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silly cranky noodle the dachshund

Happy Friday you guys! This weekend we’re starting work on the bedroom renovation and I’m so excited. I love a good demo day ;) Hopefully Sean will let me use the sledge hammer to remove the ceiling… keep your fingers crossed. That would make for a great Instagram Story, don’t you think?

Some good reads this week:

Loving this list of 10 socially conscious brands to support.

My favorite shoe trends for spring.

What you eat when you’re alone… a really interesting conversation!

As the proud owner of a bungalow, I love this post about bungalow design on Design*Sponge.

A few ways to take better care of yourself.

Grapefruit + chamomile tarts? YUM.

These new beauty products from Herbessntls have me intrigued.

This conversation about working from home with a 911 operator made laugh really hard.

photo via Jojotastic on Instagram.

the friday edit

collection of Edison bulbs and LED vintage looking lightbulbs.

This week was super fun, you guys. The highlight was definitely my quick road trip down to Portland to meet with the amazing team at Rejuvenation to talk about lighting and hardware for my bedroom renovation. I also got the opportunity to tour their factory where they restore vintage pieces and make new ones, as well. It was… for lack of a better word, unreal. I could spend a solid week there asking questions, touching everything, exploring the shelves of gorgeous vintage finds, and getting inspired. It was amazing! I hope you didn’t miss my Instagram Stories, where I shared it all.

Some good reads this week:

My top 5 denim trends to wear this spring.

I’m kind of obsessed with these tips for hanging curtains!

This Turkish Shower Curtain has some seriously gorgeous fringe.

If I could, I’d live in this Scandinavian home. You guys, I’ve never felt this much house envy before.

Cold Picnic released artful, amazing new rugs and I want them ALL.

Unexpected ways to wear pattern this spring.

I have a girl crush on Garance Doré and this post has me convinced that I need all of these understated, sexy-meets-casual underwear and loungewear.

photo via Jojotastic on Instagram.

the friday edit

snowy seattle, adventuring in the snow. winter landscape. winterscape.

This week was sort of a wash, not gonna lie. I got really sick and barely left the house… basically I’ve spent the entire week melted into my couch! I’m starting to feel better (yay), but I was not expecting to be knocked out so hard by a cold for a full week. It also snowed in Seattle this week, which was awesome. It’s the first time I’ve seen #mytinybungalow in the snow and it was so cute. The snow settled over a lot of my house’s flaws which was kinda nice. Even my chain link fence didn’t bother me as much. I briefly ignored my cold to walk the dogs in the snow through Discovery Park and it was lovely.

Some good reads this week:

My good friend Elizabeth launched the Healers podcast and it is soooo good. Definitely check it out.

Kind of obsessed with this renter-friendly makeover, especially the window trim DIY.

5 cute date night looks (#3 is my favorite).

Madewell launched a new intimates line and now my life is complete.

I was pulling looks for some new style posts and pretty much decided this look is all I want to wear.

Natural beauty essentials for happy, healthy skin and hair.

Bridge & Burn just released an amazing collab with Kiriko and it’s full of gorgeous Japanese vibes. I have my heart set on these overalls.

How cute are these Andy Warhol-inspired Valentine’s Day cookies??

photo via Jojotastic on Instagram.

the friday edit

boho dachshund ponders life. glossy black french doors with brass hardware and dip dyed tassel. boho shaggy pouf.

Happy Friday, you guys! It seems that I’ve caught a bug, so I’m writing this from the sofa under a pile of wiener dogs. Not bad, but definitely not how I wanted to spend this weekend.

Some good reads this week:

a guide to Valentine’s Day inspired beauty!

Ummm this brass and lucite clothing rack set is incredible.

As a former print designer, I loved this NY Times article about Swedish prints and pattern.s

My favorite minimalist accessories for spring.

I found this article super helpful in maintaining my sanity during the past couple of weeks.

