two really good things

winter romance //

Oh, boy… it is snowing! For the second time this week, Philly is under a blanket of crisp, perfect, lovely snow and it’s AWESOME. I absolutely love it. I’ve got a mug of cocoa, my hot water bottle, and my favorite thermal socks to keep me warm. Snow always makes everything feel so romantic to me, especially as the sun sets. I want to lounge in finely knit cashmere thigh highs and camis with lace details, all while a fire crackles in my (imaginary) fireplace. Twinkly candlelight is essential, too, don’t you think?

left: Free People leggings
right: Wisuella

two really good things

two really good things

I think we all have our darker days, but some are better at bouncing back from them than others. I know I’ve certainly had my share. Recently, to combat the less-sunlight doldrums, I started working out more and more. Not gonna lie, I feel great. Like a bright, shiny penny version of myself. I feel like this winter is going to be one of self improvement: I’m working out more, I’m reading more, I’m sleeping more, and my apartment finally feels like a home.

left: Surreal Portraits from Oleg Oprisco via This is Colossal
right: Gracie Dress from Free People

two really good things

stay warm!

Well, I did it. I officially turned on the heat in my apartment. Does anyone else like their place to be a sweat lodge? A lady has budget constraints though, so I’m currently brainstorming ways to keep the bills down while maintaining circulation in my toes. Much of my ‘creative problem solving’ involves hunkering down under my down comforter and wearing snowboarding socks. Believe me, bedhead is a good look these days. It’s all sort of romantic though, don’t you think? I’ve got white sheers, so when the low sun filters in and plays atop my duvet, I feel like a character in a Jane Austin novel. Just a little bit anyways.

left: Free People cashmere henley
right: Wit & Delight tumblr

two really good things

sophisticated Halloween decor

Where has the month gone?? I’ve barely even thought about my Halloween costume yet (don’t worry, Noodle’s is totally planned already!). I feel like I need to get in the Halloween spirit ASAP, especially in my apartment. I love the idea of a sophisticated Halloween, full of rich materials in black, touches of gold, and just a pinch of orange. I think I might invite some girlfriends over for cocktails and drape this golden glitter garland from Etsy shop Glitter and Grain over my gallery wall. Or perhaps I will set the table with this onyx flatware from West Elm. Don’t you just love how deep the black enamel is on these pieces?

links: garland from Glitter and Grain / onyx flatware from West Elm

two really good things

fall fashion from ZARA

Is it too soon to start thinking about fall fashion? Truth be told, the change of the seasons is all I think about. I’m already working on some amazing projects for holiday, so I feel WAY ahead of the curve. As we transition seasons, these two looks from ZARA have me thinking about the best way to put away my cut offs and backless tanks. I absolutely love that shade of mustard, especially in the form of a boxy coat. Plus, the hunter green makes that onesie feel like one you can wear into fall. Simply through a blazer over the shoulders if you start to feel a chill!

left: fantasy coat from ZARA
right: flowing jumpsuit from ZARA

two really good things

embrace white space

The Internet is bursting with goodness today, so much so that I felt the need for two posts today! Between this post from Sanctuary and this post from Desire to Inspire, I knew I had to juxtapose these images. To me, these images are all about celebrating the calm after the storm, relaxing into open spaces, and remaining aware of our own potential. I know it’s a bit esoteric, but these images just remind me to take a moment to breathe.

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two really good things

We all know I’m a bit of a cat lady, right? As if it wasn’t obvious enough, I just decided that I need these cotton totes from the boutique Amelia Presentsboth of them. They would be absolutely purr-fect for my Sunday morning trips to the market…

Totes available here. Photos via Amelia Presents.