our decision to install a barn door!

Need to save space in your small space or tiny home? Install a @rejuvenationinc barn door! Sharing more about our decision to install a barn door in our bedroom renovation on jojotastic.com

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When we first started thinking about the bedroom renovation, I had lofty goals. One MAJOR project that I wanted to tackle was to move the bedroom door. As you may recall from the before photos, the existing door used to open directly into the ideal closet location. I felt like the best way to solve that problem would be to move it… but then I put more thought into it and realized that moving the door would cause all kinds of problems: we’d have to repaint my gorgeous blue wall… the dining room would be totally disrupted… and we’d have to find matching floor boards to fill in where the wall used to be. It ended up spiraling and my hopes were quickly dashed. That is, until I had an a-ha moment: we could install a barn door! Not only would this design choice solve our door opening issue, but it would actually save space for us. Talk about #winning…

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20 (more) ways to sneak in extra storage with furniture & home decor

source: acrylic storage table

Even as #mytinybungalow gets settled more and more, I find new ways of sneaking in extra storage. At this point it’s becoming an obsession! So after my last round up of 20 ways to sneak in extra storage, I knew I had to do another one to share my latest findings.

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small space entertaining // a rustic tablescape to celebrate summer

I’ve always wavered when choosing a favorite season. I’m definitely not a hot weather kind of person, so I wouldn’t say that true summer is tops for me. Spring is too gloomy and wet, while winter is just too damn cold. Fall leads to winter and typically just feels too damn short. But there’s this sweet spot where summer blends into fall that just feels absolutely perfect. That fleeting moment in time is what this rustic tablescape is meant to celebrate. The cooler evenings, the changing product available at the farmers market, even the shift in my decorating color palette.

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a living room refresh with Bemz

a budget-friendly living room refresh with @BemzDesign for spring. Learn all about this custom tailored linen slipcover for IKEA furniture on Jojotastic.com #Bemz #IKEAhack

This post is sponsored by Bemz. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

Renovating a house is a funny thing… you start one room and in the midst of that project, you start to cast an editing eye around to the other rooms. Or at least that’s the trap I keep falling into! Lately I’ve been feeling like the living room needed a bit of a refresh, especially since I haven’t changed that room much in almost a year. One major change we made recently was to get an IKEA couch and then increase the drama with a new slipcover from Bemz; the effect is quite dramatic, but also very livable and comfy!

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our bedroom makeover // how we added a closet to our small space

Now that our bedroom makeover has been totally revealed (more on that here), it’s time to discuss our closet! When I bought the house, there wasn’t a single closet in the entire place, so that first year was all about getting creative. There are so many amazing options out there for creating a closet out of nothing — and, believe me, I evaluated them ALL before proceeding. Let’s dig in and discuss some serious organization!

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REVEAL DAY – our bedroom makeover & renovation!

This post is a loooong time coming, you guys! From scraping away 19 layers of wallpaper to restoring the original shiplap to breaking my leg… this bedroom has been a labor of love and sharing it with you guys is long overdue. I cannot wait to show you every little bit of this space… so, without further ado, here’s our bedroom makeover reveal (and the source list)!

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small bathroom storage essentials

storage essentials for a small bathroom via jojotastic on jojotastic.com

photo credit: Danfredo Photos + Films

If your bathroom is anything like mine, it’s pretty small and lacking any real form of storage. Having a small bathroom can inspire you to get creative though — and it’s all about figuring out which tools are best to help you get organized. I’ve tried countless different configurations and methods for squeezing out every last bit of storage in my small bathroom and wanted to share a ton of amazing pieces I’ve found in the process.

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