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incredible oversized turquoise earrings + even more inspiration on

You guys, it’s my birthday today! I’m off climbing some mountains to celebrate, but wanted to take the opportunity to share a bit of what’s been inspiring me lately to hopefully get you inspired for the weekend, too. Here goes…

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seattle like a local // velouria

explore Seattle like a local today on the blog! check out one of my favorite boutiques Velouria, great for independently-made, small-batch clothing, jewelry and home goods. more on

When I first moved to Pioneer Square here in Seattle, I felt like my shopping habit would fiiinally get a bit of a break. The neighborhood felt more restaurant- and bar-focused instead of shopping-focused… that is until I discovered Velouria. This gorgeous boutique once resided in Ballard, but migrated south to Pioneer Square. They specialize in small production, independently-made pieces ranging from apparel, jewelry, and small house goods.

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for your friday, valentine’s day edition!

sweet, silly, sexy valentine's day gifts for everyone — see even more ideas on

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? I hate to be all cliché about it, but I find myself only really digging this day when I have a beau. Yep, just being real here. Even though both Sean and I prefer to keep things low-key, that doesn’t mean I’m not into all the cute hearts, sweet cards, and pretty lacy things. We’re probably staying in this year with a bottle of good champagne and some pizza (#netflixandchill).

sweet, silly, sexy valentine's day gifts for everyone — see even more ideas on

I am definitely more of a laid-back Valentine’s Day kind of girl. Once I gave my boyfriend a case of beer. See, aren’t I sweet?

cocktail glass set from Urban Outfitters, Posies & Co. body and hair oil from Anthropologie, Ark + Arrow ruby ring from Free People, LOVE chocolate from Terrain, and fish in the sea strappy bra from Free People.

sweet, silly, sexy valentine's day gifts for everyone — see even more ideas on jojotastic.comsweet, silly, sexy valentine's day gifts for everyone — see even more ideas on

striped cami from Free People, Ban.Do hot stuff mug, better together card from Urban Outfitters, neon heart light from Free People, and Byredo loose lips candle.

great gifts for friends + Old Navy

great gifts for friends + Old Navy // @oldnavy #oldnavystyle

This holiday season finds me a bit stressed when it comes to gift giving. I’m in save-save-save mode because I’m in the market to buy a house (!!!) and every extra penny is going to that goal. That doesn’t mean I’m forgoing gifts altogether this year; rather I’m on the hunt for affordable yet stylish gifts that make a memorable statement. Admittedly, it’s been a few years since I last shopped at Old Navy. Mostly these days I’m into their affordable athletic wear, but with a list that’s nearly as long as my arm, Old Navy is a natural fit. They reached out to me to put together gift ideas for friends that are thoughtful, fun, and budget-friendly — so here goes!

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12 makers of christmas // morning ritual jewelry

shop small this holiday season with gorgeous gifts from @morningritual // #12makersofchristmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… an interview with Morning Ritual Jewelry! I can’t believe this is the last maker in our 12 Makers of Christmas series. It’s been just wonderful learning about everyone’s christmas traditions and how they balance work and creativity during the holiday season. We’ve met such a diverse group of makers, from textile designers and ceramicists to calligraphers and weavers, the talent from this group is overflowing, and today’s maker is no exception.

I first fell in love with Shayna’s visually concise jewelry over the summer, and wrote about it here. The clean-cut of her simple designs swept me off my feet. I also couldn’t help but love that she names her pieces after the industrial designers she draws inspiration from. Morning Ritual’s jewelry is so wearable and chic, it’s definitely at the top of my wish list. Don’t forget to check out the discount code below!shop small this holiday season with gorgeous gifts from @morningritual // #12makersofchristmas

tell us a bit about what you do – your process, your materials, what inspires and drives you.

I am actually not a morning person at all… I find that I’m most creative late at night when it’s quiet and everyone is asleep. That’s when I can really focus. I usually start experimenting with the materials at hand to discover their limits, potential, and relationship with one another.

One challenge I give myself is: How do I design a structurally sound / wearable piece of jewelry using simple shapes and efficient construction. I’m inspired by modern architects like Mies Van der Rohe, who is known for the term “Less is more”. I guess you could say that I’m driven by the creative force of the universe – like riding a wave of energy.

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12 makers of christmas // third eye assembly

shop small this holiday season with gorgeous gifts from @teajewelry // #12makersofchristmas

When I’m shopping for someone during the holiday season, I try to find presents that are practical and can be used in their day to day life, but not something they would normally buy for themselves. At the top of that list, for men and women alike, is jewelry! That’s why I’m so excited to share today’s maker with you. Moving seamlessly between wire-wrapping and silver casting, Third Eye Assembly‘s fluid jewelry designs have come together in the gorgeous unisex lattice series.

shop small this holiday season with gorgeous gifts from @teajewelry // #12makersofchristmas

tell us a bit about what you do – your process, your materials, what inspires and drives you.

Considering how light interacts with each gemstone facet or crystal specimen I hold in my hands, the wheels in my head begin to turn, consequently setting my creative process in motion.  I find inspiration in the materials I use, and seeking out beautiful gemstones and crystals is what fuels the fire. Embracing the use of facets and texture in order to mirror the shape and lustre of various gems and minerals, the design process begins.

Conscientious along each step of the way, from design on paper to final polish, I find serenity in the act of creating jewelry.  My mind is at ease when I’m sawing out an intricate design in sheet metal or wire wrapping for what seem like timeless stretches. I am still fascinated by the the solid to liquid transformation of metal under the heat of my torch.  These day to day jewelry processes still leave me with a feeling of awe and I feel truly blessed to be able find happiness in the small things.

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12 makers of christmas // paper & clay

shop small this holiday season with gorgeous gifts from @paperandclay // #12makersofchristmas

They say that simple can be harder than complex, a concept that really resonates with me when I consider the work of today’s maker. In my day to day life, I try to surround myself with well made items that quietly boast their worth with quality. Well that’s what the extremely talented designer and ceramicist, Paper & Clay is all about!

Her pieces are modern functional ceramics that are both stunningly beautiful, with glazes carefully developed from scratch, and very usable at the same time. Whether it’s a simple white mug, or speckleware bud vase, her ceramics add something very special to your routine.

shop small this holiday season with gorgeous gifts from @paperandclay // #12makersofchristmas

tell us a bit about what you do – your process, your materials, what inspires and drives you.

I make modern utilitarian ceramics that are inspired by Scandinavian design. I love the marriage of soft colors and clean lines. I primarily use porcelain in my work, but occasionally like to try out new clay bodies too. The majority of my current work is handthrown, but I’m slowly moving to slip casting, which will free up my hands a bit so that I can dive into the role of designer first and foremost. I love creating a perfecting new designs!

shop small this holiday season with gorgeous gifts from @paperandclay // #12makersofchristmas

what is your favorite holiday tradition?

My family lives all over the country so we never really established normal Holiday traditions. I do love this time of year though, and I’m starting to create some of my own traditions. I love baking and gifting, and a learned last year that I really enjoy hosting Thanksgiving. I think my favorite think to do this time of year is have a bonfire outside with a cup of homemade hot chocolate. And of course there’s an obligatory screening of Elf.

what’s your favorite gift to give?

I’m all about the gift box. I love putting together a collection of thoughtful gifts for my friends. I always end up including Shotwell Candy, some yummy coffee like Stumptown, and allllll the paper goods.

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