House of Brinson shared their tips on renovating a historic home. This article really put renovations into perspective for me!

Obsessed with the colors and artwork of this throw blanket.

This House of Hipsters essay is a must-read for vintage shoppers.

photo via Jojotastic on Instagram.

the friday edit

behind the scenes peek of our DIY photoshoots for February. Pink ceramics styling. Dried Flowers. Dye tutorials.

This has sort of felt like the week that would never end. My motivation is severely lacking and I’m really struggling to figure out why. Ordinarily, I bounce out of bed right at 7 am, but lately I’m dragging. I barely get to the studio by 9 or 10, which is weird for me. And I seem to hit a wall every afternoon around the same time when all I can think about is stretching out to take a quick nap. Even right now, as I write this I’m eying the floor pillows in the studio (the same ones the dogs use as beds). Sigh.

Some good reads this week:

My 5 fashion essentials for 2017.

These tips from Damsel in Dior tips for editing Instagram images are fab.

Loving the colors in this new painting by Melanie Biehle.

I’m feeling super inspired by Hitha’s morning and evening routines.

A flowchart to learn which international etiquette matches your own.

5 ways to incorporate lace into your spring look.

I made this chicken piccata for dinner this week and it was amaaazing.

The best plant-filled Instagram accounts to follow.

photo via Jojotastic on Instagram.

the friday edit

inauguration protest artwork by @samhahn. free printable download art for women's marches to protest trump.

Today is a big deal, you guys. A terrible, terrible man is being sworn in as our President and I don’t really have the words to express my feelings. I’m pretty much lacking any eloquent response to this moment in history. Nor do I have much insight to share with you. I’m just plain sad (no exclamation point). I will marching tomorrow here in Seattle and urge you to do so, as well. My friend and artist Samantha Hahn created these incredible free downloadable posters for you to carry during the marches — I urge you to check them out, print them, and use them.

In case you need a distraction from the madness of the Inauguration, here are my favorite reads of the week:

I’m lusting after Robin’s blazer in a BIG way. Check it out here.

Proof that I need to learn how to needle felt ASAP.

Pretty damn jealous of House of Hipsters latest renovation project. The materials are goooorg.

An amazing guide for buying vintage from House of Brinson.

There are so many things to obsess over in this makeover: the mirror, the wallpaper, the art… OMG.

I shared my favorite boho rugs for a kitchen over on Rugs Direct this week.

Grace from The Stripe is my go-to for 2 things: beauty recommendations and books. Here’s her January reading list.

Artwork shared with permission from Samantha Hahn.

the friday edit

spring resort 2017 Diane Von Furstenberg collection. designer fashion. pumpkin colored silk and small prints.

Fridays are sort of a funny thing. I’m usually so burnt out by the end of the week, that I often don’t have it in me to research and write a totally new post unless I’m feeling hugely inspired. If anything, all I want to do is share a bunch of links with you guys that I’ve found especially inspiring, thought-provoking, interesting… whatever. Nothing cutesy, nothing too intense. Just a bunch of links to stuff I really, really like. I think I feel this way because I used to have a ‘normal’ job where I’d zone out on a Friday afternoon, just waiting for the clock to strike 6 pm so I could go home. These links could potentially help you fill that void. So here goes…

4 Things You Need to Know about Planned Parenthood — if you read one thing this week, please let it be this.

Spicy coconut noodles… I think this will be our dinner tonight.

And I think #mytinybungalow needs this door knocker… in a big way.

Erin from Design for Mankind wrote a new book and it’s amazing. Be sure to grab a copy of Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path cuz it’s gonna be amazing.

Are you into pink? Check out this awesome project from House of Hipsters.

This vintage buying guide is ESSENTIAL.

A free downloadable minimal calendar for your tech.

I’ve been wanting a pair of slip-on loafers like this for a long, long time.

Also, it’s Friday the 13th?? I’m a bit superstitious… good luck out there!

photo via Jojotastic on Instagram.