassandra from Coco + Kelley. I cannot wait to actually have some space in which to get creative.

I just want to create things that are meaningful to me. When you’re constantly worried about paying exorbitant rent, you tend to do anything to make a buck. For me, this has meant taking on work about which I’m not super passionate or maybe wasn’t the best fit for my aesthetic and brand. I just… do not want to do that anymore. Also, I want to create for the sake of creating, even if that means it’s not sponsored content. For example, I’ve always wanted to explore the art of flower arranging, always. One of my goals for 2015 is to provide you guys with content that I create myself just because I feel like it, while also partnering only with my absolute favorite brands in meaningful ways.

Give myself a time out. I have some bizarre work habits and one of which I am painfully aware and desperately want to change is my tendency to get hyperfocused. Most of the time, I am so focused on work and getting things done that I don’t do the basics, like eating. I’m not joking. It’s especially bad because my desk is across the room from my bed, so I wake up and immediately start working without even thinking about it. A personal goal this year is to make myself take at least one major time out every week. Maybe it’s a field trip to a museum or a spontaneous ferry boat ride to Bainbridge Island or even an hour spent perusing the amazing Seattle Public Library. I really need to break out of my bubble and see more, away from the glowing rectangles (my nickname for computer and phone screens).

Learn a few new things. I feel really stagnant, sort of like I just do the same stuff day after day. Probably because I’m just constantly working. It’s time to take action and do the things I’ve always wished I could do: I want to take a ceramics class; I want to brush up on my Greek; I want to camp more.

goals for 2015 + i'm moving back to Seattle!  see more on www.jojotastic.comThose are just a few of my reasons for the move and goals for the year. I’ve truly enjoyed my time in SF, especially the food and adventures, not to mention the incredible friends I’ve made. Believe me, leaving was not an easy decision, but at the end of the day this move feels like the right choice for both myself and my business.

photography by Danfredo Photo + Film — see more of their road trip here.

When I was last in Seattle, I visited artist Jenny Vorwaller. As we were wandering the Ballard neighborhood, she asked me if I collected anything. At the time, it didn’t come to me, but I do in fact collect something: pebbles. Whenever I go somewhere new or walk along a beach or simply want to remember a moment in time, I search for the perfect rock. I don’t really label them and I probably couldn’t tell you where they’ve come from, but I just enjoy having them to stack and rub together in my hands. It soothes me, what can I say. What do you collect?


  1. meditation cushions from Canvas
  2. porcelain paper plates from SIN
  3. dessert plates from Suite One Studio
  4. long handle tasting spoons from Harabu House
  5. milk glass vases from The White Pepper
  6. Ya Wen Chou via Sight Unseen

Greetings from Seattle! On Wednesday, I jetted off to Seattle for some quality time With Dan, as well as some much needed wanderings around my favorite city. On Friday I decided to take in two classics: The Seattle Art Museum and The Seattle Aquarium. While the SAM currently has a huge exhibit devoted to Rembrant, the highlight of my visit was definitely The Porcelain Room. Darkly lit and intensely dramatic, imagine a room filled with beautiful vintage tabletop and decorative pieces. Talk about inspiration for days!

While downtown, I popped over to the aquarium (after a quick stop for my favorite pork buns at Pike Place Market…) to revel in the overwhelming beauty of nature. I have always had a fascination with underwater worlds. As a kid, my mom painted a mural on my bedroom wall of an underwater scene and bought bedding to match… you better believe I still have those pillowcases. I think it’s because I’m a pisces, but there is something insanely magical about aquariums to me. I could certainly watch jellyfish for days!

photos by Jojotastic using Instagram — follow me here!

I remember when Dan told me a taco stand had opened down the street from his house. I had just booked a flight to visit him and pretty much demanded that we go check it out — I literally counted down the days {ok, maybe I was excited to see him, too}. What can I say, I had a hankering… Philly has plenty of taco options, but nothing can quite compare to a west coast taco stand! I fell in love with it that first time and absolutely had to go back during my most recent trip to Seattle.

TnT Taqueria has something for everyone — taco platters, Coke in glass bottles, and freshly made churros. Locally sourced ingredients are combined to make amazing combinations like chile braised beef, chorizo verde, and {my personal favorite} hominy hash. While I may not always opt for the vegetarian option, at TnT, I always do. The hominy hash is that good. And my favorite part? Watching the chefs crank churro dough into the fryer and, within a few minutes, having them hand me a perfect doughy, cinnamon & sugar covered morsel.

If you find yourself in Seattle and have a hankering for tacos, stop by TnT Taqueria for a very memorable experience… and make sure you get a churro!

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With thanks to Hurricane Sandy, my trip to Seattle was extended a couple days longer. As usual, I spent my extra days canoodling with my man, tree-scouting in the Wallingford neighborhood, and going on foodie adventures. It’s always bittersweet to leave, but as we head into the holidays, I am excited for what the future has to bring!

photos by Jojotastic using Instagram — follow me here!

It’s no big secret that I miss living in Seattle. I might have grown up on the east coast, but within months of living in Seattle, I knew that it was my actual, forever home. I have nothing against Philly or the east coast, but this is a matter of feeling like the absolute best version of myself when I am here in Seattle. There’s something about the air and surrounding water and mountains that make me feel complete. I’m always scared to be one of those people who stagnates and can’t embrace change, so I hope that my love of Seattle doesn’t inhibit me in that regard. Believe me, that is something that is a perpetual work in progress for me, especially as I learn more and more to embrace my new home and try to rebuild my life in Philly.

My visit has been longer this go around and I am happy to say that I have been able to experience new things, while also revisiting some of what I love best about this city. A few highlights include treats from Dan at the airport, my first ever hockey game, and having a romp with my favorite pup.

Oh, that potato-y goodness in the lower left corner? That is probably the best comfort dish ever, a sweet potato hasselback via A Cozy Kitchen. I made it for the boy last night and it was a MAJOR hit!

photos by Jojotastic using Instagram — follow me here!

Greetings from Seattle! Seems like I escaped the east coast just in time, huh? I hope everyone is safe and sound in Philly… and keeping dry.

Last week was pretty hectic (when isn’t it? I am such a broken record…), but I still managed to have a few adventures! I think the highlight of my week was my decision to volunteer at a local animal shelter, Operation Ava. I had orientation this week and got to meet that little morsel on the lower right. His name is Trooper and he’s 8 weeks old — check out those puppy wrinkles! I’m super excited to spend my weekend time walking some cuties and hopefully helping them to find their forever homes.

This week also included a super exciting binder of color swatches at work, friends who can make amazingly perfect vodka martinis, and the last of open-toe shoe weather. I hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday and, for those of you on the east coast, stay safe!

photos by Jojotastic using Instagram — follow me here!