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Inspired by the Seattle city guide I wrote for Design*Sponge, I decided to launch a new series: Seattle Like a Local! I’m not sure of the cadence of this post, but I want to share with you guys some of my favorite haunts, as well as new spots I’ve recently discovered. Whether you’re a Seattle local or planning a visit to the emerald city, I hope these posts help! First up, I want to share my favorite neighborhood watering hole, Good Bar.


Cocktail Pairing School with Blurb & Pennyroyal //

As an avid cocktail lover, to say I was excited when Blurb invited me to an evening of cocktail making and food pairing at the Pennyroyal is an understatement. This gorgeous Kimpton establishment is right in downtown Seattle and inspired by old-world European style bars. The dark wood, exposed brick, and moody lighting had me feeling heady and even tuned out my normal shutter-bug impulses that usually crop up with every course. It was the perfect setting to connect with fellow creatives and learn about Blurb’s self-publishing and marketing platform. (more…)

HP Sprout truck stop tour @hp #gomakethings #sproutbyHP

Full disclosure: I am absolutely fascinated by the world of ‘vlogging.’ These are people who live their lives on the internet via video and in plain view of everyone… this is definitely the next evolution of blogging. It’s kind of amazing, but also a little bit insane. Oh, and it’s just so easy to fall down the YouTube rabbit hole, don’t you think?? I’m fascinated. Recently, HP asked me to join them at Vlogger Fair where they had brought the HP Sprout Truck Stop. I jumped at the opportunity — not only for some amazing people watching, but also as a chance to share my story of how I use the HP Sprout for creative projects.

HP Sprout truck stop tour @hp #gomakethings #sproutbyHP HP Sprout truck stop tour @hp #gomakethings #sproutbyHP

We started out the day by sharing a few past projects with the HP Sprout (see those here and here). I even gave a quick demo explaining my favorite tips and tricks for using the HP Sprout for creative projects. The audience was really amazing and asked some thoughtful questions.


link love on @jojotastic + this weeks must reads!

This week has been jam packed with excitement and activity, let me tell you… but really, those of you who follow me on Snapchat (username ‘jojotastic’) already know that! I set a personal goal of having my loft settled and totally unpacked by September 1 and that day is FAST approaching. This week, I got a new couch + tv stand, so the living room area is looking great. My next goal is to find the perfect rug and then build my gallery wall. Does anyone else feel totally paralyzed by picking the ‘right’ rug for a space?? For some reason, I can’t actually make up my mind about which one is the one. My deadline is fast approaching though, so decisions must be made!

Also, this Saturday I’ll be hanging out with the HP Sprout Experience Tour at Vloggerfair in Seattle! I’m doing a demo using the Sprout (past posts here and here) and also giving a preview of some exciting projects to come. Head here for more info, including all the other stops on their nationwide tour.

In case you missed it, here’s what happened on the blog this week:

Plus, a few other new & noteworthy things:

Seattle peeps, need something to do this weekend? Be sure to check out Day Shift on Sunday August 23!

p.s. Seattle peeps, need something to do this weekend? Be sure to check out Day Shift on Sunday August 23!

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seattle // nature walk

I feel like I’ve been neglecting the blog this week — instead I’m caught up in photoshoots and boys and climbing and witnessing as many sunsets as possible. In reality, this means that I’m off living my life, something of which I am fiercely proud. In the past, it was all too easy for me to stay online and ‘connected,’ but without actually connecting with anyone or anything. It’s a trap, this thing we call the internet, social media, etc. I’m over this false sense of connection and instead am being fueled by the outdoors. This week I grabbed my camera on a whim and went to a local spot called Discovery Park to take in the sunset — this is what I witnessed.

seattle // nature walk (more…)

join the @jojotastic team — i'm hunting for an intern!

Pardon the interruption, but I have been busy busy busy and it’s getting a bit intense around here… so I’ve decided to expand the Jojotastic team and search for an editorial intern!

Here’s a bit of what I’m lookin’ for:

  • Photoshoot assistance — Want to learn what goes into planning and prepping a shoot? Keen on trying your hand at styling? When it comes to photoshoots, I need all the help I can get! A few key tasks: food prep, helping pick wardrobe, scouting props for shoots, etc.
  • Editorial assistance — My goal is for my intern to have his or her own column here on Jojotastic, whether it’s food, fashion, or anything else that fits the aesthetic. I also need help scouting new topics to cover, as well as help putting together posts.
  • Social media assistance — Can you craft the perfect pitch in 140 characters or less? Do you understand snapchat? Then I desperately need you. I’d love to have some help across all social media channels with drafting, scheduling, even keeping up with that new new.
  • Organization — I need all the help I can get these days, so a small part of this role will be helping me to stay on top of stuff like filing, invoicing, updating ads on my site, that sort of thing.

A few more things:

  • must be Seattle-based and not allergic to dogs. I’ve got a desk in Pioneer Square with your name written all over it.
  • must have a basic understanding of Photoshop.
  • access to car is a plus. I promise to keep the coffee runs to a minimum.
  • the internship is part-time (10-15 hours a week) with flexible hours. I’m trying to stop working weekends myself, so hopefully not too many weekends!
  • positive vibes only — I need an intern who is mature, organized, and generally unflappable under pressure.
  • experience is nice, but not required. We’re in this together and I’m looking to teach as much as I’m looking to get some help.

To apply and learn more, shoot me an email at with subject line INTERN-TASTIC. Be sure to include links to whatever you think best represents your aesthetic (personal blog, instagram, twitter, pinterest… etc) and a quick blurb about why you’re interested. I’m hoping to make my decision by May, so send ’em in!

sharing a bit about what's it's like 3 days into my big move to Seattle

I’m queuing up some posts for the rest of the week and I felt like I was due for a check in. All I could think about is how I really just need to air out some feelings I’ve been having. Officially, I’ve been in Seattle for 3 days and, overall, it’s totally great. This feels like home… which is exactly the point of all of this, right?

It’s just when I really start to think about things… that things get complicated in my head. There are so many things going on, so much change, so much unknown. When will my stuff arrive? Do the people in my new co-working space like me? Will I bump into my ex-boyfriend and will my hair actually be clean that day? When will my cat stop howling in the middle of the night because she’s scared of the new apartment? And why is that man peeing in the alleyway below to my kitchen?

Stuff like that.

I haven’t been sleeping well and I think I’m sort of fighting off a cold. My body needs a break in a big way. For the past few days, I was able to distract myself from everything thanks to the road trip, the new apartment, the new office, everything. Now though… it’s really catching up to me.

So yeah… there’s that. I just felt like I needed to get it out there and now I feel a bit calmer.

image via my Instagram