travel diary // palm springs

jojotastic travel guide and visual diary for palm springs. the ace hotel + block shop textiles wall mural

It’s been 4 weeks since our trip to Palm Springs for a friend’s wedding and I’m finally able to share my visual diary of that trip! Things didn’t go exactly as planned (more on that here) and, to be honest, this trip felt like it was world’s away from where I am now. I finally feel ready to look back on the photos and how much fun we had, ready to share some of my favorite parts of the trip and all the places you should go if you’re also planning a trip to Palm Springs!

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Travel Guide: London in 72 hours with Virgin Atlantic

Travel Guide: London in 72 hours with Virgin Atlantic. Get the full trip recap on #letitfly #ad @virginatlantic #londonseattle

This post is sponsored by Virgin Atlantic. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

What a whirlwind my recent trip to London was! I’m definitely one of those travelers who does a lot of research before I arrive, but I also make sure to leave room for those happy discoveries that travel (especially international travel) always brings. Virgin Atlantic sent me and 5 other Seattle-based bloggers to London to celebrate the launch of their new direct flights between Seattle and London, so of course I was totally in for a trip to explore this gorgeous, historical city. Without further ado, here’s my travel guide for London!

Brace yourself, this is a looooong post! 

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my unexpected essentials for a long flight (next stop, London!)

time to get ready for summer travel. this is the ultimate guide for my unexpected essentials for a long haul flight! get the full list on

This post is sponsored by Virgin Atlantic. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

The countdown is ON. I’m heading to London with Virgin Atlantic to celebrate their new direct flights from Seattle to London! We leave tomorrow, so I’ll be sharing all of the amazing places we go, what we eat, and all of the adventures we have, but until then… I’ve put a lot of thought into what to pack for the 10-hour flight. I’ve seen tons of ‘essentials’ lists, so I’m all good there (aka pack a phone charger and medications). But I also tend to bring along a few items that help make traveling a little less stressful.

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Annette Joseph styling workshops & retreats

image credit: Helen Norman.

So… who wants to join me in Italy this summer?? Ever since I met the incredible Annette Joseph last year, I’ve had my eyes on her stellar workshops. For those not familiar with Annette, you’ve probably seen her work in Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living, Woman’s World, and more… or maybe her incredible book Picture Perfect Parties. Recently, she announced additional dates and, you guys… if you’re serious about styling and photography, you must go. One of my goals is to take my styling work to a totally new level, so I’m attending one and would love to have company!

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I’m back + what I learned during my ‘vision quest’

I'm back from my 'vision quest' road trip + 2 weeks of living off the grid. Read my personal essay and find out what I learned on

Hi, guys! I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I’m back from my ‘vision quest’ as my friends came to call it — and also that I so deeply appreciate the amazing support and love that I received when I shared this post. I genuinely didn’t know how you guys would respond, so to be on the receiving end of such kindness was truly inspiring. I’ve never taken off like this and gone totally off the grid. I literally logged out of all of my social media accounts and did not check my email for 2 whole weeks. I had no idea what I’d come back to — would you all be totally over me and my drama and not want to follow the blog anymore? Would my Instagram get hacked and then removed? Seriously, these are the thoughts of a social media addict who knows she has a problem. The first few days were rough because I found myself slipping into what I call The Cycle: see how many likes and new comments are on Instagram, refresh email, see if there are new comments on Facebook, post a few more snaps, think up something witty for Twitter, refresh email, pin a few more ideas for my dream kitchen… The Cycle just goes and goes, so while I was off the grid, I quickly became hyper-aware of it and totally nipped it in the bud. I’ve been back since last Friday, but ever since I’ve been way more cognizant of how and when I use my phone and the internet.

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the mountains are calling and I must go

The mountains are calling and I must go. Sharing some personal news on the blog today... head to to read all about it

(Confession: I’ve always wanted to use that as an Instagram caption.)

I’m gonna get real in this post, guys. Get ready. Basically, I am leaving tomorrow for a 2 week long solo road trip. While the blog has continued to run and look like everything is peachy keen, the fact is that things have not been great for me lately. The past few months have been incredibly hard and not for any one particular reason, but for a multitude of reasons all piling up and feeling overwhelmingly crushing. I started to list them as I write this post and when it’s all spelled out, it seems so trivial — work has been slow… I’m not able to rock climb because of an injury… I’m constantly exhausted and struggling to maintain focus. The list goes on and on, but at the root of it is that I struggle with depression. I have for years and I’ve touched on it here, but never in a big way. Currently, the deep dark abyss is looming and I know it. But here’s the thing, I’ve been there before and I am not going back. I refuse. So it’s time to do something about it.

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Seattle like a Local // playing tour guide

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Playing tour guide in Seattle (and the surrounding gorgeous Pacific Northwest) is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I truly believe this city and the surrounding forests, waterways, and mountains are some of the most breathtaking places on the earth. Big words, I know. I’m just so grateful to live here, but even more so when friends come to see it, too. Last month my friends Danielle and Wil Rivera of Danfredo Photo + Films visited the Pacific Northwest for the first time ever, so naturally I had to show them the best of the best: delicious snacks, strong dranks, stunning mountains, and rocky beaches — the real PNW experience. They shot stills and video during the trip and I just HAD to share…

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